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That has been the cry for as long as I can remember. Week 2 sees us hosting a Romo-less Cowgirls, but having Dak is the pilot's chair should make it easy for our D-line. However, the easier it is, the harder our D-line seems to make it.

Cullen Jenkins will be an instant upgrade, but will not start. I'd give him a couple of weeks to get to know our scheme. However, he could start immediately and told to just get on their side of the ball and give their runner less room. Speaking of runners, expect Alf to have a huge game as he is only one game removed from being a Redskin and would know the soft spots of our D-line like a fisherman knows his tackle!

Josh should get to know Dez a lot better, and now that they have kissed and made up (of sorts), Joe Barry will ensure that Josh covers Dez only half the time. Of the other half, expect Dez to rack up the big numbers as experience will eventually overcome inexperience, and other than Meangelo, who else will cover him?

Kirk needs to start connecting more on the long throws. DeSean can get open but if Kirk underthrows, it makes it easier for the trailling defender. Pierre, although not as quick, can also get open so these two need to spread the defence and make them (the defenders) think about who to cover. This should allow Jordan to take the short throws, but run for a huge gain. Crowder needs to jam up the centre so as to allow the outside passes to have greatest effect.

The O-line need to start opening lanes so that Jones and Co. can advance an extra 2-3 yards per run. Otherwise, we will continue to go 3-and-out more than we should. This offence is better than what faced Pittsburgh, and the sooner they put it together, the better the fan base will be. The Redskins need to get back to being feared, being a cert to win our division year after year, being a force come play-offs. To be honest, we are only making up the numbers. Nobody can be sure of the outcome (unlike other franchises who have a winner's mentality), and we need to fight until the final whistle, not throw in the towel when the going gets tough. We need to start taking the same risks as the winning teams. Go for that first down when we are 4th-and-1, go for that TD instead of settling for a field goal.

Now the above is all good and well in writing, but in practice it takes time to gel, to mesh, for the players to get into synch. Players need to react on instinct, not covering up mistakes made by others. When Kirk throws, he should expect the WR's to be where the ball is at, not throw to where the WR's are going to. This comes with practice reps, and time together. The O-line need to work together as a 5-man team, not as individuals. The LT should know what the LG is going to do, who in turn knows what the C, the RG and the RT is going to do. To me, it seems that one is half a step behind due to a previous mistake, hoping it doesn't happen again. After time, the O-line gets swamped, as does the QB. Once that happens, the QB starts handing off to the RB with no room to run; he hands off because he knows what's coming! Soon, we are 3-and-lots more than 10, forcing a punt.

The defence, especially inside, needs to get faster. As it is, the opposition know that Kerrigan will be pass-rushing, so they either double team him, or hold him. Of course the refs won't call it, they never do. Junior was going to be the decoy, but he is again on IR, so we have one side of the D-line double teamed whereas the other side doesn't have a pass rush at all. If the interior, even just one, was that much faster off the line, the opposition would have to take him in to consideration as well. This would give us more of chance to get to the QB on a regular basis; now it just seems like an offensive break-down that allows a defensive player through. I may seem critical of our team, but you have to remember I live half a world away so I'm only going by what I read, and I read a lot of what other fans write. That, and what is posted by NFL.com and the official Redskins website. I don't bother with others as we are already 'eating our own' and to have other sources do the same is heartbreaking.

I am at the stage of life that I won't/can't get out of bed at 3am/4am (Monday) to sit in front of the computer, log in to NFL.com, click on GameCentre, just to sit through a loss. I also find it difficult to sit in the BGO chatroom as there tends to be all types of conversations happening, and the game soon becomes forgotten. When the game is discussed, there is often 'Nice throw' or 'Good run' or 'Where's the flag?'. Fat load of good that tells me as I have to go back to GC just to find out who the runner was, or why the flag should have been thrown, or who the pass went to. Remember that if those in chatroom want different 'faces', there has to be more info coming for those of us who have NFI what is going on. I could always pay for Game Pass, but that would mean I would have to get out of bed at 3am/4am (Monday) and sit through another loss. When, and that's a big when, the 'Skins are on TV, I'm the first in line to put my schedule on hold, but the result is usually a forgone conclusion by the end of the third quarter, and I have to play catch-up. It also makes a mess of my day as I then have to stay awake all day, and I struggle for the next two or three days. 'Go to bed early' I hear you all cry, but that's easier said than done when you are having to deal with severely arthritic knees that I can't get comfortable, and I am up every hour due to the pain. Enough of that, this is NOT about me!

This week we can restart our season and even up our record, then hope to improve as the season goes on. We will not be feared if we go W-L-W-L etc,. We need to go on a 8-9-10 win streak, consistently and constantly. Look at the likes of New England, Green Bay, and to a lesser extent, Denver. A loss for them is unexpected, whereas a win for us is unexpected.

All I can say is WE WANT DALLAS, and time will tell if we get what we want.

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  1. SkinnedAussie's Avatar
    I should have proofread before posting. The 'Kurt' referred to is our QB, Kirk Cousins. I must have been thinking of someone else at the time, and NO, it wasn't Kurt Warner!
  2. Boone's Avatar
    Love it when members blog - great stuff! I hate that you don't enjoy the BGO Chatroom, and I understand where you are coming from. I think what happens is, the majority of folks (not being abroad) are watching the game, so no one feels the need to do a play by play. When guys have done a play by play, then some (who may be watching on an internet feed) complain that we are several minutes ahead and ruining the watching of the game for them (that's already a problem when you are 2 minutes behind and see folks post 'Yesssssssssss!!!!' or 'TD!!!!'.

    I don't know that there's any way around those issues. I guess if someone wanted to do the play by play, we could consider that....
  3. Burgundy Burner's Avatar
    Keep posting, brother! Great read!


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