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A Burgundy and Gold Obsession

Rex Grossman, Franchise Quarterback?

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Stop booing Roger Goodell for a second. Put down the Yuengling and Buffalo Wings. Take a break from trying to decipher what the hell it is that Chris Berman is rambling about. Whatís that sitting unnoticed in the corner of the Washington Redskinís draft room?

Itís the biggest pink elephant youíve ever seen.

The Washington Redskins had the chance to draft Blaine Gabbert, Andy Dalton, Colin Kaepernick, any number of potential Ďquarterbacks of the futureí yet their burgundy and gold finger never got close to pulling that trigger.

Theyíll look to draft Andrew Luck in 2012 say some fans. ĎYou canít fill all your needs in one draftí argue others. But in all likelihood, if Bruce Allen and Mike and Kyle Shanahan felt they needed a young franchise quarterback, theyíd have found one in this draft.

If thereís football in 2011, the Redskins will be a .500 team or close to it. The prospects of the Redskins being in position to draft a top-tier quarterback in 2012 or 2013 are nil. This was an odd year for quarterbacks in the draft. There wasnít a single young quarterback prospect available deemed a sure-fire canít-miss star. Each of the top-ranked quarterbacks had doubts, baggage, or concerns linked to him. That was great news for the Redskins. It meant that they had a chance to grab an outstanding quarterback prospect despite having to wait for 9 other teams to make their choices before having the opportunity.

Instead, the Redskins elected to trade out of the 10th pick and fill other needs with their first 3 picks. Springsteenís ĎIím Goiní Downí has been the Redskins 2011 NFL Draft theme song. That strategy has been met with shock and joy by most fans who are more familiar with a Redskins tendency to give draft picks away like candy, not hoard them like gold.

But this yearís draft approach should make every fan wonder about that big pink fellow in the corner.

Who is going to be our Washington Redskins quarterback for the next few years?

Donovan McNabb? Me thinks not. Itís quite possible there wonít be a team desperate enough for a veteran space-filler behind center to make us an offer on McNabb. Most of those potential suitors recognized what Iíve already mentioned, that this draft represented a perfect opportunity to find a young stud, and did so. We may well have near zero interest in McNabb. Mike Shanahan is a smart, if stubborn, guy. He knows, whatever the warts and limitations, McNabb has value. Itís as likely as not that McNabb will remain a Washington Redskin this season.

But he wonít be the starter.

If I turn my head just right, close one eye, and squint with the other, I think I can see that big pink elephant clear as day.

The Redskins think they can win with Rex Grossman behind center.

Grossman was thrust into duty last season under less than ideal circumstances. Burdened with years of baggage as a choke-artist, head case, and underachiever, Grossman had spent a couple seasons rehabilitating as a clipboard-holding backup. When McNabb threw his 51st pass of the season into the dirt and the Redskins dropped a one point loss at home against Tampa Bay, Mike Shanahan decided he could do better. In came the supposedly fatally flawed Rex Grossman. For the remaining 3 games of the 2010 season, Grossman was Shanahanís guy. He hardly resurrected the Redskins season, and led the Redskins to just one victory against Jacksonville in his 3 starts. But he looked a lot better than McNabb had in those games, throwing for 7 touchdowns. The Redskins offense could score again with Rex under center. Redskinís fans had a healthy dose of skepticism when it came to Sexy Rexy in 2010 and that hasnít changed as they wait hopefully for the 2011 season start. Most Redskins fans agree, McNabbís talent and physical gifts dwarf Grossmanís natural abilities. Most would also agree, unless McNabb reverts back to something approaching his former Pro Bowl self, the Redskins are more effective on offense with Grossman behind center.

If weíve learned one thing about these Shanahans, itís that they believe they know whatís what. They donít need sports talk radio experts, bloggers, Daniel Snyder, or anyone else to help them determine whatís best for this team. I have a sneaking suspicion they're holding a deep, dark, mysterious secret close to their vest.

They donít think we need to draft a franchise quarterback.

Because weíve already found him.

His name is Rex Grossman.

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  1. Om's Avatar
    Writing this as the 5th round continues and knowing full well another name could easily join the picture here ...

    On the one hand ... I agree.

    On the other, perhaps there's another name we should keep in mind as well.

    John Beck. They guy Kyle Shanahan apparently has been high on for a long time.

    Just sayin'.
  2. Boone's Avatar
    Absolutely. Beck could be the wildcard. But I think I'm right on their view of Rex.
  3. Burgundy Bob's Avatar
    Looks like we are going to have to do it with defense this year! I hear that London Fletcher is signing autographs in Lorton on Saturday at the Window Nation grand opening, I wonder what he thinks of Rex.


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