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Cake or Death?

Julia Doesn't Always Fit

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So I bought Charlie Wilson's War the other day. Why you might ask? It was $5 on Amazon; that, and I like the movie. Phillip Seymour Hoffman is one of the more underrated actors today, in my opinion, and is terrifically funny in the movie. Plus, it was written by Aaron Sorkin who is pretty much money in my book.

Never got fantastic reviews though. You know why? I don't. Though I do have a theory. Julia Roberts.

What?!?!?!? America's Sweatheart?!?!? (Go watch Closer and let me know if you still think of her that way...).

Yeah, Julia. She just... didn't fit. Wasn't the right role for her. Her accent was off, her mannerisms were wrong, she just didn't fit.

And it made the whole move feel wrong. Everytime she walks on screen, I wince a little.

(Fortunately, she's not on that much, Hoffman and Hanks carry it)

A draft class can be like that, you know? If you miss big enough, you can wince everytime to you think about that class. Devin Thomas ring a bell? Think about it, Fred Davis has a chance to be a very good pro. It looks like we hit on 1/3 of our second round picks that year. First round picks are 50/50 at best. I'd be willing to bet second round picks are 40/60 on a good day (way too much math for me to figure out). 1/3 isn't that bad.

Especially when you consider that Malcolm Kelly might finally get heal...

Nevermind. Let's just stick with the 1/3 thing.

The draft is coming up. In the next couple of weeks we will hear arguments for drafting QB, T, LB, DE, just about any position other than TE (I hope). Here's hoping we don't draft Julia Roberts/Devin Thomas again.

In fact, count me in the camp that would like to draft something decidedly un-glamorous. When I heard the report that the Skins had scheduled a visit with Tyron Smith out of USC, I nearly fell over. Two O-linemen with two straight first round draft picks?

Someone went Max Van Sydow on Vinny's ghost!

You know, if that actually happens.


  1. Skinzfan's Avatar
    Well, as far as Julia Roberts is concerned, you should not come down so hard on her. She is a lot of good acting lessons away from being a servicable actress.

    Devin Thomas does ring a bell? Isn't he the guy who thinks he is prettier than Julia Roberts? (probably is too). Too bad he can't play his way out of a wet paper bag.

    Give Vinny some credit, in his own mind it is better to waste 3 #2 draft picks on servicable players at best instead of using them to build either a solid Offensive or Defensive line. Don't tell me 3 good #2 picks on the O-line or D-line would not have made either of them above average to excellent. Everyone says you start with the line. If he had started with the line, just with these 3 picks, we would probably be a much better team and he would still have a job...

    On second thought, thank God he picked who he picked. Everytime I remember and relive his tenure I throw up in my mouth a little bit.


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