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Week Four Grades

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Week Four Grades

Welcome to week four questions and grades as the Redskins experienced a huge letdown against the Giants. The blowout loss brought about more injuries and a feeling of helplessness to fans of the burgundy and gold. Feel free to offer your own grades, opinions, suggestions, and ideas. Too, we have some questions to close out this fourth week of action.

Let’s take a look at the grades.

Kirk Cousins had his worst performance as a pro. He became the butt of jokes and ridicule after two stellar outings. Fans are already clamoring for a return of Robert Griffin, III.
Grade: F

Running Backs:
The running game was decent as Alfred Morris churned out very tough yardage. Roy Helu couldn’t get going either, but their duties on the field were not a complete disaster.
Grade: C

Wide Receivers:
It would be easy to criticize the receivers for such a poor showing, but the offensive line and quarterback didn’t afford too many opportunities for the receiving corps.
Grade: Incomplete

Tight Ends:
Niles Paul continues to impress and was on his way to another remarkable game when he was injured. Enter Logan Paulsen and a disaster ensued.
Grade: C

Offensive Line:
The botton line is that the team must bench Tyler Polumbus and let Tom Compton be the starter (with Morgan Moses as the backup). It is a failure to keep “TyPo” in the starting lineup beyond this latest game. Josh LeRibeus looked respectable and should retain his status as a starter.
Grade: D+

Defensive Line:
When a defense gives up forty-five points, there can be a lot of blame to go around. The defensive line never pressured the opposing quarterback and was a non-factor for this game.
Grade: F

Last week, this unit failed in all facets of the game. On Thursday, they couldn’t do anything right once again. The linebackers could not get pressure on the quarterback and were poor in coverage.
Grade: F

Is there a grade lower than “F”? We can make excuses for having a very young set of corners, but you hope for some growth and a few plays that bring hope. Quite frankly, they were pathetic.
Grade: F

There is good news and bad news again this week. First, the good news. No long plays for touchdowns – just like the previous game. Second, the bad news. The safeties were often out of position and acted helpless against an unknown tight end that burned them for three touchdowns.
Grade: F

Special Teams:
The special teams failed on kickoffs and coverage. Once again, it is time to put a hurting Kai Forbath on injured reserve and bring back Zach Hocker. Tress Way was solid on punts, but struggled on kickoffs.
Grade: D

Dismal. There are many words that one can use when grading the coaches, but only this one is needed to get the point across.
Grade: F

Week four passes into the history books. How would you grade each position and the coaching staff? What are you looking for in the coming week against the Seahawks? Does the play of Kirk Cousins against the Giants make you homesick for Robert Griffin, III? Again, is it time for Zach Hocker to return? Do you want the Redskins to focus on both lines in the upcoming draft and free agency?

See you again next week.

Hail to the Redskins!


  1. JohnssBass's Avatar
    Again, another outstanding report card.

    I will say as far as Safeties vs TE. Why did it take 3 TDs before the coaching staff figured out that a 6 foot Safety is no match for a 6' 6" TE? That guy needs an LB on his butt.
    You gotta grade below F- for the staff on that?

    Homesick for RG III? Not yet. Cousins was surrounded by a lot of failure. And he did get 250 yards with only 22 min's and a pile of mistakes.
    Garbage time stats? Maybe - but Brady got 100 yards less for his fiasco. Foles - 50 yards less for his. Sometimes players have bad games. See what the next week brings.

    As far as kicker goes, as much as nobody wants to revisit the MS days he had a low tolerance for kickers and he would have dumped Kai after week 1.
    I think they should have switched once he showed up lame with the dreaded groin injury.
    Has Way been any better than Kai for KOs? Maybe not. Has he been any worse? Maybe not. But it might have helped him punting wise. 50 yard average and 43 net isn't really bad.

    Well as far as the draft et al, I would like to see some of the young dudes out there to see if they are worth saving. Of course, there is always the usual. Play the guys based on salary and then wait 2 or 3 years to find out that players you have been stashing were a waste of roster space to start with. Some of these vets aren't going to be around much longer. Some of the young guys might be worth keeping. Some may not. Maybe plan ahead instead of shotgunning the draft. And missing the target.
  2. McD5's Avatar
    Love ya BB. I have to take offense to the coaching grade. The coaches didn't throw 4 picks. Nor did they fumble.

    I'm just not sure what can be expected in that case. Hold onto the ball. You're inside the twenty.

    It's not like the play calling was bad.


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