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A Burgundy and Gold Obsession


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I知 not talking about the team name, paleface. Not even close chief.
But these Redskins, glorious and storied moniker and all, will be the most offensive team in pro football in 2014.

I知 going to engage in some bold talk today. It痴 true, my name is John and I知 a homer. I知 familiar with the 12 steps. I even watch 選ntervention on A&E when time allows. But I don稚 need Redskins fan rehab like I have for most of the 20+ year痴 worth of offseasons. Not this time around. Something痴 happening in DC, and that痴 not just the Vicodin and Percocet talking.

I don稚 need my annual renewal of faith and belief that 奏his year could be the year my Redskins finally turn it around. Heading into the 2014 NFL season, I won稚 close my eyes, suspend disbelief and credibility, and pretend like my Redskins are about to open up a can of whoop ass on their NFC East neighbors.

I don稚 have to. Because it痴 going to happen.

The Washington Redskins are going to be a force to be reckoned with on offense. And the suddenness and speed with which they become a dominant scoring machine is going to be shocking. Records are going to be broken. Critics are going to be silenced. Angry DC sportswriters will issue forth begrudging apologies.

Are you ready for Arm-ageddon Redskins fans?

Been drinking too much firewater, Kemosabe?

No. Just a homebrew or two but I assure you my judgment isn稚 just sound, I知 freaking Nostradamus.

My bold prediction that the Redskins are about to go on an offensive tear of epic proportions rests on 5 granite-like pillars of belief:

1. Jay Gruden is an offensive genius. Yeah, yeah, yeah 双ffensive geniuses are a dime a dozen in the NFL. There痴 nothing sexier in Today痴 NFL, especially to front offices looking for their next Head Coach, than the 双ffensive genius. But Gruden is the real deal. He痴 got the pedigree and the track record to prove it. Everywhere this guys gone, good things have happened. He even made Marvin Lewis look good in Cincinnati and that痴 not an easy thing to do! Under Gruden痴 tutelage, the Bengals offense improved dramatically each and every year. Andy Dalton looked a lot more like Joe Montana than, well, Andy Dalton. Gruden knows offense. Gruden knows how to get the best out of the talent he has to work with. Gruden knows how to exploit his opponent痴 weaknesses, and won稚 need Al Saunder痴 2500 page playbook to do it. Sean McVay may be the Redskins new Offensive Coordinator, but don稚 kid yourself, Jay Gruden痴 fingerprints will be all over the Redskins offensive gameplan in 2014.

2. RGIII is back and on the attack in 2014. Griffin took a tremendous beating from nearly every direction in 2013 from his coaches, from the media, from opposing fans, and at times, from the opposing defense. But the most inglorious injury he suffered came from within a public benching for ineffectiveness. In light of his 2013 performance (which ironically, was not awful, but smack dab average for an NFL quarterback), many fans and experts have written Griffin痴 obituary prematurely. It痴 a mistake. If 2013 was no harbinger of doom to come, neither was 2012 a mirage. Griffin can play, and play well. Griffin痴 stubbornly ill-advised early return to action, and his coaches blind insistence on pretending he was 双kay resulted in what we all should have expected to happen. The guy looked absolutely ordinary. But ordinary he is not. Even a step or two slower, Griffin is still the fastest man on offense. With a pair of reliable knees underneath him, Griffin is a pinpoint passer with a powerful arm. We値l see that again very soon. And Griffin is a proud guy. He痴 got a lot to prove and a lot of people to shut up in 2014. And shut them up he will.

3. Weapons, weapons, and more weapons I don稚 know if you致e noticed or not but the Redskins not only have a top 5 NFL franchise QB under center, they are loaded on offense. The Redskins haven稚 had this many weapons on offense since the two biggest names in DC were 遷oe and 然onnie. We池e not talking 喪espect from opposing defenses, we池e talking 素ear here. With Griffin back to full strength and a threat to beat you either on the ground or the air, with a daunting pair of starting WRs in Garcon and now DeSean Jackson (and some pretty good talent right behind them), and with budding star TE Jordan Reed added to the mix, the Redskins air attack alone has the potential to shred opposing secondaries at will. Jordan Reed will not only be a Pro Bowler in 2014 he値l finish with more catches and TDs than anyone else in the league at that position. Oh and there痴 a youngster named Alfred Morris who may make a contribution here or there as well.

4. More possessions. I知 not a Jim Haslett fan. I don稚 believe Mike Shanahan kept him gagged and shackled as part of his totalitarian regime. I believe he has to own the sub-par defense that we致e seen in DC since he took the defensive reigns. Despite Haslett痴 track record, the Redskins secondary and pass rush is going to be improved this season. Look for the Redskins defense to significantly improve on their 16 team interceptions and 12 forced fumbles from a year ago. A younger, more athletic group of cornerbacks (except for D. Hall, EJ Biggers, and Tracy Porter, there痴 not a cornerback on the current roster older than 23) with another year of experience under their belt will result in more consistency, and more picks. Rookie Bashaud Breeland adds talent and speed to an already improving group. Ryan Clark will bring discipline and added smarts to a physical but inconsistent group of safeties, and we will get to see what a healthy and promising Philip Thomas can do in live action. The additions of Jason Hatcher (when healthy) and Trent Murphy will increase pressure at the line and force teams to account for multiple threats, not just Kerrigan and Orakpo. Look for Haslett to play a riskier, more aggressive scheme this year with the talent boost. Bottom line, the Redskins will be top 10 in forced turnovers in 2014, giving RGIII and company more opportunities on offense.

5. Improved Red Zone Offense. I値l put it simply. If you池e a defensive coordinator trying to keep the Redskins out of your end zone inside the 20 yard line how do you like your chances facing a healthy RGIII, with Garcon, Jackson, and Reed as targets, and Alfred Morris coming out of the backfield? That痴 a 叢ucker factor 10 lineup that NO NFL defensive coordinator wants to have to contend with. Prior to his severe concussion in 2013, Jordan Reed showed a glimpse of things to come. His future as the most reliable, athletic, and dangerous young tight end in the NFL is about to be realized. He値l catch more touchdowns than any other Redskins pass catcher in 2014.

And there you have it sports fans my 5 reasons why the Redskins will come roaring back from a dismal 3-13 season just a year ago, walk away with the NFC East title for the 2nd time in 3 years, and shock the NFL 粗xperts and RGIII doubters in 2014.

The Post and Pro Football Talk were right. The Washington Redskins ARE going to be the most offensive team in the NFL this year. And I知 going to enjoy every second of it.


  1. TomE's Avatar
    Preach It! brother Boone
  2. McD5's Avatar
    I absolutely love it, and it makes all the sense in the world.


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