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the 2014 schedule?

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The one thing I think we can all agree on is that the game isn't played on paper. That being said -

Compared to last season -

Do the Redskins have a more favorable schedule in 2014?
Strength of teams playing - about a wash. They don't get GB, Den or KC (Skins 0-3). They do get Sea, Indy and Az. They don't get Det, Oak, SD, Atl or Chi (Skins 3-2). They do get Hou, Jac, TB, Rams and Tenn. They still get 9ers & Vikes (Skins 0-2). I think we can figure out the other 6 pretty easy. Skins went 0-6 against them last year.

How the end of the season plays out - in 2014 - 3 out of the last 4 @ home with the last two @ home and the last three against the division. 2013 - 2 of the last 4 @ home; the last two against the division and the final one on the road. This is more favorable for Washington and probably decides the division winner; one way or another.

Skins get a tough stretch at the end of the season but a late bye before that starts. One could debate what effect the bye has, if any, but IMO this helps and beats 2013's Week 5 bye.

Their defense was improved, at least in terms of points forfeited, in their last 7 games. They gave up 27 points twice and more than that once with the strength of teams in that stretch fairly equivalent to this seasons last 7. The first 9 - they gave up 27 once and more than that in six others. Their offense went the other way. First nine scoring 27 or more in 4 games. The last 7 - never broke 27 and only got above 20 twice. A little more team balance and they should have been in the 8-8 neighborhood, somewhere between like 6-10 & 9-7.

So the defense was starting to come together and so far they have made some improvements there. The offense was a wreck at the end and so far they have made a lot of improvements there. I don't see a repeat of 0-6 in the division, at least 3-3. They should get at least 4 of the other games. So at a minimum - 7-9.

They didn't beat anybody better than 9-7 in 2013 - they did lose to two teams with 5 or fewer wins. If they improve a bit against the better teams and stop losing to the ones they really should not, maybe 5-1 in the division & 6 of the others; 11-5. I don't think that they will get that high but at the moment my guess is that is their high water mark. Mostly will depend on what they manage in their division. Another 0-6 in the division could easily drop them into about 4 wins area.

There are four playoff caliber teams on their schedule, Sea, SF, Indy & Az. Gotta get at least one of those to show a true improvement. If the best team you can beat is a .500 team than you are really no better than a .500 team. Hou, Jac, TB & the Vikes - no excuse for losing here. The best record out of that group was the Vikes with 5 wins last year and how improved are those teams so far compared to Washington? A split with Tenn and the Rams. Sweep Dal and split the other two division teams. Comes to 10-6 and there is no reason to believe they are not capable of this.

What I think that most likely happen - they will get one of the first four, bomb one of the second four, get the other split & go 3-3 in the division, 8-8. That is how I see it at the moment .

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