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A Burgundy and Gold Obsession

The Fine Art of Blamestorming

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Itís that time of year folks. Homeristic optimism in our nationís capital has yielded like the fall leaves to the forces of gravity and inevitability. Our Washington Redskins have come crashing down to Earth and weíve barely had time to finish our pumpkin pie.

There will be no upstartís glory in Mike Shanahanís inaugural season. Itís just more of the same for Redskins fans. A few fleeting glimpses of potential, a nail-biter win every month or so just to keep the natives tuning in, but ultimately far more agony than ecstasy.

With little to do but watch the rest of the 2010 season unravel, we prepare to do what we must do, what it feels like we were born to do.

Figure out whose fault it all is.

Some of us blame Big Al Haynesworth. We donít really know why. But he makes a bazillion-gazillion dollars and doesnít play much. Surely the Redskins failure to go to the Super Bowl is somehow his fault? Others hold Mike Shanahan ultimately responsible. He clearly canít win without John Elway. And who brought in a washed up Donovan McNabb anyway? We can all agree, Daniel Snyder is to blame that we look not one iota like the New England Patriots. Jesus himself, we reason, must hate Daniel Snyder. And Jim HaslettÖwell donít even get me started on Jim Haslett and his %&#@! 3-4 defense. So beats our incessant fan refrainÖ

Letís face it - in the absence of meaningful Redskins football to watch, weíve got a lot of energy to burn. Assessing blame is as good an outlet for it as anything.

And blame we do, all over the internet. Virtual pitchforks and torches in hand, we rip the team on every forum, website, message board, and call-in radio show we can find. Weíre not bad fans Carlos, weíre just beleaguered and frustrated.

But should we be?

Reasonableness is not a cherished quality this time of the year. But itís worth engaging in if just for a moment. What should Redskins fans have expected this year? In defense of my burgundy and gold brethren, few fans believed this was more than a 6 or 7 win team in 2010. The more excitable among us might have hoped for a .500 season. The hysterical few may have even dreamed of a wildcard playoff berth. In general, Redskins fans knew rocketing to greatness from a 4-12 season simply wasnít going to happen. But knowing something and accepting it are two different things...

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  1. fansince62's Avatar
    engaging write-up there Boone...the whole thing flows rather nicely! though you know I don't buy into the ending. the frustration isn't over the record. it's how they got to that record. 5-11/6-10 isn't pretty....but 5-11/6-10 and not even looking professional is bad. that's what has some of us torked.
  2. Boone's Avatar
    Yeah - but we're not as far apart as you might think. The article goes on to discuss the difference in the vibe coming off Shanahan's first season vs. Joe Gibbs first and second initial seasons (where the record wasn't any better, but we seemed to progress as the season went on). You won't get much argument from me - but ultimately I'll still argue, 5, 6, or 7 wins is 5, 6, or 7 wins, and even though it might be comforting if we could perceive progress, it's still year one and we likely should've expected a great deal of this.
  3. Rymanofthenorth's Avatar
    Great write up Boone, I think the difference was in gibbs2 we saw progression instead of regression and despite some of the weird moves (duckett) we were willing to be patient because we had faith in Joe, faith that some of us HAD in shanny until some of his truly baffling decisions came to haunt us.


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