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A Burgundy and Gold Obsession

Rebirth of the Caveman

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The call him Mike. Big Mike. The Tank. The Caveman.

At 63, 275 lbs, Mike Sellers may no longer be the biggest player charging fiercely down an NFL field. But he may well be the meanest. At 35 years old last July, Sellers is also no spring chicken. While most players his age jockey for their teams final available roster spot or two, hanging their hopes on experience, team leadership, and veteran savvy, Sellers just wants to hit somebody.

You could be next.
You got a problem with that?

Where did Sellers get his Neanderthal nickname? No one really knows for sure. Or maybe theyre just afraid to tell the story. Could be Sellers chews with his mouth open? Maybe he has a penchant for loincloths made from things hes killed? Me? Im pretty sure I know the origin of his moniker.

When Mike Sellers hits you, hell knock you back to the Stone Age. Oh and he likes raw meat.

Sellers is an interesting guy. Born an Army brat in Frankfurt, Germany, Sellers attended High School in Washington State where he was a 3 sport star in track, basketball, and football. Attending NFL breeding ground Walla Walla Community College, Sellers excelled as a linebacker, earning junior college All-American honors. Signing with the Canadian Football Leagues Edmonton Eskimos in 1995, the youngest player ever to play professional football, Sellers thrived at his more natural position, fullback.

The Caveman joined the Washington Redskins in 1998 as an undrafted free agent, seeing limited and infrequent action at the tight end spot during Norv Turners final two seasons. Following a single season with short-lived head coach Terry Robiskie, Sellers departed Washington for greener pastures and better pay in Cleveland.

But the Cavemans brief but promising stint with the Browns was over before it started as Sellers and a teammate were charged with possession of cocaine and he was unceremoniously released. After learning a tough and expensive lesson in Cleveland, Sellers again found refuge and success in the CFL this time with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. But when Joe Gibbs made his heralded return in 2004, and was looking for some physical, bruising players, Sellers fit the bill, heading home to Washington to stay this time...

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