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A Burgundy and Gold Obsession

Geographically Challenged

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Oh how I pine for the Northern Virginia suburbs of my youth! A 7-11 on every corner, a wealth of entertainment options 30 minutes away in every direction, and most of all, non-stop access to all-things-Redskins all of the time these are the trappings of Redskins fan nirvana.

Its a beautiful thing to be an NFL fan, but to live on the outskirts of the city the NFL team you live and die for calls home? El Dorado.

So where does that leave the rest of us, the huddled masses, the wretched refuse, the homeless, and tempest-tost, the geographically challenged? Like mice in a mansion, we scramble for gourmet crumbs to feed our never-ending Redskins obsession.

North Carolina, where I call home, used to be Washington Redskins country. When I moved here in 1993, if you saw an NFL-related cap, banner, or bumper sticker, chances are it was burgundy and gold. There was little need to worry about missing a game as, invariably, it was the Redskins the local TV affiliates deemed most appropriate to carry. North Carolina might as well have been a more distant DC suburb. Just as theyd done in 1861, North Carolinians followed the lead of their Virginia cousins, but instead of rallying beneath a Confederate flag, it was Redskins colors they swore a blood oath to defend.

But times change, and when the Carolina Panthers joined the NFL as an expansion club in 1995, the good old days here in the Tarheel State were officially over. Truth be told, there are still nearly as many rabid Redskins fans in North Carolina as Panther supporters. But as far as the print media, TV, and radio are concerned, the Panthers are the only team in town. In 1995, I joined the ranks of distant NFL fans everywhere, wondering when, where, and how I was going to get my desperately needed Redskins fix.

You D.C. fans are a spoiled lot. Youve been immersed in a warm, wonderful bath of Redskins-richness for so long, you hardly notice how luxuriant and soothing it is. Turn on the TV Redskins. Flip the radio dial Redskins. Walk into the barbershop or peruse the local paper Redskins. Access to the team you love is everywhere, even in the dreaded offseason, yet you hardly seem to notice. I know we shouldnt hate you because youre beautiful - but your distant cousins, fellow Redskins fans scattered across 50 states and around the planet regard you with jealousy and more than a little envy.

Fortunately, we have no time to hate those of you living in Redskins fan heaven. You may be a sickeningly rich brother, but youre our sickeningly rich brother. Like crack addicts were focused with laser intensity on only one thing where and how well catch those cant-miss upcoming games. Sundays home clash with Indy? Hallelujah its the Sunday night nationally televised game. Check. But the following week against the Bears is a crap-shoot. Quickly referencing network coverage maps, we peruse our mental checklist, review options, and set our strategy. Friends with NFL Ticket? Pirated web feed? Internet radio stream? Play by play summary on the web? Sports bar? Somehow, someway, we will satisfy our prime imperative.


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  1. Ancalagon's Avatar
    North Carolina? Spittin' distance from DC, with a plethora of sports bars (and remnant Skins fans).

    Try Australia. 3am start times for games, luck-o-the-draw satellite hookups, and often lonely nights with the headphones attached to a sketchy audio feed.

    Now THAT'S challenged.
  2. Mark The Homer's Avatar
    Haha. I was actually in NC two weekends ago. My sisters and I got a beach house on the outer banks at Kitty Hawk. Found a sports bar at marker 8.5 called Captain Joe's, IIRC. There were a number of Redskins fans in there wearing jerseys, and a few Panthers fans. But most of the Redskins fans were incognito. You weren't sure they were Redskins fans - but I got my sisters to shout EAGLES SUCK! with me after every first down or otherwise good play, and by the second half, the whole place was yelling EAGLES SUCK! with us.

    It was a good time.


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