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      by Published on 08-24-19 09:55 PM  Number of Views: 2 

      August 25, 2019

      Head Coach Jay Gruden

      On what he saw from the quarterbacks in the third preseason game:
      "Both of them did some good things again, some things we need to clean up. But, I think as it stands right now, we'll start with Case [Keenum] at the opener and Dwayne [Haskins] will get himself ready to play and we'll go from there. Anytime you come in as one or two or three quarterback, you’ve got to get yourself ready to play at all times."

      On which quarterbacks will see action in the final preseason game:
      “We’re going to talk about that as a staff as far as substitutions, but Dwayne [Haskins] has to be up and ready to roll. Jalan [McClendon] will be up as well. Probably those two will get some work.”

      On what Keenum showed him to prove that he is ready to be the starter:
      “They both showed a lot. Case [Keenum] has come in here and picked up the offense extremely well, had great confidence and command over the team – they both have. At the end of the day, I think we have great confidence ...
      by Published on 08-24-19 05:42 PM  Number of Views: 13 

      Here is my latest roster prediction this afternoon. I'll post the list here. If you click on the link, it will give you some explanations. But please click on the link even if you don't want to go through all three pages - it's good for business.

      by Published on 08-24-19 10:02 AM  Number of Views: 9 

      Let's not mask concern for Jordan Reed's health. He may very well be going through his SEVENTH concussion since college. At some point you want to see guys walk away from the game under their own power. It may be time for him to do so if these symptoms linger and he's in the protocol for more than a few days.

      That said, and to be plainly business here the Redskins have one big lesson left to learn in regards to roster construction. We have been through the years of ...
      by Published on 08-20-19 03:53 PM  Number of Views: 14 

      August 20, 2019

      Head Coach Jay Gruden

      On RB Derrius Guice and TE Jordan Reed's status:
      “I haven’t made my decision on Jordan [Reed] nor Derrius [Guice]. We’ll wait and see how they’re doing on game day and make a decision then.”

      On the challenge of evaluating the offense as a whole without Reed on the field:
      “It’s easy because guys will get more opportunities to make plays and guys behind Jordan [Reed] will get a chance to play a little more – [Jeremy] Sprinkle, [Matt] Flanagan, J.P. Holtz, Donald [Parham Jr]. So those guys will get some opportunities to play if he doesn’t play.”

      On DL Tim Settle and DL Caleb Brantley:
      “Caleb [Brantley] did individual. [Tim] Settle did a little bit more. We’ll have to wait and see on game day, see how they’re doing ...
      by Published on 08-20-19 11:51 AM  Number of Views: 14 

      August 19, 2019

      Head Coach Jay Gruden

      On injury updates for WR Paul Richardson Jr. and RB Derrius Guice:
      "Yes, Paul is back out there on a limited basis today, he's working himself back into the lineup. As to the extent of how much or if he's going to play we don't know yet on Thursday. Derrius, were still playing it day-by-day and wait for the green light."

      On how much game planning the team will do in preparation for the third preseason game:
      "Yeah, we do for sure. The third preseason game, you watch a little more film and prepare, try to make it as realistic to a game week as you can without going overboard. But yeah, we'll put a little bit more preparation time into it, so they get used to how we practice, ...
      by Published on 08-20-19 05:30 AM  Number of Views: 16 

      It’s got to happen at some point, right? I mean, as a long-suffering fan of these Washington Redskins, I cling desperately to the belief that at some point my beloved franchise will emerge from the dark tunnel of misery into the glorious light again.

      Whether by design, luck, or just sheer statistical probability, at some point the Redskins are going to be good again. Not just for a 6-game stretch, or one magic season, but for an era.

      The only real question is – will I live to see it?

      I’ve been watching the Burgundy and Gold for decades, mostly wringing my hands, and gnashing my teeth along with the rest of you. While we’ve had some great moments, sustained stretches of franchise success have been ...
      by Published on 08-18-19 10:22 AM  Number of Views: 49 

      August 18, 2019


      RICHMOND, Va. – The Washington Redskins announced today that they have made the following roster moves:

      The Redskins signed the following free agents:
      LB Gary Johnson

      The Redskins waived the following player designated as injured:
      DE Myles Humphrey

      -REDSKINS- ...
      by Published on 08-12-19 07:59 PM  Number of Views: 87 

      August 13, 2019
      Head Coach Jay Gruden

      On QB Colt McCoy:
      “We kept him out today, little sore from our last day of practice. We’ll see how he’s doing tomorrow.”

      On Colt McCoy’s progress in regards to his injury:
      “It’s progressed, yes. I think it’s just something he’s got to get used to a little bit. It’s not quite where it was when he was 100 percent without the injury. It’s something he’s still dealing with and will have to deal with. Main thing is to make sure he’s comfortable back there and has enough strength to push off and throw and feels good about if he does get hit, that it’s healthy and stable, which it is.”

      On an injury update for wide receivers Trey Quinn and Paul Richardson Jr.:
      “Quinn’s got a thumb and then Richardson has a little bit of a quad, so they ...
      by Published on 08-11-19 02:05 PM  Number of Views: 95 

      August 11, 2019
      Head Coach Jay Gruden

      On new QB Jalan McClendon:
      "Well, he’ll be obviously the fourth quarterback and try to get him some snaps out here and maybe clean up some games there, third or fourth preseason game maybe."

      On McClendon's skillset:
      "Yeah I think he had a good workout; moves around a little bit, has a big arm. Still got to get him taught the offense here. It’s going to be a long process, but he’s a good kid. He’s got some talent."

      On LB Montez Sweat's progress:
      "We’ll see. He had a decent day yesterday. We added more reps to his plate and he looked like he handled it pretty good – came out clean. Just add more and more reps ...
      by Published on 08-11-19 02:04 PM  Number of Views: 99 

      For Immediate Release
      August 11, 2019


      RICHMOND, Va. – The Washington Redskins announced today that they have made the following roster moves:

      The Redskins signed the following free agents:
      QB Jalan McClendon
      DB Dejuan Neal
      LB Darrell Williams

      The Redskins waived the following player designated as injured:
      LB Garrett Sickels

      The Redskins waived the following player:
      WR T.J. Rahming

      The Redskins placed the following players on their Reserve/Injured list: ...

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