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    • Skins Quotes 4/28/17: Post-Draft Day 2, Gruden, Anderson, Moreau

      April 28, 2017

      Head Coach Jay Gruden

      On LB Ryan Anderson:
      “Ryan, we’re very excited about. He brings an attitude to this football team. Having a chance to talk to him in Tuscaloosa, I spent a lot of time with him watching him play. Talking to a couple of his teammates – obviously we drafted one yesterday – nothing but high praise for him, not only on the field, but his leadership and his tenacity to get after people to play hard, play physical, [and] bring a style of play here that we’ve been looking for.”

      On CB Fabian Moreau:
      “Fabian is an ultra-talented kid. He’s a three-year starter. He had the Lisfranc injury a couple of years ago [and] he started every game last year. Unfortunately, he hurt his pec [pectoral muscle] at his pro day lifting weights. But, he ran a 4.38 [and] 4.35 at the 40 [yard dash] at the Combine. [He’s] just really talented. He’s an ex-running back. What I saw at the East-West Shrine Game with him in one-on-ones, you could see his change of direction, his ball skills. But speed, I think upside, are the keys to Fabian and we’re excited to get him.”

      On what exemplifies Anderson’s attitude:
      “Just his tenacity. He’s a non-stop-motor guy. He plays extremely hard. I heard part of his interviews today [laughter]. I think he’s that type of guy. Watching film with him, he’s standing up watching film and talking about everybody’s job. He’s just a very high energy, high motor, tenacious guy and I think it’s going to rub off on a lot of people.”

      On selecting three defensive players with the team’s first three picks:
      “I think it is a good point that it is a good defensive draft. I think it’s well-noted amongst the experts, so to speak, there’s a lot of good players there. To get a quality corner, [Moreau] will probably be ready in September, hopefully. Get another outside linebacker, help our special teams, our pass rush, our attitude, and obviously get a big interior lineman that can rush the passer and play the run. Couldn’t ask for anything more, really.”

      On if there is a perception that Alabama players don’t produce in the NFL:
      “I think there was 10 drafted in the first three rounds, so they have a great football team. They always get the highest and the best recruits. They come there and they are well coached. Anytime you watch college football, and you watch other defenses, no disrespect, and then you flip on an Alabama game, it’s different. The speed is different. They are well-coached, they are in their gaps, they play hard, they play physical, and that’s from Week 1 until the end. That has to appeal to you as a coach. They are using their hands, they are physical, they are chasing the ball, they are running to the ball. Of course they have a lot of guys that can sub in and out, but they are just well-coached and we feel good about where they are from a mental standpoint from talking to them, getting to know these guys. We know they are both highly intelligent guys. They understand football, understand X’s and O’s and they both play very hard with a high motor and they are well-coached. So I don’t see any negative whatsoever with them going to Alabama – only positive.”

      On Anderson's size:
      "He's fine, he's strong, very strong… If he's playing outside, nobody runs outside. He's great at setting that edge. He’s one of the best I've seen at setting the edge in the running game. He's a very good pass rusher with his tenacity and he has made a lot of splash plays at Alabama. I think he had nine sacks this year, and a bunch of tackles for loss, a few forced fumbles. He's just all over the place."

      On if it is difficult to evaluate Alabama’s defensive players because of the overall talent on the unit:
      "I mean, that's one way to look at it, but we just look at production. We try to look at the way they get off, the way they finish plays, the way they run down plays. And I just know that every time you watch an Alabama game, you're going to see No. 22. He's going to make a play. He's all over the place. He may not have the same measurables as some of these outside linebackers or defensive ends that you're looking for, but he's not a measurable guy. He's a football player, and I know that's a cliché so to speak, but I don't think anybody can argue that's ever played with him or that's ever coached him that will say anything different about him. He just is productive, strong, strong-minded, mentally tough, and a great addition to the Washington Redskins."

      On if there was more debate about picks today:
      “Oh, yeah. There’s a lot of people to go through. There is debate. There is talks about who you want to take, but the fact of the matter is Ryan was one of our highest-rated guys, but we had other positions that we liked some other players at. But at the end of the day, I think what sets Ryan apart was just getting to know him, talking to him, talking to the coaches, talking to the players that’s played with him about the way he goes about his business. He’s no-nonsense, hard-nosed, obviously mentally tough. I mean, that sets him apart. That sets him apart from everybody.”

      On if there is a luxury in not needing Moreau to contribute immediately:
      “Yeah, we’ll see. I think he has a skill set there that is undeniable. You know, I think the speed, the length of his of arms… I think he’s got a good smooth pedal. I think he can run obviously. He’s good at bump-and-run. I still think he’s growing. You know, he’s only been playing, like I said, for three years, very similar to what we’re going through with [Quinton] Dunbar right here. We got another guy that can really run on the outside, you know, to go with obviously [Josh] Norman and [Bashaud] Breeland and Kendall [Fuller]. You can never have too many guys that are physical and can run. We play obviously a very tough division with Dez Bryant, now we have Alshon Jeffrey and obviously Brandon Marshall and [Odell] Beckham, so the more guys that can run, cover and hit, the better.

      On estimates for Moreau’s return:
      “I’ve heard September right now is the target date, but we’ll see when we get him down here. That’s the initial report that we have got”

      On if he talked with Alabama Coach Nick Saban specifically about Anderson:
      “Yeah, he’s one of the guys that we really have targeted for some time. Actually, we had thoughts about him possibly in the first round, quite frankly, because we didn’t know all these players were going to fall to us in the first. He is a guy that we had targeted up there in the top two rounds.”

      On Morgan Moses’s contract extension:
      “You love to see guys’ growth in your program. We’ve talked about that many times and he’s a perfect example. He came here, he played right tackle one year – freshman, I think – and then he played left tackle. We brought him in here, tried to switch him over, he wasn’t quite ready. He’s developed, he’s worked, he’s grown in the position, he comes in every day and works out and his production on the field has just gotten better and better and better every year. You can’t teach the length that he has. You take the length, he’s getting bigger and stronger with the work ethic that he has, it’s a no-brainer. You can’t find right tackles like Morgan Moses every day. This guy is a mountain of a man. He’s a great person and a great worker. I know Coach [Bill] Callahan has a lot of respect for him, as do all of us. We’re happy as heck to give him a contract for him and his family. He can be comfortable and come to work.”

      Linebacker Ryan Anderson

      On being selected by the Redskins:
      “It was amazing, man. It was amazing. It was amazing.”

      On who gave him the call:
      “[Head] Coach Jay Gruden called me.”

      On what his emotions were like receiving the call:
      “I can’t explain it, man. That’s the first time I’ve had that call. That’s something that I’ve been dreaming about since I was a kid, man.”

      On if he had talked with Jonathan Allen about playing together in the NFL:
      “No, man, I didn’t.”

      On what he thinks about being in Washington, D.C. with Allen:
      “Ah, man, it’s about to get real.”

      On if he had talked to the Redskins in the pre-draft process:
      “Yeah, I did.”

      On who he spoke with in the pre-draft process:
      [Answer unintelligible; poor phone connection]

      On what he thinks he brings to the Redskins:
      “I’m a playmaker, man. I’m a game changer. I’m a good teammate, man. I’m a good dude out of the locker room. I’m the old-smith football player. I’m not a combine warrior, not a workout warrior, I’m a football player. At the end of the day, that’s what it boils down to. It boils down to ‘see ball, get ball and striking the man in front of you.’ That’s what I bring to the table.”

      On if he tries to mirror any current players in the league:
      "No, no, no. I mean, I always grew up watching James Harrison and Trent Cole and Elvis Dumervil, but right now I'm working to set my own mold and break that mold. I'm going to be the best outside linebacker in the game. That's what I'm going to do. I want to be the best Ryan Anderson I can be."

      On what these last few months have been like:
      "Yeah, it's been hectic, man. Like I said, I'm just ready to get back to football. I want to enjoy the rest of this night with my family. That's what I want to do."

      On with whom he spent draft night:
      "My family."

      On what's going through his mind right now:
      "Just going from not knowing what was going to happen to getting the phone call, and now I'm getting my mind set on getting back to work. That's about it. I'm ready to just go enjoy the rest of this night with my family."

      On looking back on what it took to get to this point:
      "It's surreal, man. Like I said, it's emotional. Like I said, I just want to enjoy the rest of this night with my family… I'm a Washington Redskin."

      Defensive Back Fabian Moreau

      On getting the call from the Redskins:
      “This is just everything to me. I’ve been wanting this my whole life. I’m just ready to contribute, ready to win and ready to be a Redskin.”

      On if he was concerned about his draft position after his injury:
      “I knew it was up to God and I knew God had me, and wherever he wanted me to go, I know that was where I was fit to go. I wasn’t too concerned about it.”

      On how long his recovery will be:
      “Five months from March 22nd. I’m rehabbing right now and I should be ready [by] training camp.”

      On his pro day:
      “I just wanted to go out there and compete and compete with my teammates one last time. I just wanted to show everybody that I’m the top corner in this draft. Obviously I got hurt, but I just took it one step at a time.”

      On what his style of play is like:
      "I'm a physical, press corner. I like to get in the receiver's face. I like to challenge them. I like to make plays, and just be that dog out there helping my team win."

      On his transition from running back to cornerback:
      "I mean, I'd never played defense before, so it was challenging at first but I knew that this was something that I wanted to do. I just love that one-on-one matchup on the outside, man, and I just enjoy it and I love playing corner."

      On if he is excited to play alongside Josh Norman:
      "Yes, sir, and I'm excited to learn from him and just learn the game. Just learn everything and just pick his brain and just become the best corner I can be."

      On playing through pain against BYU
      “Yeah, BYU, I basically broke my foot, didn’t know how severe it was. Obviously I was in pain but I wanted to be out there with my teammates. I wanted to show them that I’m fully committed and I came back in the last drive of the game. The game was on the line, BYU was going down to try to score, and so I went out there, ran out there with my teammates. Myles Jack got the interception and we just sealed the victory. I ended up getting surgery two days later.”

      On his pre-draft communication with the Redskins:
      “I went on a visit and the visit went well. I felt like I fit their style of play. I’m just happy to be a Redskin.”

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