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    • The Quan


      I know, I know. Life’s not fair. You never promised me a rose garden. Suck it up buttercup.

      If anyone gets it, it’s the son of the Great Santini. Raised by a 6’4” Marine Colonel, ‘I want…’ was a phrase I quickly learned to deftly avoid.

      But ‘want’ I do.

      And when it comes to my beloved Burgundy and Gold, the wish list is long and enduring.

      I want Kirk Cousins signed to a long-term deal. Pay the man.
      I want Jay Gruden to become a better coach.
      I want the Redskins to commit to a ram-it-down-their-throats power running game.
      I want a football GM who spends more time watching film, and less time gladhanding fans in
      the Fed Ex Field parking lot.
      I want the trenches built, rebuilt, and rebuilt again.
      I want big uglies, and more big uglies.
      I want clock management (the good kind).
      I want a scary good return man.
      I want stupid penalties banned and stupid players released.
      I want less fireworks pre-game, more fireworks in game.
      I want the Redskins Marching Band, not Welcome to the Jungle’ at 1000 decibels.
      I want ‘the Redskins’, not ‘Washington’s Team’.
      I want perennial playoff appearances.
      I want Bashaud Breeland to grow up and focus on football.
      I want to pass on first down and run on 3rd down.
      I want to go for it and convert on 4th down.
      I want Kirk Cousins to remember who gave him his big chance in the NFL and act accordingly.
      I want Jordan Reed to get out of bounds before the big hit.
      I want to see the resurrection and rebirth of Matt Jones.
      I want to keep draft picks and find more of them.
      I want to tell the other guys what plays we’re running next because we know they can’t stop us.
      I want solid free agents, not flashy ones.
      I want the most feared offensive line in football.
      I want game-ending drives to be meaningless because the game was over 3 quarters ago.
      I want a low-drama franchise that does its talking on the turf, not on Twitter.
      I want a nose tackle. A really big mean one.
      I want the next London Fletcher, Ken Harvey, or Chris Hanburger to lead our linebacking corps.
      I want fearsome safeties who make the middle of the field a no passing zone.
      I want DC sports media that doesn’t hate the team they are covering.
      I want red zone TDs.
      I want Terrelle Pryor to make us forget all about Jackson and Garcon.
      I want to be wrong about Josh Doctson.
      I want to fly to Seattle and see my Redskins put up 56 on them in the rain.
      I want to win football games even when they start after the sun goes down.
      I want to see a Redskins WR catch a fade pass.
      I want forced fumbles and pick sixes.
      I want DeAngelo Hall to retire.
      I want a Front Office that makes great football decisions, regardless of what fans want.
      I want a capable backup and a scary good QB prospect in grooming.
      I want to see player/coaches on every unit.
      I want to see decisive playcalling with no delay of game penalties.
      I want to have our timeouts when halves are ending.
      I want to talk smack on Friday afternoons, and still be talking smack Monday mornings.
      I want to beat the Cowboys. And the Eagles. And the Giants. But most of all the Cowboys.
      I want to win home playoff games.
      I want Lombardi #4.

      I want it all. I want the whole package. I want the Quan.
      This article was originally published in blog: The Quan started by Boone
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