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    • Skins Quotes 3/13/17: WR Terrell Pryor Sr.

      March 13, 2017

      WR Terrelle Pryor Sr.

      ** The following is a transcript of a conference call with local beat reporters this morning.**

      On what attracted him to the Redskins:
      ďI liked the supporting cast that they had, I mean, along with Kirk Cousins being the quarterback still, assuming that heís going to be there. Whether he was or not, I like the supporting cast Ė [Jamison] Crowder and [Josh] Doctson coming up, Jordan Reed as well and Vernon Davis. Itís going to put a lot of pressure on defenses. I think that can help out and I think it can help adding myself in there, help us and let us get some wins.Ē

      On if he is expecting to play with quarterback Kirk Cousins:
      ďI would assume. I saw he signed and stuff like that. But at the end of the day, I signed to be a Washington Redskin. It doesnít matter who the quarterback is, but Iím assuming. Iíd love the opportunity to play with Kirk, without a doubt. Heís a great quarterback.Ē

      On if he had any concerns about signing with the Redskins:
      ďAt the end of the day, itís an opportunity to play in the NFL. I donít take any of those for granted. I canít really control or have a say or know whatís going on internally. Theyíre handling that internally. All I can do is just come in and be ready to be the best teammate I can be and work my butt off and prove I belong. Iím along with them for the journey and what weíre trying to accomplish. Iím right with the other guys on the team. Thatís the only thing that I can really control or that I can really talk about.Ē

      On what impressed him about the Redskins and who he heard from first:
      ďReally it was Jay Grudenís offense. It was kind of the same thing as my coach back in Cleveland, Hue Jackson. They are very similar. Itís kind of like I can step right into it. Thereís going to be different wordings and different phrases that you use, but it could be easy Ė a lot easier Ė to pick up, you know, rather than learn a whole different offense. The first person I really heard fromÖ I mean, my agent contacted me and said that the Redskins wanted to meet and have dinner. So, I met with Coach Matt [Cavanaugh], the OC, [Head] Coach Jay Gruden, and [Wide Receivers] Coach Ike [Hilliard]. We had dinner, had a great conversation for about an hour, hour and a half and hit it off. I think you have to get along and really feel each other out right there to be able to make sure I was a good fit. You know, I had a great time meeting Coach Gruden.Ē

      On how the Redskins coaching staff can help his development as a wide receiver:
      ďI think anytime whether itís Iím new or itís my 15th year of experience, at the end of the day, if you go into any season thinking that you canít learn something or get better or get better at something, thatís when you might as well just call it quits. So, every day, every time I step on the field, every time I meet with my trainer, Iím looking to get better and learn something. Iíll never stop doing that until Iím done playing this game. From Coach Ike [Hilliard] and Coach Jay [Gruden], thereís small things they wanted me to fix and work on Ė I kind of try to keep that to myself, if you guys donít mind. But theyíre very into it and I learned a lot from talking to them. I believe that theyíll help me get to that next level.Ē

      On if there is pressure to replace DeSean Jackson or Pierre GarÁon:
      ďI donít really go into it in terms of who Iím going to replace or anything like that. Iím just coming to play my game. I dealt with double teams and different type of stuff last year. Thereís no pressure. Itís all about hard work. You win games. You win your matchups today. Today, when Iím in the gym, talking to you guys right now, and I prepared myself by working out yesterday. When you get ready for the upcoming matchups and the great talent that Iím about to be going against during the season Ė today, tomorrow, etc. You just continue to do that. You donít really worry about pressure. You just go out there and play your game and play to the highest level you possibly can.Ē

      On his first full year as a wide receiver:
      ďI really came along. I met with a lot of people and I am still learning right now, we can talk about that. I met with my trainer, Randy Moss, and guys of that like, and my coaching staff with the Browns. DefinitelyÖ Itís an incredible jump from the offseason workouts in April up until June and I just took a huge leap Ė leaps and bounds. I just put my head down, to tell you the truth, and just kept grinding at it. Thatís all we can do is just working at your craft and I think hard work really gets you that luck.Ē

      On the biggest adjustment in his position change and when he felt comfortable at wide receiver:
      ďI think the biggest adjustment really was Ė and there was quite a few Ė but three things that really stood out to me was the engagement and that battle at the line of scrimmage between myself and corners. I really trained hard with corners and guys that were on teams that would be in Charlotte when I was with Randy Moss Ė thatís where I trained. We would do a lot of stuff off the line in terms of that and a lot of stuff in terms of hand-eye coordination down the field with bigger guys or heavier guys leaning on me, trying to catch the ball over my shoulders and catching a lot of balls Ė tennis balls Ė with my back turned and throwing them at the wall and grabbing it one-handed. I just continued to work hand-eye coordination because itís a different game playing receiver. You see a little bead coming out of nowhere between defenders and stuff. The game is all about catching the ball and getting separation and keeping it. I think it really turned for me this past offseason. I really took strides. Like I said, itís all about hard work and what you put into it.Ē

      On if he spoke with the Browns after receiving an offer from the Redskins:
      ďI donít want to come off rude or anything, but at the end of the day now, it doesnít really matter. Iím here and a lot of things that people do is back track. I canít really go back now and all I can think of is the future with the Redskins this year and being the best teammate and the best player that I can for them. Thatís all I can really talk about in terms of free agency.Ē

      On playing with CB Josh Norman:
      ďThat's a great question. I'm very excited, you know, because at the end of the day, iron sharpens iron. I'm not saying whether I'm on his level or Iím not saying anything like that. What I do know is that he's a competitor and I competed against him at a high level. He competed against me at a high level and he's a very competitive guy, a very fiery guy. The opportunity to compete with somebody that wants to be great, I mean, I'll take that every day. I'm very excited about that because I know he's going to help me and I can help him because Iím going to compete my butt off. I think at the end of the day that's what helps get your team better.Ē

      On if his height was important to the Redskins and if it can specifically help in the red zone:
      ďWe didn't really talk that much about that. Obviously in their minds, they're sharp coaches and they're very smart. There's a great quarterback that we have here. I think that stuff will come into effect when we start getting together and really working on team activity stuff.Ē

      On if they have talked about his fit in the offense:
      ďIt's pretty much just youíve got to go into it and I think you'll start feeling it out. They'll start figuring it out things that I do well. I think we talked a lot about doing things for me that I do well. Obviously, when we get together in the offseason, we'll have time to work together and get better at things that they think I need to get better at so we could possibly run those things. I think everything is up in the air in terms of that and I'm definitely happy about the opportunity.Ē

      On if he has spoken to his new teammates:
      ďIíve spoken to Kirk a little bit, traded text messages back and forth the other night. It was good to meet with him. A couple of the receivers are going to meet with him and start working out together and thatís truly it. Iíve talked to a couple of guys on Twitter and stuff like that. They welcomed me. Iím really excited to meet my new teammates, I really am. I canít wait to get to work with these guys.Ē

      On why so many free agents are opting for one-year deals:
      ďThatís a good question. I think, overall, maybe the guys are marked in terms of where they are supposed to be or where we thought it would be. I think, at the end of the day, that you want to prove yourself. Some guys donít want to take deals where theyíre outplaying their deal. At the end of the day, I know itís a business. That wasnít part of my decision in terms of prevention. I just wanted to get a one-year deal and see how I fit with the program and move forward after that and see if we get something done later on if everything works well.Ē

      On if the quarterback was a priority when researching free agency destinations:
      ďI donít want to say it was my first priority because at the end of the day you want to be wanted. You want to be with a team that wants you to be on the team. In Washington, they were very aggressive in terms of wanting me to be on the team. I played with six quarterbacks last year. I donít think it could get that bad. Obviously, I would like to play with Kirk; I would be an idiot if I didnít believe that. I think heís a great quarterback and hopefully thatís what happens.Ē

      On if he spoke with Robert Griffin III prior to joining the Redskins:
      ďNo, I didnít, sir.Ē

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