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    • Thoughts on the 14 Other Redskin FA's

      There are 14 other Redskins FA's besides Kirk Cousins this year. The Kirk thing has been an ongoing debate in several other threads so I'm just looking for thoughts on these other players.
      Granted many decisions will be based on the draft but where might these guys fit in if at all.

      From the top (2016 contracts) down per Spotrac: (link: 2017 NFL Free Agents Tracker | Spotrac)

      2 WR's Pierre Garcon (30) & DeSean Jackson (30): Pierre was at $8.5M and DeSean was at $6M. Many 'experts' are projecting their new contracts in the $7.5M to $9M range for 2017. Whether anyone agree's that range is realistic isn't the point. What if it is the case? Currently they are #3 & #4 salary wise of all FA WR's.
      If so, Jackson probably goes and Garcon stays. They'll keep one but not both. DeSean doesn't look quite as quick these days and I just don't see $17M or so between two receivers especially with Reed. Might they get a younger FA and cut both? I doubt it, there really isn't much quality below them at any age. Above them is Alshon Jeffery (26 yo/$15M) whose probably taking a pay cut because he can't stay on the field and Vinny Jackson (33).

      DE Chris Baker (29) at $4.3M. This will be interesting. He's #6 in salary but was #3 right behind Calais Campbell (30) at $11M and JPP (28) at $10M in production and was about equal with Andre Branch (27) @ $2.75M who is #8 on the salary chart. There's a decent need across the league for DE's so who knows what the market will be but $6M for Baker by some team is not a stretch. More upside to Branch but staying healthy is an issue.
      If Baker's market does hit $6M I doubt the Redskins are paying it.

      Below those three, most of the rest fit into the cheap to keep category, provided you want to keep them.

      TE Vernon Davis (31) at $2.4M. Quality #2 and can start if you need him to. Not really that old and they can probably keep him for about the same salary. He stay's, especially considering how hard it's been to keep Skins TE's off of IR.

      OLB Junior Galett (28) at $1.6M - Probably needs to take a pay cut and/or have an injury clause in a non-guaranteed contract but worth a shot in camp under those conditions.

      DT Kedric Golston (33) at $1M - Injuries the last few years. Not a starter and never really produced much. Develop a younger player as a backup and grab a FA to start, there's several DT's hitting FA.

      LS Nick Sundberg (29) at $1M - Just keep him.

      DE Cullen Jenkins (35) at $985K - He was OK considering how the Skins used him but let him go and if you need the help pick him up in week 1. If someone else grabs him, good for him.

      SS Donte Whitener (31) at $985K - Cut and move on. There's a lot of pickens at Safety his year. A couple of FA's out there - Cyprien (26) JAX at $1.4M or Tony Jefferson (24) AZ $1.7M. I don't see the Cards letting one of their young Safeties go but if Bradley came to DC might Cyprien follow? Him and Cravens together would be awesome.

      DE Ziggy Hood (29) at $935K - Once Barry figured out he wasn't a NT he did well as a swing man. IDK if he's starter but definitely a good backup and probably can be signed for about $1.5M. Pretty cheap for a former first round pick.

      C John Sullivan (31) at $885K - Unless they pick up a young guy that can be a good #1 or #2 he did OK. His starting days are well behind him but right now they are really thin at Center. Of course, Kory is still under contract but can save the team $3.5M in cap if he's cut if you like dem apples. Joe Hawley (28) at $1.6M with Tampa would be worth looking into.

      The last 4, CB Toler (32), LB/ST Garvin (26), (SS) Ihenacho (27) and (SS) Evans(25). All of these guys are under $850K and won't command much more. Garvin should stay around, don't know anything about Evans, the other two maybe can go. There are many young FA CB's out there so nothing against Toler but there is some youth that won't cost massively over Greg's paycheck. AJ Bouye (25) HOU at $1.7M is kinda interesting. Also Sterling Moore (26) NO at $760K. Both of them had pretty good numbers compared to other better known FA's with more snaps and getting paid millions of dollars more.

      Again, these are 2016 salaries so how much might they move up or down go ahead and take a guess at.

      Most teams aren't going to go after an RFA but Thompson, Compton & Nsekhe are all RFA's however I don't see anyone trying to snipe one.
      This article was originally published in forum thread: Thoughts on the 14 Other Redskin FA's started by JohnssBass View original post
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