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    • Post Game Quotes Skins vs. Giants 1/1/17: Jay Gruden


      On the injury update:
      “I didn’t get the injury report. I’ll get it to y’all later.”

      On the mood in the locker room and his message to the team:
      “It’s over. We played a very good team today and we didn’t get it done, then just like that your season’s over. You just got to say goodbye. So hopefully we’ll see y’all next year, appreciate their hard work. They all did work hard, played hard. Just weren’t good enough. Just didn’t get it done today.”

      On Giants taking away the run game:
      “They’re a good run defense first of all. Got to give the Giants credit, Coach [Ben] McAdoo. We knew they’d have their team ready to play, and we just didn’t get enough good run lanes for our backs. Other than that, I don’t know what happened. I don’t know if we just got beat up front, man-handled, or we just mistargeted or what. I’ve got to check out the film, but it wasn’t pretty in the running game.”

      On if the offense started out ‘flat’:
      “No, I think they made us flat – Giants made us flat. When we go three-and-out and we get to receive the ball on the opening kick, we have a third down and a foot. We were on power play and we did lose two yards. Defense comes out and they kind of walk the ball down the field in a seven- or eight-play drive. We just never were able to—it was very similar to Carolina—we were never able to get the fans into the game, get a momentum burst and then keep it. We had a couple of spurts there in the second half, got the score tied, but just could never get anything going early. Terrible start.”

      On why there was confusion on the offensive line:
      “That’s a good question. I have to check that out too because I think we just missed it. We had slide protection on them. Maybe our right guard didn’t slide far enough out or it could be our left tackle or center, or what have you. I think it’s a little bit different there every time – different protection there, different person who didn’t get to the right people. They have a good scheme over there. A lot of different looks. We didn’t handle them very good today. We got them good last time we played them but not today.”

      On what he attributes to the team’s ability to respond to adversity:
      “I don’t know. I think we responded. We got down 10, they had a third-down and five. Threw a little bubble screen out there and missed a tackle and they get six. Then they hit bottom on the next play. We’re just that close on a couple of plays. Hats off to them for making them and we’ve just got to figure out ways to make them.”

      On how he views this season after losing four of the last six games:
      “Yeah, it’s disappointing. No question about it. Anytime you’re standing up here after 17 weeks of football and your season is over, it’s a disappointing season, whether it’s 17 weeks, 18 weeks or 19 weeks. Never, ‘Oh, man, I’m proud to be 8-7-1,’ for goodness sake. We’re very disappointed at the outcome. We feel like we have personnel good enough to win the game. I take responsibility for us having our season over. It’s on my shoulders. We’ve got to do a better job as coaches.”

      On if he is supportive of QB Kirk Cousins:
      “I don’t know what Kirk [Cousins] has to do as a quarterback to prove that he belongs in the National Football League as a starter. I think he had a great year. There were some tough decisions made today. The first one, Maurice [Harris] slipped. The second one he threw into traffic was a poor decision. Overall, I think the amount of times he dropped back to pass and made some unbelievable throws in some great games, I think he belongs in the NFL as a starting quarterback, that’s for sure, and hopefully it’s here.”

      On how COusins will respond:
      “The only way he can respond: he’s going to respond in a positive way. That’s what Kirk is all about. There’s a lot of very good quarterbacks that haven’t been to the playoffs ever. He’s already taken us to one playoff berth. We were that close this year. He’s going to learn from it and get better because of it. That’s the only way quarterbacks can respond.”

      On if it’s frustrating missing the playoffs:
      “Yeah. I think we won some games too that the other teams probably thought they should have won. Baltimore, we won a very close one. The guy fumbles at the one-yard line going in. We won some other close ones the other teams are probably scratching their heads at. We had some opportunities, no question about it, and it is frustrating. You feel like defensively we played good in spurts but we weren’t very consistent. Offensively, obviously with the numbers we put up, but our red zone offense was awful. There’s a lot of areas we need to improve on and get better at. Statistically, I believe you always get what you deserve in pro football and quite frankly when you have a terrible red zone percentage on offense, terrible third down percentage on defense and terrible red zone percentage on defense throughout the season, you’re probably going to be standing up here when the season is over.”

      On if he believes a better start would have led to the Giants pulling their starters:
      “I don’t know. I doubt it. It seemed like Coach [Ben] McAdoo had a plan in place and they stuck with it. I have no idea. I can’t answer that.”

      On if he believes ‘on a gut level’ he had the team ready to play today:
      “On a gut level, I like to think so, but obviously the results say otherwise, so what can you say?”

      On Cousins’ last throw:
      “There you have it. I mean that’s the whole decision you have to make as a professional quarterback. It’s first down and 10 and you have the lane. Do you run it? Do you see a little color out there? You feel like you can make a great throw. He’s such an accurate passer he feels like he can make those tight-window throws. [Dominique] Rodgers-Cromartie, one of the best corners/nickels in the league, made the undercut and made a great play. Not a great decision. [Cousins] was trying his best to make a great throw and a great play by Rodgers-Cromartie.”

      On how long he is going to let this loss brew:
      “Forever. I remember all the losses more than I remember the wins, that’s for sure – especially season enders. These guys work hard. I like being around these guys. I like coaching these guys. Coaches worked hard. We’ve got a great group in there. It’s disappointing to see it end. That’s the way it was and we have to face it. We have to learn from it and grow from it.”

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