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    • Post Game Quotes Skins vs. Giants 1/1/17: Redskins Players


      On the final play of the game:
      “He [Pierre Garçon] did a good job on his route. The timing of the play was off so I climbed a little to my left and Pierre still was winning and thought I was a little bit late. It felt like across the field he had a chance, but I didn’t get my shoulder closed enough to where I could make that throw accurately, and so the ball was behind him and the corner made a nice play.”

      On the Giants’ game plan:
      “I don’t know until I watch the film but, like you said, if you don’t run the ball well and things are tough… In short, we just couldn’t get it on the first series and then got in some third-and-longs and that’s tough sledding. They got some sacks and some different situations and then we got the turnover. We didn’t get into the red zone, so it was a combination of factors, not any one thing but they all combined and created a tough day. Credit them. They did a really good job. They’ve got good players and a really good scheme. They’ve shown that all year and they showed that today.”

      On the interception and the loss:
      “This isn’t my first time dealing with this. Tough times don’t last, tough people do. I sound like a broken record but I’m going to keep saying that until I’m retired. All I know is it’s going to give me an edge. I’m going to go into this offseason with a hunger that has always been there, but certainly when the season ends this way, it will be there and it will be strong.”

      On potentially returning to the Redskins next season:
      “It’s really not my decision to make. They chose to tag me and the same is true this year, so if they don’t choose to tag me then I think that question is answered at that point, but right now the ball’s not in my court.”

      On the interception on a pass intended for WR Maurice Harris:
      “Again, I don’t really know how to size it up until I see the film.”

      On the Giants’ blitzes and if they were prepared:
      “They had done a lot of it throughout the season. They weren’t exactly the exact same blitz, but they were bringing various pressures and they were all a bit different. I thought they did a good job disguising them before the snap, which certainly helps. They had done a good job all year with those and I thought that we were able to get them a couple times during those pressures and throw the ball down the field and get some big gains, but other times they were able to get home and make some plays.”

      On what the feeling was in the huddle when they were down by three and got the ball during the fourth quarter:
      “I think we had confidence that we would chip away and take it one play at a time, and with two minutes and 12 seconds, all our timeouts with a two-minute warning, it’s a lot of time. We felt good about just taking completions as they gave them to us and get down the field and I think we were across the 50-yard line and had a first-and-10. I think in hindsight the move would have been to run on the play I threw the interception, just keep climbing and run. There was nobody for me in man coverage and just running there may have put us in field goal range in and of itself, let alone if we had more time on the clock and more plays to go. We were able to do what we thought, which was just find completions and move the ball.”

      On how he would assess his performance this season:
      “I don’t know if that that’s for me to say or try to defend myself. I think that you guys do a great job of evaluating me and coaches do a great job evaluating and it’s my job to go out and play and then after games to get back to work and prepare for the next opportunity, in this case, for next season. I’ll leave that for other people and just keep trying to get better.”


      On losing at home and missing the playoffs:
      “All we had to do was do what we do to get into the playoffs. We had home-field advantage. Everything was set up for us but we didn’t come out on top.”

      On the inability to come up with a big play at the end of the game:
      “I feel like it is a team effort. The big play didn’t come from the defensive or the offensive side of the ball, so that’s why we are in the predicament that we are in. Even though we play sound football, we still didn’t cause anything to change the game.”

      On what everyone is feeling in the locker room:
      “Everyone is hurt—as we should [be]. We had an opportunity to go out there and make the playoffs and we didn’t.”

      On if they expected the Giants to play their starters the whole game:
      “Yeah, I mean, if they’re going to be out there, they’re going to play. That’s how I felt. That’s how we came into the game and they did exactly that.”


      On the uncertainty of where he will be next year:
      “It’s tough. I’ve been here for the last six years and the Redskins really gave me a great opportunity to come here and play and make a name for myself. I really wasn’t ready for the season to end. I think we did a good job going out there, but they just made more plays to win the game. That’s what good teams do: they find a way to win and they find ways to win the game. The Giants did that today.”

      On if it was a disappointment losing two of the last three games and missing the playoffs:
      “Very much so. Any time you lose a game it’s a disappointment. Any time you have the situation in your hands to make it to the next level and you don’t capitalize on it, it’s a disappointment. I love my teammates, I love the coaches here, but we just have to find a way to get it done. That’s what good teams do. We just weren’t good enough this year. We lost too many games just like this. We were a play or two away, but at the end of the day the good teams make those plays, and teams who don’t will be at home watching the games like us.”

      On if he wonders how the season ended:
      “We have a very talented team across the board. Guys always come to work. Things just didn’t go our way in a lot of games this year. We have to find a way to get better and continue to work in the offseason and find a way to win these types of games. If we can win these types of games, we’re three or four plays away from being in the playoffs. Good teams make those plays and the teams that don’t make those plays are at home now.”


      On what was he thinking about while sitting at his locker:
      “The season, really. We came up short. It was a long one. I was just thanking God for allowing us to make it through the whole thing and take what we learned from this year, try to capitalize on it next year on what to do and what not to do, try to get this thing going next year. I think this year is thinking of those tools we can work on, look at what we did the whole season and see what we get better at. For the next season, I think that’s the main thing. It sucks you were that close and just don’t get in.”

      On what he learned this season:
      “Just overall, do things that you’re capable of doing and doing things that you see out there and go get it. More plays to be made here or there and cash in on the ones that come your way. Be better in technique and everything that you do, step on that field, be that guy to make a play where there isn’t one. We’re going to have to go back to the drawing board and look at some things overall. Get it all ironed so we can come back next year and get into the playoffs and once we do that, rumble. Try and make some noise.”

      On what happened with his penalties:
      “I don’t know, man. I have no idea.”


      On the slow start:
      “Just not making plays. I didn’t think we were – energy-wise – flat or anything. It just felt like we didn’t make enough plays and that was throughout the whole course of the game. We allowed 13 points defensively, but we didn’t make any splash plays. We didn’t put our offense in a good field position very much throughout the game and that was a big difference tonight.”

      On if he was surprised Giants QB Eli Manning played the entire game:
      “Not really. We kind of heard some rumblings that their backup guy Josh Johnson would play, but you can’t expect that. We have to plan for their guys to be out there.”

      On his thoughts about the season:
      “Right now, just a lot of disappointment. The talent we have on this roster and the talent we have on our coaching staff, we shouldn’t be done right now. We should be going to the playoffs. It’s disappointing knowing that we didn’t do enough to make sure we’re going to the playoffs.”


      On what led to the offense’s success late in the game:
      “We were just able to convert on third down. We were able to sustain a drive. Kirk [Cousins] hit some balls, wide receivers made some plays and we just got moving.”

      On if the Giants brought any different blitzes compared to Week 3:
      “They had some blitzes, some of which we pretty much should have picked up. It [doesn’t] do anything about it, they just did their regular blitz package and normally we block that type of look in our sleep and today we just had some mishaps.”

      On if missing the playoffs is any tougher because of missing games during his suspension:
      “I mean, any time you end the season, it’s tough, especially with a chance to go to the playoffs with a win-and-in situation. I think it’s my first time not actually winning the game to get in when you’re put in those situations. It’s tough coming from the other side.”

      On what was going through his mind after the Giants took an early lead:
      “The sense of urgency starts to pick up. You don’t have any more chances. Those guys were doing a good job controlling the ball, controlling the clock. When our defense did get stops, we didn’t capitalize on them.”


      On the game:
      “I’m pretty disappointed to lose. Of course, you don’t want to lose. You want to continue to advance and win games, but unfortunately we couldn’t pull this one out tonight. Like I said, we just have to be faithful that we came out healthy. We get another shot next year and we just have to look forward and stay optimistic, and prepare ourselves the best we can this offseason and get back in.”

      On the late-season losses:
      “I’m not the one to sit back and analyze the team and just see the things we did wrong. I can only worry about the things that I did, as far as my mistakes, correct them and help the team the best I can.”

      On overcoming hard losses:
      “Well, I went to Kirk [Cousins] today and I had a chance to chat with him briefly, and I told him, ‘Hey, you have to look at the bright side. Michael Jordan – he missed a lot of game winners, he faced a lot of adversity in his career. You have to use that as a positive, keep your head up, and keep moving forward. Just look back at what you did do, the great things you did do this year, the way you helped this football team and this organization win games. Continue to be optimistic and have faith, and just keep playing football and enjoy the game. You can’t let one game beat you up – you can’t do it. You have to know how to learn and face adversity.’ I’m sure Kirk—he’s a huge advocate of picking himself up and fighting through adversity. I’m not worried about him. He’ll do a great job with that. We all failed together, it’s not one man. We lost this game together and we pretty much have to accept it and move on.”


      On the upcoming offseason:
      “Right now, the biggest thing for me is getting healthy with my knee and stuff, but that’s for the people who make those decisions, not me.”

      On the ups and downs of the season:
      “We had an up-and-down year. When you look back at it, when we were faced with adversity pushing to the point where there was pressure on us, we always came out swinging. You just have to find ways to make plays and to make more plays. I can speculate what it is with this, that and the other, but at the end of the day, you just have to live in those details and make more plays than the other team. It was great playing with these guys. I love this team, I love the organization, I love the fans, all of it. I wish we could have pulled it out tonight.”

      On the reason the team was not able to win in the final three games when controlling their fate:
      “I’ll never put a finger on something solo. It’s a collective thing. We would come out with sluggish starts, we got whooped by Carolina, whether it’s offense [or] defense, we’re all in this together. We just didn’t get it done. We didn’t make enough plays this year and we’re done. Hats off to the Giants, they played a good game.”

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