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    • Week Fifteen Grades, Evaluations, Questions


      Greetings from BBQ. We hope you are having a good holiday season and will receive some nice Redskins gifts in the coming days.

      Week fifteen is in the books and now we take a look at how the entire team fared against the Panthers. Everyone is mad again and this time it has likely ended any playoff hopes for 2016. We will keep the answers short and terse as it is a narrow football week and the holiday is near. We will try to make some sense of it all as BBQ hands out grades, evaluations and questions. Feel free to offer your own grades, evaluations, questions, and opinions.

      Let’s take a look at week fifteen.

      Question: Was this Kirk’s worst game of the season?
      Answer: Yes. For the first time this season, the offense lost the game and most of it was the quarterback.
      Grade: F

      Running Backs:
      Question: Is it time to bring back Matt Jones?
      Answer: Only if it can help his trade value.
      Grade: F

      Wide Receivers:
      Question: Was this the only bright spot for the team?
      Answer: Yes. Their efforts were noble, but it wasn’t enough to bring the team any hope.
      Grade: C+

      Tight Ends:
      Question: Is the Jordan Reed injury hindering the team?
      Answer: Likely so. He shouldn’t have played the last two games.
      Grade: F

      Offensive Line:
      Question: Why did they have problems in the running game?
      Answer: Carolina’s defense was geared to stopping the run and this unit failed in their performance Monday night.
      Grade: D

      Defensive Line:
      Question: What grade would you give their effort against the Panthers?
      Answer: It was below failing. Just a huge mess.
      Grade: F

      Question: And what grade would you give to this group?
      Answer: Preston Smith is a second year disappointment. The mikes are subpar. Ryan Kerrigan got injured.
      Grade: D-

      Question: Did it seem like Bashaud Breeland was the lone bright spot?
      Answer: Breeland did play better and Josh Norman had a few struggles, but gave a spirited effort.
      Grade: C

      Question: Is it safe to say, “YUCK”?
      Answer: That is putting it honestly and succinctly.
      Grade: F

      Special Teams:
      Question: Are we still worrying about Dustin Hopkins?
      Answer: Probably so, but the Redskins gave up too early on Graham Gano and Nick Novak. Tress Way was a bit off on Monday night. Chris Thompson should’ve taken a knee to start the second half – even one yard deep. Rarely do kickoffs get returned to the twenty-five and the team was pinned deep. Take the knee (and avoid the penalty) and the second half likely starts differently (no turnover and no quick Carolina touchdown).
      Grade: F

      Question: What can we say about the coaches this week?
      Answer: Offense. They lost the game and put the defense in difficult situations.

      Defense. They couldn’t stop a wounded quarterback and an aging running back.

      Special teams. There was nothing special about it.
      Jay Gruden’s tirade after the Cardinals game has obviously had zero effect and this speaks to his leadership. Joe Barry, quite frankly, is not the answer as defensive coordinator. Special teams needs to become special again. BBQ believes that a new defensive coordinator is needed this offseason, but is undecided on a new head coach.

      GM. Scot McCloughan needs a grade here, but we will simply do an evaluation. He neglected the defensive line in free agency and the draft – that can’t happen in 2017. Team needs on defense include the line, two mikes, one corner, and two safeties. On offense, team needs include running back, left guard, and possibly wide receiver. There is much cap room to help and there are nine picks in the draft. A huge dent in needs is possible and the “best player available” works only for teams who are already playoff/Super Bowl contenders. It’s time to address the needs.

      How would you grade each position and the coaching staff? Do you want a new head coach or should we move on? Is the evaluation of Scot McCloughan fair? How much of the upcoming free agency should be spent on defense? Are the Redskins out of the playoff picture? Are you giving Redskins gifts to loved ones this weekend? On to week sixteen. We’ll see you next week with grades, evaluations, and questions.

      BBQ wishes you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday season. Be safe if you are traveling.

      Hail to the Redskins!
      This article was originally published in blog: Week Fifteen Grades, Evaluations, Questions started by Burgundy Burner
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