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      All in the Cards
      Time to earn respect! okay, even though losing to the turds on thanksgiving last week leaves a taste in our collective mouths equal to licking a dairy cowís ass, itís time to move on! What better way to move on then playing our one time NFC east foe in sunny Arizona.

      Iím not one to really dwell on nostalgia too much but playing the cards when they were in the NFC East usually made for some good games. It seems forever ago since they were members of the East. From 1970-2001 they were right there with us (figuratively), though most of the memories I happen to have are from the 90ís. Matchups such as Buddy Ryan and his blitz crazy defense against Norvalís (semi-predictable) offense. The likes also had Tre Johnson going against Eric Swann, though if my memory serves me correctly Swann usually got the better end of it. Larry Centers & Darrel Green, so on and so forth.

      I gotta admit that AZ had one player I respected the hell out of and still do. Even though he only played from 1998-2001, Pat Tillman is without a doubt the most standup genuine person Iíve witnessed to wear a NFL uniform. To trade it in for fatigues & give up the multimillion $ deals to serve ones country earns him bookoo gratitude imho. Other than Mr. Tillmanís legacy I donít have much to relate to with those birds in the desert.

      Our 2 teams actually do have some striking similarities in this 2016 season. As far as the standings go weíre 6-4-1 while theyíre 4-6-1. Arizona is currently #1 in total Defense w/294 ypg against, while our beloved Redskins have the #2 total offense w/426 ypg. Weíre both ranked #2 with our offensive passing ypg against their defensive passing ypg. Both have the letter ďRĒ in their names & both wear maroon.

      We do have a healthy overall edge of the 121 games going head to head against them, with a 74-45-2 standing. Our last meeting was on October 12, 2014 with the desert crows edging us 30-20. The clincher happened to come with our then interception prone Kirk Cousins playing pitch and catch with Rashaud Johnson. Who just happened to take that interception in for a pick 6. Thus nailing the coffin shut.

      Gone are the days though where our Kirky throws to the other team with regularity. So far this season Kirk has amassed 3,540 yards, 20 tdís to 7 intís for a respectable 101.4 qb rating. Ladies and gentleman weíve FINALLY found our franchise qb! After what seems an endless conga line of lost causes strolling through Ashburn, Iím a firm believer KC takes us to the previously uncharted territories of consistent payloffs. Barring some mad scientist ploy such as trading Kirk for a qb hungry team thatís offering the farm, McLuvs will ensure heís with us for a minute.

      The simple fact of the matter is this Sunday in AZ our skins have a chance to go out, come together as a team and reach the playoffs for the 2nd straight year. Something we havenít done for 23 ****ing years. Let that putrid fact soak in for a second. This is where we wage proverbial war against our last 5 opponents and get down to the real business. It starts with curb stomping Bruce Arians cards this Sunday. Along with standing in our way his name seems pretty racist to me, so let us rise up and defeat this desert scourge!

      HTTMFR yíall!!!!!!
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