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    • Post-Game Quotes 11/20/16 Skins vs. Packers: Redskins Players


      On his play in practice transferring to tonight’s game:
      “Yeah, in a short answer. I think we walked off the field in a few games feeling like even in a win we’re capable of doing more and tonight was certainly the culmination of what we feel like our potential can be. It’s hard to do it week in and week out, but we are pleased with what we were able to do tonight because so many people made a difference and contributed as we knew they could.”

      On Head Coach Jay Gruden’s confidence on the fourth-and-one play:
      “I think you just have to because of the amount of time left on the clock, the margin, the way the Packers had been moving the ball and the players they have on the offensive side of the ball. I think you had to do it. It’s just a matter of which play to call and how do we execute it versus the front or blitz that they will bring. Credit Brandon Scherff, Spencer Long, and Shawn Lauvao for getting the push inside against a pretty good interior defensive line, to enable me to get in because I certainly don’t get in there by turning my legs. It’s those guys making some push up front.”

      On adjusting passes to wind:
      “I believe I just let it fly. I just play and I think subconsciously you feel the wind or you let it have an impact on the way you release the football, but really you just play and I felt like tonight was rough elements. I feel like in the first half I was leaving the field after a couple of series thinking that tonight might be a night of tough sledding. I don’t know, maybe we win 19-17 or something like that. I wasn’t quite sure how tonight was going to be. I was surprised with the way it turned out, but having played in the Big 10 and growing up in the Midwest, you are used to playing in some tough elements. Tonight was pretty tough with the wind combined with the cold.”

      On his technique throwing the ball in the wind:
      “I’ve always believed that rotation beats wind so if you can get a tight spiral you can cut the wind and the key is having that consistently, which even myself will have passes that are not as tight as I want them to be. I try to focus on the ball leaving my fingers and tonight having some good rotation so it could cut the wind. I remember Coach [Mike] Shanahan told me even in a loss when I played in a rain game, he said, ‘You throw the ball really well in the rain and whenever you can do that, it says a lot.’ I take encouragement there, so I try to take pride in playing well in elements and it isn’t easy.”

      On if he has long fingers:
      “No, I would say probably not quite as big as some other guys, but I wish my hands were even bigger so gripping that football would be even bigger.”

      On looking at the schedule to get another chance against the Packers after last season:
      "As a competitor, we certainly had a sour taste in our mouth walking away from the game last season. When we watched the film, we felt like there were plays to be made that didn’t get made. I think tonight you saw what we felt we were capable of doing last January and just didn’t get it done. We’re all competitors so we all came into this game with a bit of a sour taste in our mouths and a chip on our shoulder with a desire to prove ourselves. It doesn’t mean anything if you don’t go out and play well. We still had to execute. That’s obviously what we’re most proud about: the fact that we executed from the first quarter to the last.”

      On how he feels about today:
      “We’re feeling good but at the same time it’s a short week and we’re playing one of the best teams in the NFL on Thursday. Once again, I feel like I say it every week, but welcome to the NFL. It doesn’t get any easier from here in our division. A lot of people wanted to take shots at it last year and said, ‘You know, it’s not a very good division.’ I think this year proves that in the NFL everybody is good. Every team is a challenge. Any win is special. Whoever you can beat says something to devalue one team or over-value another. I think all 32 teams are talented. Our division is certainly playing at a high level right now.”

      On learning from the playoff game last year and making big plays:
      “We came away feeling like there were plays that were there to be made and didn’t get made. Whether it was just preparing that much more or communicating better with how we want plays executed, how we want them run. That continuity and that experience together I think helps. Things were clicking tonight. It goes from top to bottom. It was a great job by the offensive line, protecting the receivers, getting open versus man coverage, zone coverage and running the football well. It was such a combination of so many people.”

      On WR Pierre Garcon’s potential:
      “He has the potential to do it all. He was brought here to be a No. 1 receiver for a reason when [Coach Mike] Shanahan brought him in. He has the juice and can go down the field and can make a lot of plays. He’s the real deal. The great thing about him too is he’s such a competitor. He blocks in the run game, and he competes down in and down out. It matters to him. He’s the total package and he showed it tonight. It’s a joy. I’ve said this before about him. It’s a joy to be able to play alongside him.”

      On who gets the credit for tonight’s game:
      "I think the credit goes to Spencer Long, Brandon Scherff and Shawn Lauvao. They got those D-linemen right on them and both sides are taught not to give an inch. Those guys did a great job going on one with the cadence, the defense was going off too. They just had to be stronger and have better leverage and they did. Like I said earlier, I'm not going to tread my legs to get that extra push. I'm not that powerful, so I need those guys to plow the way and they did."

      On the big offensive line:
      "Different lines are designed to do different things and I think the size probably does help on a quarterback sneak type of play but I can’t say enough about those guys. They have some really good pass rushers; Nick Perry, Julius Peppers and Clay Matthews. I thought Ty Nsekhe did a great job on Clay Matthews all night long and Morgan Moses on Nick Perry. Just really proud of how everyone played and stepped up to the challenge that was presented. Last year, the playoff game, we had a hard time protecting those guys and I feel like tonight they really answered the call."

      On the short week:
      "Well, I need to sleep once I get done talking to you guys – and have about an hour-and-a-half drive home. But once I get home and get to bed, I’ll try to get some rest. Then, I’ll get in my hyperbaric and get in the film room watching this film to learn from it and watch the Cowboys film and be with the coaches tomorrow night to get the game plan and just go from there. It will be a full today tomorrow even though it’s an off day. [I’m] just trying to fill up with recovery and see my chiropractor, so lots to do."

      On the momentum boost:
      "I had a great feel tonight. Obviously it’s great to be playing where we’re playing and it’s just a matter of doing it again this Thursday against a very good football team."

      On moving forward:
      “I'm just always trying to prove myself and I'm always being evaluated and I will always be trying to improve myself as long as I'm playing this game.”


      On the prolific offense and scoring three touchdowns:
      "I feel good about getting that sixth win and I’ve been getting too much credit. It’s the offensive line, man. I feel like I came out, I was into something and those guys pulled me out, put me on their back and kept going and that’s what we did.”

      On rushing for 137 yards:
      “I’m telling you, it was the offensive line, man. That’s them. I can’t stop saying it enough, that’s them.”

      On the last touchdown:
      “I got it.” [Laughter]

      On the win and playing the Dallas Cowboys on Thursday:
      “It’s onto the next team, Dallas. That’s a pretty good team and [we’ll] try and go in there with everything that we have. Go in there and try and get that win going. It’s going to be hard. That’s a pretty good team, but that’s our plan.”


      On what this win means for the team:
      “I mean, it’s huge. Anytime you can win, it’s always a plus but we know that we still got bigger fish to fry so winning right now is crucial. You know, we have to keep winning, so it’s big to get this one. Now we’re looking forward to Dallas.”

      On his touchdown catch:
      “It was a play that we schemed up this week. We felt like we could get them on it and it worked. Kirk [Cousins] threw the ball, good pass, I was able to bring it in and score so that was it.”

      On if he thinks he got in on his second long reception:
      “I thought I got in. You know, the jumbo screen wasn’t showing the other view so you couldn’t really tell, but it was close. I felt that I could have done a better job reaching out and getting in the end zone so I wish I could’ve come out with two touchdowns but I looked out for Rob Kelley. He punched it in the next play. I’m a team player.”

      On what this win means for the team:
      “It means a lot. It’s a huge win to beat a team like the Packers. They beat us last year so we kind of had a bad taste in our mouth after that playoff game, but it’s a huge win for us.”


      On his shoulder and the game:
      “It feels good. I can’t really feel it right now. It will probably be a little sore later on in the morning, but it’s a great win [and] a great team effort. Everybody pitched in and was a part of it. I’m just excited about it. [We] have a quick turnaround week. Everybody’s focused on this next game coming up. It’s going to be another big one. Every game from here on out is going to be a big one, so we just have to put it all together.”

      On QB Kirk Cousins’ performance tonight:
      “Outstanding. QB rating 145. We need him to play like that a lot more. I think if we can get our guy back there playing like that, we’re pretty much unstoppable like we were out there today. Everybody’s eating – [Jamison] Crowder, J-Reed [Jordan Reed], I did a little something here-and-there, Pierre [Garçon] had some big catches and things of the nature. So we have to be excited about it, but we put this one behind us and keep moving forward.”

      On if this was a breakout game for the offense:
      “I’d like to say that, but it’s one game. You can’t put all the eggs in one basket for one game. We have to continue to come out here and put the work in every week. This is going to be a quick week for us, we play another on Thanksgiving. That game means a lot for us. We see everybody winning in our division and we still have a lot of work to put in to get to where we need to get to. We know what’s at stake and we know what we want to accomplish at the same time.”


      On the win:
      “What a game, you can say that again. All the credit goes to the guys on the offensive side of the ball. Kirk [Cousins] played a phenomenal game, oh my gosh. Thank God for allowing us to come out here and go against one of the best teams, offenses I think, and A-Rod [Aaron Rodgers] over there. That man is invincible, I still think that, and I’m still going to continue to say that. We came out there and just held them off just enough to come out and get a victory and it was a hard fought game.”

      On how he stripped the ball away:
      “Well, spoils of war. Spoils of war. I want to make a play. I think when I can’t be in effect, an aerial attack the way I want to be, you don’t get as many balls as you should. You find other ways to get creative and when I see an opportunity, a chance for an offender coming by and I just see it, I want to make that play. I want to make that hustle play.”


      On what they were saying to one another to fix the problems during the game:
      "We were just saying, ‘Let’s finish the game, let’s finish the game.’ The offense was doing everything we wanted. They were scoring in the red zone, making the big plays, they got the big runs and all we had to do was stop them. Aaron Rodgers is a great player, and that’s why he’s a great player because he finds ways to make things interesting. Congrats to Josh Norman coming up with the big play to get our offense the ball and they took care of business.”

      On the frustration of getting close to QB Aaron Rodgers but not being able to sack him:
      “It’s a little frustrating because you work so hard to get sacks and beat offensive linemen, but a guy like Aaron [Rodgers] does a great job keeping his feet alive and finding open holes inside of the pass-rush lane. You just have to be smart and rush with good lane integrity, and when you get a chance to get to him, bring him down.”

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