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    • Week Seven Grades, Evaluations, Questions


      Greetings from the international headquarters of BBQ.

      Week seven is in the books and now we take a look at how the entire team fared against the Lions. Mistakes, mistakes, mistakes. You can’t say much more than that one word three times. We will try to make some sense of it all as BBQ hands out grades, evaluations and questions. Feel free to offer your own grades, evaluations, questions, and opinions.

      Let’s take a look at week seven.

      Question: The stats look impressive and Kirk Cousins played his heart out – how did he keep the team in the game?
      Answer: Cousins simply gave it his all and did the best job possible under the circumstances. There were a couple of mistakes, but the loss is not on him.
      Grade: A-

      Running Backs:
      Question: Did you really compare Matt Jones to Marshawn Lynch and John Riggins last week?
      Answer: Of course not. We compared him to a Butterfingers candy bar. That has grease on it. We stand by that comparison. For now. We reserve the right to change our minds.
      Grade: F

      Wide Receivers:
      Question: It’s starting to look like DeSean Jackson is finished – is that the case?
      Answer: There is no known injury, but BBQ now thinks he is good for shorter routes only and is being used as a decoy to open things up in the intermediate and short passing game. It’s a good strategy, but don’t rule out a long completion or two this season.
      Grade: B+

      Tight Ends:
      Question: Did it seem like the team was missing Jordan Reed at times on Sunday?
      Answer: Definitely. While Vernon Davis has done a respectable job and Niles Paul is a blocker extraordinaire, the team could’ve used Reed a few times on third down plays and in the red zone.
      Grade: B

      Offensive Line:
      Question: Why is everyone blaming the loss on Spencer Long?
      Answer: It’s the wrong assertion and while he did make a couple of mistakes, his play on Sunday was stellar. In fact, the entire offensive line had another solid game.
      Grade: B+

      Defensive Line:
      Question: They did fairly well, but what happened on that last drive?
      Answer: Let’s be honest. Trent Murphy is having a fine season, but he didn’t shine on Sunday. Chris Baker and Ziggy Hood Work hard, but they are not starter material. Matt Ioannidis and Ricky Jean Francois provide good depth, but Cullen Jenkins is going to struggle at times. The last drive was poor coaching. More on that under the coaching grade.
      Grade: C+

      Question: Did it seem like they had a “mixed bag” kind of game?
      Answer: Pretty much. There were good plays. There were not so good plays. Stop the run and not stopping the run. Missed tackles and good tackles. Good pressure on the quarterback and very little pressure at times. Frustrating seems to be the common theme.
      Grade: C

      Question: Is Kendall Fuller ready to play opposite Josh Norman?
      Answer: That is very unlikely. Only an injury moves him from the slot. The corners had another good game, but the coaches made the last Lions drive possible.
      Grade: B+

      Question: Has Duke Ihenacho solidified his hold as the starting strike safety?
      Answer: Yes, this appears to be the case. As Su’a Cravens works his way back to being the hybrid player, Duke has proven he can handle the duties. The safeties had a solid game, but their performances was sullied at the end by poor coaching.
      Grade: B+

      Special Teams:
      Question: While special teams is still a shining light for this team, was Sunday a bit of a letdown?
      Answer: Not necessarily a letdown, but the missed field goal was the final difference. Plenty of blame to go around for that miscue. The returns were unspectacular. Nothing overly negative to report, but nothing overly positive as well.
      Grade: C+

      Question: The overall grade for the coaches would’ve been decent, but that last drive hurts, doesn’t it?
      Answer: The offense gave the ball away at very inopportune times. Staying with Matt Jones too long was a mistake, but we can’t be too harsh as a player should be allowed to make amends. Special teams wasn’t so special. The defense played well – until the final drive. The defense needed to rush five players instead of three. That forces the quarterback to throw short passes over the middle and chews up the clock – two things needed on that last drive.
      Grade: D-

      How would you grade each position and the coaching staff? If an offer for DeSean Jackson comes before the Tuesday trade deadline, should the Redskins take it? Should Kory Lichtensteiger be released? How much do you hate the prevent defense? Some talk amongst pundits has centered on Jets DE Sheldon Richardson – what would you give up to obtain him? Has Trent Murphy earned a second contract with the Redskins? On to game eight.

      See you again next week with grades, evaluations, and questions.

      Also, it is the bye week and we will have the only in-season mock draft for you. What are your preferences and who would you like to see in a Redskins uniform?

      Hail to the Redskins!
      This article was originally published in blog: Week Seven Grades, Evaluations, Questions started by Burgundy Burner
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