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    • Post Game Quotes vs. Eagles 2016: Redskins Players


      On what it’s like to dominate a defense like they did in the first half:
      "It’s not easy to do, but it’s certainly an expectation from the coaches and from ourselves that when we go into games, what we need to do as an offense, we need to impose our will and execute at a high level. Again, in spurts today I think we showed what we are capable of, and the challenge will always be to do it from the first whistle to the last. It was a good offensive showing because so many guys contributed and made a difference and we need to just keep learning from the mistakes.”

      On what the mindset has been like in the locker room the past four weeks:
      "You can never hit the panic button in this game. All I know to do is take it one week at a time and we will see where we are when the dust settles in January and hopefully in February, which is always the goal. So you just have to keep playing. If you hit the panic button in this business, you don’t belong in this business. We just tried to stay the course, work very hard, prepare very well, and trust if we do that then good things will happen in the long run. It won’t happen every single week and that’s part of playing in the NFL. They test you every single week.”

      On TE Vernon Davis’ performance in today’s game:
      "Vernon did a phenomenal job today, but no surprise. He’s been doing that from the first day of OTAs until now. He still has elite speed, he’s a great blocker, a great teammate and a great person. I also have to credit Scot McCloughan for bringing him in. It was a great move and Vernon [Davis] has been a great help. While Jordan [Reed] is one of our best players and helps make our offense go, credit Vernon Davis for enabling our offense to stay at a high level today with the way he played. Again, no surprise to the people inside who know what he’s capable of.”

      On if the run game made his job easier:
      "I feel like a broken record a little bit but it makes it easier. [We] stayed at manageable distances and we were able to flip the field without even having to throw a pass a couple of times. All three running backs contributed in important ways and obviously the offensive line has to pave a way and solidify the blocks, along with the tight ends and the receivers. So, great job and great play design by the coaches. They had the right runs called at the right times, especially that last one on third down.”

      On keeping the confidence of the offense up this week:
      "I think it’s important when you don’t play as well as you could, you go back and say, ‘Why? What happened?’ You can point out what took place and identify and say, ‘That’s not going to continue and that’s going to improve,’ then I think guys understand that it’s going to get better. Win or lose, we are trying to identify where we weren’t good enough and point it out and understand what has to change, and correct it. If you do, then good things happen the following week.”

      On if during film study he believed mistakes were fixable:
      "Yes, I did.”

      On the difference during the last four games:
      “I don’t think it’s any one thing or any one guy. I think it’s the fact that 46 players, and coaches included, are making plays. It’s been the defense, special teams with punt returns and tough field goals. It’s been the offense running the football, throwing the football. It’s been a whole team effort in all four of these wins. And you know, like I said, maybe that’s the kind of team we are. It just takes everybody. But when you get 46 guys all contributing, I think it always gives you a chance in the end to win a football game.”

      On what happened on the interception and keeping everyone going after the interception:
      “To answer your second question first, yes, it was important to just stay up and know that this game is going to test you. Moments like that are going to happen. You have to just keep playing through it and keep playing at a high level and what happened was a good play by them. The defensive end came up the field. I was forced to do something with the football quickly. I tried to put it on Vernon [Davis] as quickly as possible and the safety made a good play and was able to undercut it. And that was that.”


      On the long run to end the game:
      “It felt good. My mindset was to just stay inbounds. Just keep going as long as you’re going and stay inbounds.”

      On the running game today:
      “It was good. Our O-line did a great job getting on guys and getting to the second level. Shout out to my O-line, they did a heck of a job. If it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t have run for 200 yards today. But we just followed them and they got on blocks and we just finished out the end.”


      On the mindset in the locker room after starting 0-2 to now having won four straight games:
      "We always say adversity builds the team. When you go through adversity, it’ll show you what type of team you have. At first the way we answered, it showed us that we have a good squad. We’ve got a chance to really defend our division, the East championship, and make a playoff run.”

      On if he feels like they are the best team in the NFC East:
      “No, I don’t. I mean, I feel like we’re one of the best teams. We have to still go and continue to prove it. As far as what we’re doing right now, we’re on our way.”

      On if he’s ever played in a game with a defensive stretch as long as today:
      “No, I’ve never played in a game like that. But it was good to get off our legs, not for them scoring, but it was good not to be out there the whole game.”

      On LB Ryan Kerrigan and the pass rush:
      “That’s what we needed. The rush and the cover work together. When they’re playing like that I don’t feel like anybody can beat us on the record.”

      On overcoming shortcomings the past four games:
      “We just stay together. Don’t let it get us down, continue to fight through.”


      On not giving up a second-half touchdown in a month:
      “It’s something that we work on all the time. Bend but don’t break, continue to try and get some good turnovers and we’re able to play really good defense [to] get off on third down again. We gave up some things late, but for the most part we did a good job of just playing fundamental football and getting off the field.”

      On if pressuring the quarterback was part of the game plan:
      “Oh, yeah, without a question. Their starting right tackle was suspended for the next 10 games or whatever and they brought in their rookie and there was no way Ryan [Kerrigan] was going to keep him out of the game. He did a good job earlier really of getting after him and disrupting their pass game and we did a good job upfront pushing the pocket and clogging up the run lanes. We just played complementary football to each other.”


      On how he felt today:
      "I felt great. You know, this was a big game for us to be able to play against a team in the division. It was really a tough fight throughout the whole game, but we felt great on our end and we’ve been playing hot, but we want to just try and keep that momentum going.”

      On keeping the momentum going in Detroit:
      “We just have to humble ourselves. We know we’re on fire, but in order to stay on fire in this league you have to take it one day at a time. You can’t peak. Like you said, we have the Lions ahead of us and that’s a big game for us. Every game is big. You can’t look past any team.”


      On the improved tackling:
      “Play our ball.”

      On the improved play of the pass rush helping the defense:
      “The defense played great. The secondary did too. We both did our jobs. Gotta give your hats off to them. They fought. [Ryan] Kerrigan beasted today. I mean, the blitz and the stunts, the guys came in and made plays. It was phenomenal. So, you’ve got tip your hats off to those guys. They’re getting better and better each week.”


      On the team overall:
      “I think the difference is we’re now going out there with confidence, knowing that what we have on paper is a very [good] team and we just have to put it all together.”

      On not being overly impressed with themselves:
      “No, not at all. Like I said, there’s a lot of room for improvement.”

      On who keeps them motivated to improve:
      “I’d say Kirk [Cousins]. Kirk really handles us. Even at the end of the game, he took charge of that four-minute drill and we were pushing the ball down the field and we were able to close it out as an offense. I think that just really keeps us focused and grounded. I think as a team, we see the mistakes that we put out there and the issues we’ve been having. We see there’s so much growth we can have from that. Every week, we can improve in this area, we can improve here, and there’s always room for improvement. When that’s the case, we’re always going to keep growing as a team.”


      On today’s win:
      "We’ve won four in a row but we’re not satisfied. We still have to strive for perfection. Sometimes we killed ourselves out there. We gave up 14 points to get back into the game but we still have to fight for better execution. Great win but we’re not satisfied quite yet.”

      On if the Redskins have played a complete game yet:
      “Not yet. Not yet. I wish we could do it one of these games. We have to put it together, but that’s one hell of a Philadelphia Eagles team. Don’t let it slip – just because we beat them doesn’t mean they’re not a good team.”

      On not dancing after his sack:
      “I just wanted to win, that’s all I care for. You want to see me do the dance? I’ll do the dance in the locker room, I want to see the clock keep moving and win. That’s it. I understand everybody is disappointed for the Peanut Butter Jelly, but let me keep working to get another one and then I can do it for everybody.”

      On his trip to Haiti this past week:
      “After that win, I jumped on the jet with Pierre [Garçon] to Haiti. We dropped some things off that Dan Snyder donated to us. That was a blessing from him. That shows a lot about our owner and had a chance to go to the hospital, help some people out and let some people get a smile on their face. It was a humbling experience. If you go there, take your time. I understand that everybody thinks Haiti is a damaged place right now and it might be damaged, but their heart and their spirit ain’t damaged yet.”


      On the running game today:
      “In the offense, you have got to be able to run the ball. Even if it’s not working the way you want it to work, you’ve got to run it sometimes just to throw the guys off.”

      On the feeling of the 45-yard run:
      “It was a good feeling. That was the longest run I’ve had since I’ve been here. Just doing stuff out during practice, out there having fun with it.”

      On his increased workload:
      “It feels good knowing those guys believe in me – the coaches all the way down to the offensive line. That’s the reason they have you. They don’t pay you for nothing. You have to do something. You can’t sit on the bench.”


      On how big this win is for the team:
      "Huge. Any division game, let alone a division home game, is a huge game, especially against the Philadelphia Eagles. I’m glad we were able to come out and get a win.”

      On his sacks:
      “We were fortunate to get some pressure early and got them on the ground and put them in some negative yard situations.”

      On the Eagles adjusting their offense:
      “I started to see a little more of that later one in the game. That’s good for us because it allowed less guys to out on their routes.”

      On the tone of the first half:
      “I think overall as a team we played really well. We had some great things from our offense. That kept us off the field a lot during the first half and defensively I was really proud of only giving up six points.”


      On the game today:
      “Coming into it we knew how strong their front was and just coming in we knew we had to have a good day today. Hats off to them, they still have one of the best D-lines in the league. But we are one of the best O-lines, so I’m super pumped to come away with a win today.”

      On the resilience of the team:
      “One play at a time, man. One play at a time. That’s all it is.”

      On the offense staying on the field in the second quarter:
      “It keeps our defense fresh. It keeps them off the field and out of a rhythm. It’s everything, man. If we can do that, we’re going to be hard to beat.”


      On stepping up in the absence of TE Jordan Reed:
      “Once I heard that Jordan wouldn’t be playing and my role would increase, I didn’t really have to change much. I just kept plugging away and approaching the game like I’ve been approaching it since I’ve been here. When it comes to playing an entire game, you just want to make sure that your stamina is there. Put in the extra work early on in the week and just know your assignments.”

      On if he had ever been fined for excessive celebration:
      “No, never. You know, Coach addressed it in the meeting a few weeks ago and that was one of the areas he didn’t touch. He told us about dunking it, and he told us that we could get a penalty, but we didn’t address the shooting. I wanted to ask him that, but in my mind I was like, ‘Oh, I’ve been doing it. I’ve been shooting the ball and never gotten a penalty. I think I’ll be OK.’ But of course, it turned out to be a penalty.”
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