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    • Post Game Quotes vs. Eagles 2016: Jay Gruden


      Opening statement and injury update:
      "Alright, the only injury of note – really there isn’t one. [Will] Compton got banged up there and came back in the game. He’s OK.”

      On what four straight wins after starting 0-2 says about this team:
      “Well, it shows that they put in the work and they’re resilient and we understand situational football pretty good, the importance of each down and the next down. We can overcome things that happen. You know, we gave up a kickoff return and then an interception return back-to-back. Guys staying resilient. Just kept working, kept grinding. That’s pretty much the motto of our team right now.”

      On the defense not giving up a second half touchdown for four straight weeks:
      “They’ve been outstanding, they have. And they’re doing it a lot of different ways. They’ve mixed up their coverages and stunts and stopped the run game better in the second half. We give up some big plays, but they bend but don’t break and hold to field goals, which is excellent. There’s some opportunities there where they could have really got back in the game and made it really interesting but we kept that 10, seven-point cushion which was huge by holding them to field goals. So, defensive coordinator, defensive players, they’re doing a great job of executing.”

      On the message he preaches about being resilient:
      “We work those all the time in practice and in watching film. Situational football and right now they’ve done a good job the last four games. We’ve just got to keep on it because each game there’s going to be something that comes up that you might not be able to practice or rep every week or every day in practice. So these guys have a great understanding of what situations are and understanding what’s important. They just keep working, staying away from penalties for the most part today, which was great, and just kept playing.”

      On the rotation of the three running backs:
      “Yeah, I think they’re all good players. And Chris [Thompson] gives you something a little different. He’s one of our third-down backs but he can do some first-down carries. Matt [Jones] is a big plugger and then the great change up is Fat Rob [Robert Kelley]. He did a good job today, great vision, he runs through tackles. I like all three of them. If you’re dressed and you’re on our team, I like you and you’re going to get an opportunity to play, more than likely. That goes for corners. You know, we probably didn’t get [Greg] Toler in a whole lot. We got a lot of players that are probably not getting as many reps as they want but they’re all a big part of this football team and are going to help us down the road.”

      On TE Vernon Davis’ penalty and its contribution to the kickoff return touchdown:
      “Yeah, we’ve still got to get off blocks and make a tackle. I’m not going to blame Vernon for that returning kickoff touchdown but you know—and really he would never do anything that would jeopardize a 15-yard penalty. He didn’t know. I showed all the videos of illegal celebrations the other day and shooting a basketball through the goal post wasn’t one of them. I don’t consider the ball as a prop on that one. I might’ve done the same thing, but now we know and he won’t ever do it again.”

      On QB Kirk Cousins extending plays:
      "Not something you can really emulate, can’t really practice, you know what I mean? He did a great job. I think the play of the game for Kirk was the third and seven backed up when he scrambled and got the first down. We’re backed up there, we’re punting to [Darren] Sproles, but we end up getting that first down. We end up methodically going down and scoring taking a 14-point lead. He made some big-time third down plays, kept plays alive, moving his feet and then threw the ball away when he had to. The play before the 50-yarder that [Dustin] Hopkins hit. It was third down and 12 and he waited and waited but felt pressure and threw it away. Kicked the field goal and didn’t make a big mistake and take a sack. Those are big plays.”

      On what the Redskins’ defense did to make Eagles QB Carson Wentz uncomfortable:
      "I think, number one, you change up the coverage a little bit. You play some man-to-man and cover his first and second progression. If he tries to get off to his third, then you have to get pressure on him. I think that’s what happened. I think our defense did a good job. I’ll watch the film, but I think they did a good job of playing some man-to-man, playing some zones, four-man rushes, five-man rushes, three-man rushes so I think it was a good game plan. The guys really executed. It was a great job by our defensive players.”

      On if he considers this to be his most dominant game:
      "Probably, if you compare them to the other games, then I would say so. You still give up an interception for a touchdown and a kickoff return for a touchdown. That’s not good. I think statistically, probably. Still I’ve made the point many times before our games are going to be a grind. They’re going to be coming down to the wire the majority of them that we play. Our guys have to stay resilient through the good times and bad times and they’ve done that so far the past 4 weeks.'
      This article was originally published in forum thread: Post Game Quotes vs. Eagles 2016: Jay Gruden started by Boone View original post
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