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    • Lighthearted snippets

      With a frustrating two weeks behind us... thought I'd post some lighhearted info from the past...

      The Redskins Fight Song…Do you know the words? Are you sure?

      These are the words to HAIL TO THE REDSKINS, words by Corinne Griffith, as printed in the Redskins Review (game program) for the November 18, 1945 game against the Boston Yanks:

      Hail to the Redskins
      Hail Victory.
      Braves on the warpath.
      Fight for old D.C.
      Scalp ‘em, swamp ‘em. We will take ‘em big score
      Read ‘em, weep ‘em. Touchdown we want heap more.
      Fight on. Fight on ‘till you have won.
      Sons of Washington! (Rah1 Rah! Rah!)
      Hail to the Redskins
      Hail Victory.
      Braves on the warpath.
      Fight for old D.C.

      (Yes, the words were changed to be less offensive due to the nature of “scalping” in the late 1950s).

      Oh, and regarding the Dallas/Washington Rivalry, there is this:

      Dallas Cowboys controversy: When the NFL began considering expansion to Texas, Marshall strongly opposed the move, as he had enjoyed a monopoly in the South for three decades (apart from the one-year appearance of the Dallas Texans). Potential owner Clint Murchison, who was trying to bring the NFL to Dallas, bought the rights to "Hail to the Redskins" from a disgruntled Breeskin and threatened to prevent Marshall from playing it at games. Marshall agreed to back Murchison's bid, Murchison gave him back the rights to the song, and the Dallas Cowboys were born.

      And then money is everything....

      In addition, this week, I thought I’d just take some snippets from various articles from the 1942 season.. after all, the war was looming so there was some interesting stories going along with the season.

      These are all from various articles from The Washington Post during the Redskins’ 1942 championship season.

      Ticket prices too high? For the 1972 Championship game, the prices were rough: For the Redskins-Bears ticket situation: Thirteen thousand season ticket holders will be taken of first. … Other applicants’ orders will be filed as they are received and the tickets will be sold on a first-come/first-served basis. … Prices are: Upper and field boxes $4.40; grandstand and field stands, $3.30; centerfield stands, $2.20.

      Think players are overpaid today? Well… As a reward for taking the “T” formation apart yesterday at Griffith Stadium, the Redskin players will profit at the rate of $900each for individual shares in the playoff pool—the winners’ share of the spoils. The Chicago Bears, already having voted 36 full shares to players, coaches, trainers and managers, will realize approximately $600 each. The Redskins are to hold their meeting this afternoon and the division of shares will be announced tonight.

      No ticket? Lieut. Comdr. George Halas, who only owns, and coached the Bears before going into the Navy, arrived in time to address his boys before the kick-off [of the championship game]. But it didn’t help. Without a ticket, he tried to “crash” the press gate but met with unexpected resistance. He was finally given the green light upon being recognized and is probably the only person to get by the gate without some sort of ticket.

      Nylons anyone? The biggest laugh of the trip (speaking about the Redskins’ travel to Detroit) was the way the Redskins went scouting for nylon hose, for their ever-loving wives. … Bob Masterson and Clyde Shugart passed a casual remark that they had found a place where they could buy the stockings for $1.44 a pair … Immediately there was a manhunt all over Detroit, but few could find the magic place.

      Lastly, from the game program from November 15, 1953…


      The Redskins will journey to New York City next weekend to renew their ancient rivalry with Steve Owen’s Giants, and a special all-expense trip has been arranged for fans who want to travel up and back with the football team.

      The train will leave here at 1:00 P.M. on Saturday, November 21, and will return right after the game on Sunday evening, with arrival back here scheduled for 11:05 P.M. This is the train that the team will be traveling on.

      The special tour will include the following features:

      1. A reserved coach-seat to and from New York on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad’s MARYLANDER.
      2. Special trainside bus services direct from the Jersey City rail terminal to the Redskins’ official hotel headquarters.
      3. A panoramic view of New York’s spectacular skyline as you ferry across the Hudson River.
      4. A room at the smart Warwick Hotel on 54th Street in mid-Manhattan close to the theaters and clubs. The Redskins players are housed in this hotel.
      5. Free tickets for various big national television programs.
      6. A seat along the sidelines at the Polo Grounds for the big game. Kickoff time: 2:05 P.M.
      7. Special motor coach service right outside the stadium direct to trainside soon after the game.

      The total cost for this tour is only $24.50 if you occupy a single room at the hotel, and $23.50 per person if you share a twin-bedded room.

      This article was originally published in forum thread: Doc's Blast from the Past started by Docsandy View original post
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