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    • Skins Quotes Post-Game vs. Steelers 2016: Redskins Players


      On his overall performance:
      "We lost, so that’s pretty much all you have to say. We came away with a loss and it wasn’t good enough. I really don’t have much to say much more than that. We have to come out with a win.”

      On if he had timing issues with receivers:
      “I don’t know. I haven’t actually seen the numbers or the actual play of the game. Every play has a different reason, and it’s hard to say why one play was this way or another way. It has a generic overarching theme.”

      On how to get over this hump:
      “We just need to play better in every different way. I just look at it personally from the offensive standpoint. The same old things we have to do in every game: protect the football, avoid penalties, convert third downs, convert fourth downs, take advantage of opportunities. No game is different than any other. That’s what you have to do when you’re playing a great team, an average team, you’re going to have to do the same things in the NFL to win.”

      On disappointment in losing:
      “Well, it’s certainly disappointing, but we’ll have to look at the glass half full and see. We have 15 games left, a divisional game next week. We have a chance in a short week to just come right back and hopefully be able to get a win. Then we’re right back going from there. This isn’t unfamiliar territory in terms of having a rally, we just have to work hard this week and be ready to go for the next one. That’s kind of life in the NFL.”

      On interceptions:
      "Some of the obvious things. Needed to throw the ball somewhere else or underneath. They were doing a good job all game of just dropping out, forcing us to take things underneath. You just have to stay patient. Keep taking that stuff for five or six yards at a time and just continue to do it.”

      On the running game:
      "I think if you look at the game situationally, you can’t run the ball on third and nine or third and 10. You’ve usually got to throw it. When you’re behind and there is less time on the clock, you can’t run the ball. So when you look at the actual number of plays where you actually have a run possibility, there really aren’t that many. So I thought at times we did run the ball well, when we were able to run it. It seemed to me, and again I haven’t seen the numbers, it may be ignorant but it seemed to me that we just weren’t in a situation in the game where we had a lot of run attempts. If you have the lead in the second half, you’re able to just kind of pound it, so that was probably more of the reason more than anything.”

      On the Steelers’ defense:
      “Well, they were playing very soft. They did a good job of letting the underneath completions happen but pretty much taking away anything from being chunks. And I think we saw that, aside from the one play with DeSean [Jackson], we didn’t have many big chunk plays. That was probably one thing they did: play patient and force us to take us underneath.”


      On what they could have done differently to change the result:
      “Everything. I mean we got beat, we got whooped. They ran when they wanted, they threw it, we didn’t get off on third down, they situationally beat us. Third down, they just whooped us on third down. Offensively, we couldn’t get anything going, really. Credit to them. We have a quick turnaround here with Dallas.”

      On their third down struggles tonight:
      “Yeah, I mean, hell, I don’t know. Antonio Brown’s a stud. I don’t know. They just beat us on third down. We’ve got to cover better, we’ve got to tackle better, we’ve got to do everything better. So we’ve got to come back ready to work tomorrow, starting tomorrow.”

      On the raised stakes of Sunday’s game:
      “Yeah, Dallas is a good football team. We’ll be ready to play, though. Coach [Jay] Gruden said it, you think you’re too good and you get beat early. We’ve got to get that taste out of our mouth. We got humbled out there today and we’ve got to come ready to work tomorrow. It starts with us, each and every individual, put that much more effort in and humble yourself that much more when you come into work”


      On Steelers WR Antonio Brown:
      “We’ll play around with certain things. But we definitely feel good no matter who’s on [Antonio Brown]. We can put our nickel on him—young guys—Dashaun Phillips on him a couple times. We felt like we had a good enough game plan to combat some of the things they were trying to do. But they got the run game going and took a couple shots and we were just off-balance. We were just off-balance the whole night.”


      On Pittsburgh’s ability to convert on third down:
      “You know, man, you’ve got to go back and watch the film. They’ve got a great quarterback and great team, great coach, so when you get a chance to make the play, you’ve got to make the play. Everybody on defense did that—missed different things—it’s on us. Coach put us in position. It’s going to happen. They get paid, too, so you just have to go back and keep working. We’ll go back and make these corrections and get ready. It’s tough to open the season like that in front of your home crowd, but we know what we’re capable of, we just have to keep working. I think we have what it takes, we just have to prove it now.”

      On Steelers WR Antonio Brown:
      “He’s a great player, everybody knows that. Ben Roethlisberger’s a great quarterback—lets his players make plays. So it’s tough. He showed why they’re one of the best duos in the league and it’s tough. [Bashaud] Breeland made great plays out there, everybody’s making plays, we just have to make a little bit more and we’ll be alright. You have to tip your hat to them. They were great. Great coverage, they were just throwing great balls and making great catches. So we just have to make more plays.”

      On not making the “one big play”:
      “Yeah, you know, being a great defense and being OK and losing games, stuff like that. But we have great coaches and great leaders on this team, so we have to go get it corrected real quick and get this taste out of our mouth. Make the corrections and make more plays next time.”


      On WR Antonio Brown being “the best in the business”:
      “I mean, he got to be the best in the business but I don’t take this as running under the cover. I take that as just improvement. Back shoulder throw is a hard throw to really cover. Other than that, I am ready for next week.”

      On if he felt that he was with Brown:
      “I was there all night. I mean, he is one of the best receivers in the game. I knew it was going to be a challenge and I just wanted to come out there and put my foot forward. I ain’t put my best game so I know there is improvement. I just get ready for next week.”

      On if there was anything he could have done on the line of scrimmage:
      “I jammed him, they go over the top. I play high, they throw the back shoulder so it was like they were playing the guessing game. It was either ‘I’m going to play’ or he’s going to make the play.”

      On one of the touchdowns Brown scored:
      “I had the ball in my hand and he took it out of my hand as we both got hit so it just jarred loose. Other than that, it should have been my pick.”

      On if Brown is ‘as good as they go’:
      “Yeah, we’re going to meet again. I’m looking forward to it. You got this one, the next one is mine.”

      On if having QB Ben Roethlisberger makes it easier for Brown to catch passes:
      “I can’t say that until I watch the film, but I mean he made good throws. He made it easier for the receivers to catch the ball, put it away from me where I couldn’t get it on the back shoulder. That’s all I can say about it. He’s a good quarterback, you’ve seen him play.”

      On his frustration in not making defensive plays:
      “Yeah, it was a freaky night. It was ticky tacky, man. I can’t hang my head over it. All I can do is get better.”

      On not tackling well tonight came from not tackling in training camp:
      “No, those were just plays that I missed. I’m one of the best tackling DBs in this league so it was just my play that I missed. It ain’t nothing more I can say about that but it shouldn’t even be a question to tell you the truth.”

      On Pittsburgh being prepared:
      “Yeah, it was a good game by them. That’s all I can say. Pittsburgh came out here and they gave us an old-fashioned behind cut.”

      On not shadowing Steelers’ WR Antonio Brown:
      “Like I said, our faith is trusting Coach [Joe] Barry, Coach Perry Fewell. That’s why the guys brought me here. Faith in me to do my job and not question one thing in the game plan. I wish I knew the same thing we did out there. The team needed to get more elevated and keep fighting and do what he did today. He could have been with the same thing again. Sit back here, ‘What-if this? What-if that?’ No, man, none of that. I have total, 100 percent faith in Coach Joe B. Everything he wants us to do, I’m 110 percent. So if you’re looking for something from me, you aren’t getting it, I don’t have anything. But they opened up the guys in the secondary and at the end of the day you’re pretty much just preventing everything. They had an excellent game plan. They executed it flawlessly. They just took us behind the woodshed today. They gave us a good, old-fashioned, butt-whooping. That’s what it was. Can’t take anything away from that. Take your hats off to them and come back and get ready for next week against the Dallas Cowboys.”

      On the game getting out of hand late:
      “You have to always continue to fight, man. I kept seeing that up there. It happens in the game where we have those lulls and those swings. We just have to continue to fight all the way through. You never know what can happen. The ball can go here, it can go there, we just have to continue to keep our head down and keep driving—whatever happens. Most games, that’s it. First game, I’d rather get it out of the way now. At the end of the day, we’re going to learn from this, we’re going to get better, we’re going to come out and fight harder and come out with a victory. Nobody here wants to come out with a loss, so we just have to keep fighting.”

      On what the team needs to improve on:
      “I just think the execution. Plays have to be made. They’re there to be made. I have to hide that inside curl and I have to fight off Antonio Brown as much as I possibly can and come up with an interception that would have been a key play. Things happen in the game for you. You have to make it and be like, ‘OK, what am I going to do? What am I going to do to make it better and make a turnover,’ or something like that, get a fire under our team. I think everybody is going to look inside of themselves and we’ve got to give it a little bit more. We’re doing that and Coach Jay Gruden is working his tail off with us and is putting us in great positions as a head coach to be successful. We just have to take that and take the deer by the horns and just keep going out there and fighting. This is one of those games where we just have to learn from it, and we will.”


      On the game:
      “This is the NFL. Each and every week you are going to face great guys, but I think you’ve got to keep your confidence and just play Redskins football. We know that we’re capable because we’ve shown it, and what you do in practice should translate onto the field, but today a better team just beat us and we’ve just got to go back to the drawing board, correct our mistakes and just be on next week.”

      On how difficult it was to take down QB Ben Roethlisberger and how that affected the defense:
      “Like I said, you go look at the film. Ben [Roethlisberger] is one of the best at stretching the play, so you’ve got to take that into account when his guys are running in circles and you have great coverage and he puts the ball still accurate enough to throw it outside even when someone is on him. We’ve got tojust stay together and build off this game and correct our mistakes from it.”


      On his brother watching him play:
      “It was a good feeling for me to just know that he was just sitting at home and just watching the game and watching me play and not be behind bars.”

      On corresponding through letters with his brother:
      “Just trying to keep up with each other pretty much. Just knowing the stuff he’s telling me, what he’s up to and how he had been keeping up with me and everything although he has been locked up. That in itself was a lot and our older sister would talk to him on the phone a lot and just communicate their conversations to me. We kind of communicated that way a little bit too so it was just a good feeling for me today.”
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