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      I think we can all agree on one thing in this incredibly divisive Presidential election cycle.

      It’s time to make the Redskins great again!

      And it’s going to happen…believe me. It’s going to be huuuuge. We’re going to win so much, you’ll get sick of winning.

      I know many Redskins fans bemoaned the fact that we didn’t build a wall in this year’s NFL draft. The center of our dreams was tantalizingly within reach. Many of us wanted the B&G to take big ugly Ryan Kelly in this year’s draft, to anchor our line for the next decade. But it just wasn’t to be. Indy snatched up the Alabama star at pick #18.

      Instead, the Skins made what many fans viewed as a puzzling move at pick #22, selecting the first of our 2016 Trump cards in this year’s draft, TCU WR Josh Doctson. It was beeeeeautiful! Doctson, at 6’ 2” is the tallest WR on the roster. His leaping ability and great hands remind many of A.J. Green. While some have argued that selecting Doctson was a luxury the Redskins couldn’t afford, his addition gives 2nd year starter Kirk Cousins perhaps the most dangerous group of WR targets in the NFL. Coming off a strained Achilles, Doctson will be used sparingly early, but look for him to become an impact player during the 2nd half of the season. When it comes to opposing defenses, I expect my Redskins to ‘bomb the shit out of them’ in 2016.

      Another rookie Trump card who’s already turning DC heads is former USC Safety Su’a Cravens. As a ‘tweener’, it’s still not clear whether Cravens will play safety, linebacker, or a mix of both in 2016. But what is known is that this kid is a scrappy baller and intimidating tackler. And that’s just what the doctor ordered as far as I’m concerned. Look for Cravens to have an immediate impact in the middle of Joe Barry’s surprisingly resilient and hard-nosed defense. He’ll be amaaaazing.

      We’re going to play smart and tough this year. And it’ll be more than a couple of exciting rookie additions making it happen. Jordan Reed took his play to the next level in 2015. In 2016, he cements himself as the best tight end in the NFL. Better than Witten, better than Eifert, Graham, and Olsen, better than Walker. And yes, he’ll surpass Rob Gronkowski on the turf in 2016. Reeds bigger, stronger, and more confident than ever before. In 2016, Reed will shatter two thresholds, breaking the 100 reception mark with over 1000 receiving yards. It’ll be tremendous. I’m telling you.

      I’m a really smart person. I know more about the NFL than the coaches do. And that’s why I know that Kirk Cousins is the next big thing at quarterback. 2015 was no mirage. It was just the beginning. Forget about the Redskins O line and their anemic running game. Get ready for the next Greatest Show on Turf. Air Gruden has been under construction from the minute old dreamy cemented the starting job, and flights are about to commence all over the United States. It’s a passing league (sorry Goal!) and we’re built to the hilt. Jackson, Garcon, Crowder, Doctson, Grant, Ross – we’re going to need more balls! Cousins won’t need inordinate time in the pocket to throw this year, because our WRs and TEs are going to be open on every single down. Look for Cousins to nail down his dream contract (we’ll make a great deal) after throwing for 4500 yards and 40 passing TDs.

      But perhaps our biggest Trump card in the upcoming season will also be the most surprising. Joe Barry and his revamped secondary is going to shock the NFL in 2016. Using a never-ending stream of defensive backfield substitutions, Barry’s opportunistic defense is going to wear out and out hustle our opponents like nothing you’ve ever seen. Lead by Bashaud Breeland, Josh Norman, David Bruton Jr., and DeAngelo Hall, along with a capable and game group of backups, the defensive backfield will be an imposing force in 2016.

      A couple of incredibly talented new rookies, Jordan Reed’s rise as a dominant TE, the continued growth of an underrated and very talented Kirk Cousins, and the rebirth of a scary good defensive backfield – the 2016 Redskins are going to score in bunches, and be tough to attack through the air.

      Add it all together, and 2016 is the year the Redskins start being great again. The media will tell lies about us. It’s out of control. It’s a rigged system in the NFL. But this year we’re going to knock the hell out of them.

      Believe me. It’s going to be huuuuge.

      Oh – and for the record - if the Redskins don’t make it to the NFC Championship game this year, I’m leaving the United States.
      This article was originally published in blog: Trump Cards started by Boone
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