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    • Skins Quotes Post-Game vs. Bills: Gruden


      Injury update:
      "[Ryan] Kerrigan has a groin strain, we’re getting an MRI on him tomorrow. Keith Marshall has an elbow sprain, MRI tomorrow. Morgan [Moses] has an ankle sprain, he’ll be day-to-day. [Quinton] Dunbar has a shin bruise, he’ll be day-to-day. Looks like it’ll be okay.”

      On QB Kirk Cousins’ performance:
      “Well obviously we didn’t come out the way we wanted to. We struggled early. But I like the way we came back and just kept battling and we obviously got the ball in the end zone three times, which is nice. I’d like to see us be a little bit more crisp, we got a lot of penalties. A couple turnovers—one turnover called back. We had a couple of penalties that kept one of our drives going. Wasn’t as crisp as I would have like to have seen it. But that is a good defense over there, a good scheme. And the penalties and some of the things that we did hurt ourselves. Overall, I like the way we at least rebounded and got some drives in the end zone.

      On if this is WR DeSean Jackson’s best preseason:
      “Yes, yes. He’s been outstanding. He’s definitely a playmaker. He’s got great speed still, he’s into it. He’s excited to play, he’s excited to practice and it’s carrying over into the game. He’s definitely a player that makes a difference, that’s for sure.”

      On his level of concern for RB Keith Marshall and LB Ryan Kerrigan:
      “We’ll have to wait and see. They’re both getting an MRI so we’ll find out tomorrow.”

      On RB Robert Kelley’s performance:
      “He ran hard. I thought he ran hard. Protected the football, had a couple of good blitz pickups that I saw. I’ll have to make sure I look at the film and see how he did in protection overall. But for the most part I’m happy with the way he played. I’m happy in the way Mack Brown came around for him. He ran the ball well also so Matt Jones coming back will be a big help obviously, and Chris Thompson. So still some decisions to be made but I’m happy in the way these guys competed.”

      On Su’a Cravens’ development:
      “Yeah, I’m happy with the way it’s gone. You know, 20 years old, he’s still learning and growing and I think when he gets a couple of years in the league he’s going to be all over the joint, but right now I think this is a great starting point for young football players. Learning the position, he’s going to master this position so that we can branch off and use him in different areas. Pro football’s not that easy for a guy coming out of college to learn two or three positions. It’s hard enough to learn one. So let’s just focus on one right now and we’ll branch off later.”

      On CB Josh Norman’s and CB Bashaud Breeland’s performances:
      “I saw guys running around making some plays. You know, we put them in a bad field position with the interception, but they came back opened the field up which is good to see. I saw Norman break up a pass or two. I saw Breeland compete, breaking up a pass. Those two guys are excellent corners and they’re a force to be reckoned with.”

      On offensive line penalties:
      “I saw two of them on the big screen. You know, I’m not going to question the officials here but I’ll have to look at them again. I thought one of them was fine, but we’ll look at them. We’ll have to address them. The penalties—offensively—were too many. Kory [Lichtensteiger] I think had three, I think called against him. Logan [Paulsen] I think had one, I think that was a pretty good block by him also. But, we had some other ones. [Ty] Nsekhe had an illegal hands to the face which I think was a great call. We have to get those cleaned up, you know, those things are just—it’s hard enough to go down the field on a first and 10, second and 10, when you had first and 20, second and 25, it’s darn near impossible in the NFL. So, it’s something that we have to address and fix.”

      On C Bryan Stork’s arrival:
      “Supposedly he’s coming in tomorrow. That’s the latest. We’ve been in the hotel all day and they are communicating with his agent. And I think he’ll make a final decision here tonight and be here tomorrow so we’ll see.”

      On interceptions:
      “I don’t know. You know, it’s a combination. We had a couple dropped passes, we had an interception, another interception called back. The interception was a good play by the corner. He threw the ball late and inside. He missed it inside which you can’t do on a comeback route. You know, I don’t know if it’s rust—it could be rust. He had some pressure in the pocket on his feet and didn’t get and didn’t get enough on it. We’ll have to check out the film to find out why and coach him up.”

      On if his preparation will change because of the injured players:
      "We just have to do our best. They have to spend a lot of time with Larry Hess, our trainer. We have to get ourselves ready. When they are right, we’ll protect them in practice. They have to get the reps and the looks somehow. That’ll be the biggest challenge. We’ll be getting Matt [Jones] back on the field in practice so he’ll get the looks he’s going to see in Pittsburgh. This week will be another week off. Hopefully by early next week, Friday or Saturday, after the Tampa game he’ll be ready to get some practice in. That’s the goal. Keith [Marshall] same thing. I don’t think it’s going to be serious, but we’ll get the MRI find out and the other backs that are healthy, they’ll get plenty of work.”
      On LB Preston Smith feeling more comfortable:
      “So far he’s looked excellent. I felt him today on the sideline. I felt him on the edge. I felt in the backfield disrupting plays. He’s physical at the point of attack. He can drop in coverage which he hasn’t done a whole lot in his life. He’s been effective. We haven’t used him in all the areas we’re going to use him yet. I think there’s more things he can do. He’s a big, physical kid. He is more comfortable and more confident. Another one that is from year one to year two. That’s a big step and we expect big improvement.”

      On if he’ll get a jumpstart on cuts:
      “We’ll see. I’ll talk to Scot [McCloughan] about it and we’ll make a decision and go from there. It’s never easy. These guys have been competing. A ton of respect for all these guys that are in our locker room right now. Proud of them, the way they’ve come in here and competed from OTAs until now. It’s unfortunate we have to do what we have to do, but it’s something that every team has to go through. It’s not easy that’s for sure.”

      On if QB Kirk Cousins will play in the fourth preseason game:
      “We don’t play him in the fourth game.”
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