A Burgundy and Gold Obsession
    Where do you HAIL from?

    Where do you HAIL from?

    BGO wants to know! With members from Ashburn to as far away as Australia, BGO's geographic footprint continues to grow. We'd love to have all our members add their location pin to our community Member Map. We've just updated and improved our Member Map, and hope you'll stop by, check it out, and mark your territory!

    • 2016 BGO NFL Pickem Contest!

      It's that time of the year again - time to man (or woman) up and put your game prognostication skills to the test. BGO runs the most competitive NFL Pickem contest you'll find anywhere. Last season, it was DieselPwr44 who came out on top and won the coveted autographed Redskins helmet. Maybe this year, you'll be crowned champion?

      This year's contest will incorporate an all 'web-based' platform. All members should receive an email inviting you to join this year's contest, including a link to our Pickem site. Once you set up your email and password, you should be ready to start picking games.

      This year's rules will remain the same. Pick every game's winner and make sure you also fill in the score of the tie-breaker game by making your best guess as to the cumulative points that'll be scored. Those tie-breaker points could decide winners at the end of the year. Remember that the top 4 finishers will be eligible for prizes, and that we also will award a prize to anyone finishing with a perfect week (something that's yet to be accomplished in previous contests).

      Remember that if you forget to pick an early Thursday game, you can still select winners for the remaining games, you'll just take a loss on the game you missed. Most wins picked at the end of the Super Bowl wins. We encourage you to play the pre-season games, especially this year since the software has changed, or if you've not competed in our Pickem contest previously.

      If you do not receive an email invite, or if your original BGO registration email is no longer active, you can private message me a current email address and I'll send your invite right out. One advantage to this year's email methodology is that you'll be emailed weekly results. Don't worry - we don't share emails with any other entity at BGO - promise!

      So what are you waiting for? Check your email box and register for the 2016 BGO NFL Pickem Contest.

      Remember. In the end, there can be only one.
      This article was originally published in forum thread: 2016 BGO NFL Pickem Contest! started by Boone View original post
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