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    One of our most popular features, the BGO Arcade gives you access to over 3,000 games. From classic old school Pong to modern shooters and RPGs, you could spend the next year playing and never play the same game twice! Tired of going it alone? Start a multi-player tournament and invite your fellow BGO members to join in. This off season, we added several enhancements including a 'Lights Out' mode and an Arcade Ticker, as well as a ton of new games. Even when the games on Sunday aren't much fun, there's always the BGO Arcade to take your mind off your pain and suffering. Remember - In the end, there can be only one!

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      Tis the time of the year for some well-deserved 'Thank You's'!

      We have an amazing site and community here - and everyone who shows up here on a daily and weekly basis is a big part of it. But there are a few who have gone above and beyond in 2015 and we really want you to know how much we appreciate it.

      Burgundy Burner. Ken is a core guy here as everyone knows. He did an amazing job helping manage our social media sites this past year. But it's his BBQ - Burner's Burning Questions blog that really stands out. Whether it's his weekly game grades, or his unbelievably thorough and well-researched draft and free agency work, BB is one of the guys who keeps this place humming with amazing content. Thank you!

      McD5. Mike, in addition to making sure there is never a dull moment here with his...ummm....thought-provoking regular posts, ran our BGO Survivor League this year. Thanks for not only running the league, but for the weekly write-ups, updates, and reminders to the slackers who forgot to make their game pick for the week. Thank you!

      Servumtuum. Robert quietly and consistently contributes to BGO every single week. Not only is he an amazing poster here (and one of our brightest, cerebral, and intelligent members), but he regales us weekly during the season with his Redskins Recon blog. I came up with the idea for Redskins Recon a couple of years ago, but was concerned as to whether I could manage it, and was also looking for another voice to write it. Robert stepped up and it continues to be one of our best, and most widely-read, features. Thank you!

      Neophyte. Yeah, I know. Bob is one of our 3 BGO Owners. He's supposed to contribute. And he does. But he also manages one of our most time-consuming and labor intensive features, our Blognostications in-season game prediction feature. Coordinating weekly blog write-ups with 16 different members is no small task. Blognostications is another of our popular and unique features. Thank you!

      Shi No Tenshi. Jestin graciously, fairly, and energetically runs our BGO Ballers Fantasy Football League which grew to 3 Leagues this year. Serving as Commissioner for a FF League is sort of a thankless job, but he has done a fantastic job and we so appreciate it. Thank you!

      Miles Monroe. Pete manages our Video Library for us and has done a great job with it. He has also contributed tirelessly and continuously to updating our amazing rotating home page banner that now has over 1100 amazing Redskins-related images, as well as providing numerous other beautiful site graphics on request. Thank you!

      Elephant. Brian continues to share his unbelievable game images with us here throughout the season, which we sincerely appreciate. Some of his fantastic shots have made their way into our banner image library so they can be enjoyed in perpetuity. Thank you!

      Om. Mark - without your help and friendship, I would never have continued to make this site a daily priority. For me, it's always been the people you surround yourself with who make any pursuit worth the time and energy. Special thanks to you for being not only a partner here, but my best friend.

      Special K, CounterTrey, Henry, LoyalSkinFan, Miles Monroe. Katie, Tom, Henry, Bruce, and Pete - thanks for being the best, and least visible and kind moderators in the web-o-sphere. The biggest tribute to our moderating staff is that they are nearly unnoticeable. And that's due not only to our great members, but to the fair, courteous, and respectful way our mods manage things.

      I hope I have not forgotten anyone - but the bottom line is, a messageboard community is really only as meaningful as the sum of its members. Without the wonderful people - all of you - who make this your Redskins fan home, this site would not be the amazing place it is.

      Thanks BGO!
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