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    • Post Game Quotes at Bills 2015: Jay Gruden


      On QB Kirk Cousins’ development after not starting for three years:
      "Yeah, it hasn’t hurt. Anytime you’re in the NFL, you’re getting mental reps and you’re studying the game. That’s the good thing about Kirk – he’s never lost confidence or faith. At least for the amount of time I’ve been with him, he’s studied the game and worked to get himself to be a starter in this league. Hats off to him to get himself ready."

      On if there was any different preparation leading up to today’s game:
      "No, I think obviously being this late in the season – on top of our division – I just challenged the guys. We have a responsibility – first-place teams have a responsibility, and the guys recognize that – the importance of flying around to the football, protecting the ball and playing good sound football. Our guys came out, and played with great effort and great energy, and got a win against a very good Buffalo team.”

      On how TE Jordan Reed and WR DeSean Jackson benefit each other:
      "They all complement each other. Throw Pierre [Garçon] in there and [Jamison] Crowder, and our running game also. It’s about complementing each other and it’s about the quarterback throwing to the right guy. Kirk was very efficient with his eyes today – his progressions, his reads. When the ball was up in the air, our receivers made them right a lot. Even though DeSean’s touchdown was under thrown, he came back and made a great catch. Pierre’s fade was a little bit under thrown – he made a great catch. Jordan made a great catch on the fade ball down there in the red zone. Guys are making plays, and Kirk is starting to trust the fact that these guys are great players and they are making plays for him. So it works hand in hand. Kirk has to pull the trigger, but the receivers have to make the plays for him.”

      On the goal line stand in the second quarter being a turning point:
      "It was a huge turning point. They score there, and it [would be] 21-7 and they’ve got the ball coming out. Big momentum there – it was a huge stop. When you play goal line defense like that, when you stand up, usually it’s the interior guys getting push on the offensive lineman and the linebackers flowing over the top. We’ll have to look at the film, but you have to credit everyone on the defense for standing up. We’ve been a pretty good goal line defensive team all year, and today was obviously a huge, huge turning point in the game.”

      On the intelligence level of the defense:
      "They are smart. They study. Their coaches do a great job of getting them ready – getting them prepared to play. But those players out there who are playing do an excellent job of getting ready. We gave up some big plays – some big hits in the running game. [Tyrod] Taylor was outstanding with his legs scrambling. Overall, I think our guys were in the right positions with the exception of three or four plays. It’s just a matter of guys being accountable in the meeting room, studying the game, watching practice, learning off our tape, and then going out and competing. Today they competed, flew around to the football, made some big plays happen. That’s a great offense over there – they’ve got weapons across the board. For us to stand up like that and play as good as they did defensively, hats off to the coaches but most of all the players.”

      On Cousins doing well in the first quarter:
      "Great balance going on right now. We’re making plays. [Offensive Coordinator] Sean [McVay] and the offensive staff is doing a great job of mixing up the play calling and keeping the defense off-balance, but really it’s a player’s game and Kirk is doing a great job of managing it. The play-actions have been outstanding. The players are making plays. The protection’s been outstanding. We haven’t had, like I said, many negative plays. When the ball’s in the air our players are making plays after the catch. Of course our running game is staying on track, so everything’s been positive so far and that’s important."

      On the defensive pressure:
      “It was pretty good, really. We had five sacks and we made him flush a lot. A lot of the runs Tyrod [Taylor] had are because we had pressure. He stepped up and found a lane and he’s a very elusive quarterback. He’s something to deal with for a long time over there. Overall, our pass rush was pretty good, pretty steady. Obviously, there could be some looks we wish we could do a little bit differently but overall I’m pleased with the way our rush was coming.”

      On peaking at the right time:
      “As a coach, the whole idea of your team is you want to get stronger as the season goes on. I feel like we had a lot of injuries early on and we’re getting some guys back. Guys are playing more together. We’re learning and starting to feel better about the system on both sides of the ball and special teams. I feel like we are getting stronger. Right now we’re 7-7 tied for first with the [New York] Giants, maybe the [Philadelphia] Eagles. Who knows what’s going to happen? We still have a lot of work to do. As long as we stay focused at the job at hand – and that’s Philadelphia – we’ll be OK.”

      On keeping the offense balanced:
      "Yeah, we felt like going into the season offensively we would have great balance really with the receiving corps we have in place here, and the offensive linemen obviously. Football is about adjusting to what’s going on each week, each game and next week could be totally different. We could run the ball 45 times and throw the ball five times, I don’t know. We’ll have to wait and see what the game plan brings. I’m happy with the offense obviously, the ability to stay balanced is the most important thing. Staying balanced gives the quarterback a lot of protection.”

      On the experience of being in the stretch run:
      “I think every opportunity these guys step on the field they’re growing and they’re learning. We have a lot of young guys – I think 22 or 23 guys within a year or two of being in the league – so these guys are growing up before our eyes and are making big plays and it’s exciting. The veteran players are helping bring them along also. We have a great combination of veteran leadership and young guys who are obviously getting better and better every week. So I am very pleased with the progress they are making, but obviously we just have to focus on the next game next week.”

      On watching Cousins emerge and the “You Like That” chants from the crowd:
      “I’ll tell you what, man, the fans are outstanding. Coming out here and listening to them chant, I had to turn my headset up a little bit because I couldn’t hear our play calls and all that stuff. The fans were great so I want to thank each and every one of those guys for coming out today. As far as a love fest with Kirk, you know, Kirk understands that it’s a business at quarterback. You just have to keep the ball rolling and keep playing with consistency. We’re happy the way Kirk is progressing, but this is a one-week deal, man. They love you one week and who knows what will happen the next week. But I feel good about where Kirk is or where his mind is at and now it’s just a matter of putting this game behind us, learning from his mistakes and getting ready for Philadelphia.”
      This article was originally published in forum thread: Post Game Quotes at Bills 2015: Jay Gruden started by Boone View original post
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