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    • The Bills: "Keep Hope Alive" on life support?


      Whew, the Buffalo Bills fanbase has to be the most depressed I have run across this season. Positive comments are hard to find anywhere.

      If you remember the "Doom, Despair, Agony on me" song from Hee-Haw you have captured the essense of what I found pretty much throughout Bills fan boards.

      Seriously. Rough.

      Fire Rex Ryan is a common theme, as is remembering that the Bills haven't had a playoff appearance in 16 years.

      This is not to say that absolutely no one in Bills land thinks they have a chance of winning Sunday, but those who do are few and far between-even with a 6-7 record identical to the Redskins. There are a few who think it's possible for them to win out against us, Dallas and the Jets, finish 9-7 and hope the Steelers and Chiefs collapse enough for them to maybe get a Wild Card.

      They are pretty much "Dreamers" compared to most, though.


      Win out, Steelers and Jests lose 2, were in

      But that wont happen in all likelihood.


      Can't wait for next week to get thumped by the Redskins and be able to reply to the 'All we need to do is win out and have the Jets and Steelers lose out to get in' thread.

      Bill Cody

      But we'll be the better team


      Some people love living on a prayer.

      Maybe Bon Jovi should have bought this team.

      How bad can it get? This bad apparently for one Bill fan.

      machine gun kelly

      I'm a diehard, and by Sunday I will watch the game, but I feel the same as him. 1/3 of my life the Bills have sucked. I'm so sick of getting excited tog et my heart ripped out over and over again.

      That's not fandom, it's foolishness or a sickness. I need an antibiotic for the bills. I don't care if there are side effects.

      My solution is my two boys who do love the Bills, also each have a team for many years. One loves the Broncos, and the other is a fanatic over the Cardinals. We all love our Bucs, but we're not much better there, so I'll root for Carson Palmer, Fitzy, Peyton to finish on top and at least beat Brady (wouldn't that be nice even if they lose the next game), Von Miller and so on.

      I'm sure I'll lose this feeling of hopelessness by next summer and hopelessly root for our team again, and most likely with Rex, start pulling my hair out again by October.

      Guys, find an alternate team. Maybe not one you bleed for like our Bills, but a team you can at least not have your heart ripped out every gosh darn year!!!!!


      Rex in all his divine wisdom will choose not to blitz Cousins, just like Bradford and Alex Smith....same result!


      bills will come out with a fast td, and another field goal. mid second quarter
      the lead slips away to two fast wash tds and multiple penelties. they get the the ball
      late in the second, drive killed by a holding penalty and poor clock management.
      Wash gets a quick td going up 21-10 at halftime...second half same story more penelties
      not much scoring...wash 24 bills 17
      Sound about right?


      Cousins will carve out Swiss cheese defense up

      A differing view from a more optimistic fan-hard to find these.


      Not concerned about their passing game....Darby and McKelvin can contain Jackson and garcon, especially with the defense getting pressure on cousins. If they get points it won't be many, 14 to 17 tops. We should be able to top that against their defense.

      Side note: with Gilmore out, this is an opportunity for Darby to step up and secure DRoY.


      I think we will just roll over and do nothing on offense all day. 23-10 redskins


      The Skins are on a roll at home. Get ready to see Kirk Cousins turn into a Brady Manning like machine

      Last 3 weeks we've faced such luminaries as Hoyer, Bradford and Smith.

      We have allowed all of them to look elite while creating all but one turnover on them. This is the Rex Ryan defense guys. Kirk Cousins be ready to have a career day bro.

      Jerry Christ

      I'll be there at FEDEX............buzzed or drunk whatever.....with my bestfriend who is a SKINS fan.......I hope he cusses more than me.


      We will win. It's the Bills way of doing things. Lose when it counts, and then look great when it doesn't matter.


      I have a nasty feeling we'll flip this week. Defense will play well keeping it close and offense will stagnate with a close loss. Team is so schizo you cant predict anything with the Bills other than the coaching will be at best mediocre

      Canadian Bills Fan

      They will win because it doesnt matter anymore

      The Bills play their best football when they are out of the playoff picture


      I"m not watching the rest of the season. Still undecided whether I'll watch next year.

      This team is still a steaming pile of horse ****, new owner or no.
      Tank the rest of the season.


      Wait. If you're not going to be watching, who will be there in the game day thread to tell us that the wheels are coming off after the Redskins first positive play of the game??

      LBSeeBallLBGetBall's post reminded me of a certain gametime chatroom.


      All I am going to say is the Jets lose to New England. Pittsburgh loses to Denver this week and then goes on the road to Baltimore. Pitt and Baltimore seem to split every year regardless of their records. So I am not ready to throw in the towel. 3 weeks is 3 weeks.


      I like your optimism, and I too, am hoping for this to happen. Both scenarios are realistic. Let's just hope Buffalo takes care of business against a Redskins team that has looked pretty good at FedEx Field...

      I found a comment that I'm throwing in the interest of what I call a "It ain't just us" perspective.

      This time about commentators


      Kenny Albert and Moose Johnston may be my favorite team Fox has right now. I can't stand Joe Buck and Troy Aikman.
      This article was originally published in blog: The Bills: "Keep Hope Alive" on life support? started by Redskins Recon
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