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    • Skins Quotes Post-Game vs Giants 2015: Jay Gruden


      Opening statement:
      "Derek Carrier has an Achilles sprain. He’ll be day-to-day, could not return though. [Quinton] Dunbar index finger, open dislocation, he’s going to see a hand specialist and we will see where he is. Chris Thompson – AC joint sprain, he came back in. Chris Baker had an elbow extension… He came back in and played – he’ll be all right."

      On if he was able to learn about his team today:
      “Yeah, you do. I’ve already had a good idea about this team, how far they’ve progressed and how hard they work every day. So I’ve had a good idea, it’s just a matter of showing everybody else how far they’ve come. Today I think was another example of coming out fast, great intensity and then weathering a storm by a great New York Giants football team and quarterback.”

      On why the team has had more success at home than on the road:
      “Well, every game’s different. We have different obstacles every game. We just haven’t handled the road ones very well, obviously with the turnovers and the miscues. Today we had no turnovers and you can see how much of an impact that has in a football game. Can’t put our hand on it but eventually we’re going to have to go on the road and win a meaningful game this year. But we’re worried about Dallas now.”

      On RB Alfred Morris getting a significant number of carries:
      “Yeah, I think Alfred felt good, was running the ball pretty well so we stuck with him. He had some good hits. So like I said before the season started, I have faith in Alfred and Matt [Jones] – and Chris [Thompson] for that matter. [Running Backs Coach] Randy [Jordan] is handling the substitution pattern and I really don’t care who is in there, I like them both. Alfred, when you feel like someone is rolling pretty well and protecting the football, then Alfred was the guy.”

      On the point of emphasis when talking to the team this week:
      "The point of emphasis was rebounding from the Carolina defeat and playing the New York Giants – they beat us three times in a row. That was the main point of emphasis. We had to challenge our guys to rebound from that loss against Carolina, but to also play a division rival, at our place, who beat us the last three times. Whatever happens after that, standings, tied for first, I don’t care about that. When we play hard, we play focused, protect the football, we can be a tough team to beat.”

      On QB Kirk Cousins’ performance:
      “After a loss I said nobody gets a passing grade. After a win, everybody does. I think he played well. The last third down completion to Jordan Reed, patience in the pocket, was his best play of the day. Made some amazing plays all day today, made some good decisions, made some ones that I’m sure he’ll wish he had back, but overall he managed the game extremely well. I’m happy about the performance.”

      On the team’s strong second quarter:
      “They were pretty good. DeSean [Jackson] had a big hit on a nice play-action pass. Our defense was flying all over the place, which I love to see that because I know, come late in the season, that’s the meal ticket right there. Playing good defense, rushing the passer, covering the receivers and flying around to the football, that’s what I was most impressed with. I’m happy as heck the way they played. We gave up a couple of late touchdowns. Great throw by Eli [Manning] on the corner route on fourth-and-15, and then a great catch by Odell [Beckham, Jr.] on the third-down bomb in the corner. Overall, I think our defense was outstanding. The pass rush, the DBs, the coverage, [Quinton] Dunbar got a pick, [Will] Blackmon got a pick. It was good to see them fly around.”

      On the three interceptions:
      “They were big. They were momentum, and it just justifies when you play with great effort, great things are going to happen. We had pressure on their quarterback, we had a great hit by Kyshoen Jarrett – ball pops up and Blackmon gets an interception. Dunbar has great coverage in the red zone. Perry Riley had an excellent interception. I just like the way I just felt the great energy on the sidelines. Home crowd had a lot to do with it. The success had a lot to do with it. I think the challenge of where we are, the division opponent – the New York Giants – had a lot to do with it. The key and the trick for us is going to be to maintain this type of effort and momentum come Monday night.”

      On continuing to improve moving forward:
      “We had a couple unfortunate holding calls early, the offensive P.I. [pass interference] – which I’ll have to check out the film on. Those things we need to clean up. Early in the game we had a chance, we had great field position, two interceptions back-to-back and we got nothing. We had the two holding calls, which were unfortunate. There are some things definitely we can still clean up. We had a third down-and-five, ran a four-yard route, which obviously we can’t do. We had a fumbled hand-off on fourth-and-one, which was a huge play. There are a lot of fundamental issues we can clean up, and will clean up moving forward. Overall, I’m happy with the game.”

      On CB Quinton Dunbar’s performance:
      "Yeah, no question, he’s playing well. He’s a big, long kid. He’s got some talent. It’s just a matter of him going out and playing. You just never know until you throw a guy out there. That’s the fun part of coaching sometimes. You get to see how they do – some guys sink and some guys swim. Obviously, he’s swimming pretty well right now, but he hurt his finger and we will have to get him evaluated. He’s a guy that is going to continue to develop and hopefully get better and better."

      On the importance of TE Jordan Reed to the offense:
      "He’s very important. When you play two safeties – like the last third down is a great example – when you play man coverage underneath and two safeties over the top, your linebackers and your backs are the ones that have got to win. Jordan has proven that he can do that. He’s a huge weapon for us. Kirk [Cousins] is very comfortable with him. He’s obviously a big part of our offense.”

      On how the Giants defense changed after seeing the deep threat:
      "Not much. I think they were just a little bit more aware. When we had a lead and we were in some different personnel groupings, we had a lot more plays drawn up, but when [Derek] Carrier got hurt that personnel grouping went down the tube. Which hurt us a little bit, but overall I think they played good solid defense. They were a very aggressive defense with their safeties, but we were able to get one shot behind them.”

      On the pass rush and taking advantage of the Giants’ banged up offensive line:
      "Yeah, the pass rush is coming. I like the fact that it was somebody different. Ryan [Kerrigan] had a big game obviously. I saw a lot of guys back there. I don’t know how many sacks we had, but I like the fact that I felt Eli felt the pressure, had to get rid of the ball a lot quicker than he wanted to, on a lot of occasions. Overall, we are just going to keep working – keep grinding on our pass rush with the young guys – Trent [Murphy], Preston [Smith], Ricky Jean [Francois], and [Jason] Hatcher, those guys have to keep coming and obviously Ryan is our bell cow.”

      On overcoming injuries and the importance of GM Scot McCloughan filling holes:
      "Yeah, that’s important. I can’t say enough about the coaching staff getting these guys ready to play, too. Scot has done an excellent job, [Director of Pro Personnel] Alex Santos, all those guys up there in the personnel department. But when they get down to us on the field, it’s up to the coaches to get them ready to play. That’s easier said than done, but they’ve done a great job – [Defensive Backs Coach] Perry Fewell on the secondary, unbelievable job and everybody for that matter. It’s just a matter of keep grinding on these players, keep developing these young players. When the opportunity presents itself for these young players, they have to take advantage of it, and they did today – a lot of them.”

      On sitting tied for first place in the NFC East:
      "We are 5-6 right now, really. We’re just trying to move forward and trying to develop these players. And get it to where we want it to get. But to be 5-6 after 11 games, in a position we are in, where we control our own destiny, basically, to have that opportunity is great, instead of hoping everybody else loses. We are just going to keep grinding one game at a time and everybody made a big deal about this being a make-or-break game, it just continues every week. When you are this late in the season, in the position we’re in, you just have to take this one game at a time, there’s no question about it. Dallas is coming, so let’s just keep focused on them.”

      On the team’s resiliency and what it means to show it:
      "It means a lot. We just have to keep showing these guys that their work is going to pay off. To be able to bounce back from Carolina is a great thing to see, but it’s going to also be important for us to bounce back from a game like this – an emotional game, an important game, a game that we had to win – so how we bounce back from this victory is going to be equally as important as how we bounced back from Carolina. I’m impressed with the team and the way they are working. I have a lot of respect for these players. I’m happy for them. We also understand that there is no time to take a deep breath, we just keep grinding.”

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