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    • Skins Quotes Post-Game vs. Giants 2015: Redskins Players


      On the 63-yard touchdown pass to WR DeSean Jackson:
      "We did a little hurry-up. DeSean won his matchup and got behind the safety. I was able to lead him across the field. I had a great pocket. He made the catch. He made the play. It was his ability to get behind the defense with his speed and then track the football in the air that’s so special."

      On if he felt like there was more space after the play to Jackson:
      “I don’t know if that one play dictated their coverages the rest of the game in that sense but it certainly makes you have to be aware of where DeSean is and what he’s doing on each snap.”

      On if this was a ‘You like that!’ kind of game for him:
      “I liked it. You’ve got to like that right, if you’re a Redskins fan. Guys liked it on the team. Coaches liked it. I like it, so yes.”

      On the drive at the end of the game:
      “I think the approach was we need to trim the clock, and we need to move the football and get a few first downs. Four-minute offense is an important part of football. It’s something you prepare for all throughout the offseason. Fortunately we found ways to make enough plays to stay out there and run the clock down, but it’s a tough job when you have to do that. I’m just pleased in the way we handled that situation.”

      On the fourth-and-one fumble and if they gave him a kicking ball:
      “No, I actually told them two plays before we ran an inside play to Alfred [Morris] and the ball slipped out of my hand on that one too and Alfred had to double clutch it in order to get it or else we would have had a fumble there. The ball was coming up and I think it was wet from just the grass and where I was getting it with my left hand it was the wet spot. My thumb was slipping and it happened on that play. I told the ref whatever we can do to keep it as dry as possible, but I understand it’s part of just playing on a wet ground. Then, two plays later I believe it was, on the fourth down the same exact thing happened. I got the ball and the part where my thumb was it was very wet and it slipped right out of my hand. I went to the ref and just explained but he said there’s nothing he can do once it’s on the ground so it’s just unfortunate.”

      On TE Jordan Reed:
      “He’s an elite tight end. He’s the real deal as a receiver. As long as he’s here we’ll feature him and try and get him the football because he’s so talented and can be a tough matchup for teams. When you have to have someone cover Pierre [Garçon], DeSean and [Jamison] Crowder you start to, sometimes, run out of guys to cover someone as talented as Jordan. It becomes a good matchup for us and he’s a key, key player on our team.”

      On what changed offensively to go on a 17-0 run:
      "It is just about executing. We can’t beat ourselves. We can’t have penalties. We can’t turn the ball over. We can’t do things that make it hard to have points and move the football. We have to do our part in executing and when we do that, typically good things happen. Today, I think, when we did execute we were able to move the ball and score points."

      On playing meaningful football games in December:
      “It is great to be in December and play in and for something. We have a big one coming up. The nature of winning is that it just creates bigger games up ahead. We’re excited about what we did today, but there is a long ways to go and a lot of football left to be played and we will be the first ones to tell you that.”

      On if the game felt different:
      “Yeah, I am going to stay with what other guys have been [saying], I am going to be reluctant to say that it is so much bigger than any other game – if we had beaten Miami or Atlanta, this game would have had a different weight on it, if you will – potentially if we put ourselves in a better position. Every game matters at a high level. They all count one win or one loss. From where we are right now, this was very, very important and I am glad we came out on top.”


      On what was different in this game against New York:
      “Just executed well. Just played hard, played physical. Coach [Jay Gruden] had a message for us at the beginning of the week, ‘This is a team that’s kind of taken it to us the past number of times we played them. This is big for us.’ It felt a little personal because they’ve kicked our tail the past couple of times we’ve played them. This was a great feeling to get this win against them.”

      On if it felt like the team would have a good, high-intensity game:
      “It kind of did. After those first couple of drives where we got some nice stops, got turnovers, two picks in the first quarter, that was definitely a confidence builder and kind of set the tone for the day. The fans were great today. They were extremely loud on the interceptions. To be that loud in the first quarter, it sounded like it was in the fourth quarter of a big situation. So they really helped out today.”

      On how he feels after getting two sacks:
      “Yeah, it felt good to get a couple today. Just got to keep working, just keep getting better. I was just happy the way we got pressure all day.”

      On the injuries to New York’s offensive line:
      “It was definitely a point of emphasis. We knew we were going to face some guys that were backups and that weren’t their original crew. We knew us upfront, we had to be the difference-makers in the game and I think, for the most part, we were. We were able to move around on the line a lot, get through a lot of stunts and guys played well.”

      On if being able to move between the right and left side has helped him:
      "Yes, I think it's good to be able to have that flexibility. Especially it’s good in the defense because it gives us a little more flexibility on how we make calls."

      On the resiliency of the team and its desire to start a winning streak:
      "If you're not hungry for the Cowboys coming in after a big win like today, we have a problem. This is a big game for us. We haven't been able to string together a couple wins in a row but we have to now. We're playing December football now and it’s good to have these December games be meaningful so this is going to be an exciting time."

      On if he touched Giants QB Eli Manning on the second sack:
      "Yes, I did. I made sure of it. I kind of got tackled by old No. 73 [RT Marshall Newhouse] and I made sure I reached my arm out and got a little piece of him. That was definitely a point of emphasis."

      On if there is a correlation between having fun on the field and fundamental play:
      "Well, I mean, I think when we're making plays like we were, it is fun. It is fun when we're making plays like that. Especially when you start the game out with two interceptions, you know, get two turnovers in the first quarter, that kind of sets the tone for the day that we're on for the day and going to play four quarters of good defense."


      On the defense’s success:
      “We had preached all week to just compete. We knew we were going to play a lot of man. We just wanted to go out there and compete and make some plays. That’s all.”

      On his first career interception:
      “I mean, all week I watched film. I know down there he was just running a slant or fade. He gave me a good release off of the ball and ran a slant and I just immediately undercut it.”

      On his transition from wide receiver to cornerback:
      “I mean, it’s amazing, man. It’s just all a dream. Like I’ve said, I grew up wanting to play in the NFL. Who knew I’d be playing in the NFL playing DB? I mean, I played receiver all of my life. It’s just truly a blessing, man. I just thank God.”

      On the defense forcing turnovers:
      “It just shows that the hard work is paying off. Man, I can honestly say, them guys — Perry Riley [Jr.] and [Will] Blackmon — they showed me the way, man. They prepare the right way. It’s finally starting to pay off so I’m happy for those guys.”

      On how much credit he wants to give to Defensive Backs Coach Perry Fewell:
      “Coach Perry is amazing. I mean, every week, he prepares us the right way, shows us what we’re going to get, so it helps us out a lot.”


      On the team’s performance:
      “It was huge, man. I thought we played hard the whole game. You know, there were some situational things that I need to be smarter on. I just think as a whole team — offense, defense, special teams, all of the above — I just think we came out with the right mindset, came out second half and that was the one thing, can we continue in the second half? I think in all three phases we did a pretty good job.”

      On the early interceptions and hits setting the tone:
      “Yeah, I think it really set the tone because we were already low on numbers. Guys were hurt and what have you, so it was important for everyone to step up. I believe this week everyone had the right mindset in terms of their preparation and what we had to do. At the end of the day, we had our tendencies and what they were going to do but I think we literally just played tough and just cancelled out the X’s and O’s and just played tough.”

      On CB Quinton Dunbar and his transition from wide receiver to cornerback:
      “At the end of the day, an athlete is an athlete. You know, he’s a really incredible athlete and he does a great job receiving coaching and he wants to get better. You know, he picks my brain a lot to help him out his stuff and all the veterans try to help him out because, at practice, he goes after Kirk [Cousins]. He got his opportunity and that was one heck of a play he made. A red-zone interception is huge.”

      On his interception:
      “The interception was, ‘Oh, Eli threw the ball. Oh, I’m going to get it. Damn, it slipped through my hands. Oh man, No. 17 [Dwayne Harris] caught it. Oh, it’s in the air again. Oh, I picked it off.’ That’s what happened. There you go.”


      On his 63-yard touchdown reception:
      “It was a speed break out the huddle. We said we were going to hurry up and hike the ball. We kind of caught the defense off-guard. And on how it felt, it felt great. You know, anytime I’m able to make big plays like that for my team, spark the energy up and points on the board that’s what I’m here to do. When my number is called, I’m ready to play.”

      On the dynamic he brings to the offense:
      “You know, it’s been hard because at the beginning of the season I suffered a tough injury and I just did my best to fight and get back and be a factor for my team. Anytime you’re missing time in the NFL that’s hard to make up. But I’m doing the best I can week-by-week to improve and be where I need to be, so Kirk [Cousins] comes out to throw the ball, he’s ready to hit me.”


      On his touchdown reception that ruled down at the one-yard line:
      “Yeah, it messed me up that they took the touchdown away, but it was one of those plays that we schemed up this week in practice. It was pretty much an out and back in. That was the route. I was pretty able to get out and come back in to gain leverage and Kirk threw a really good ball with my body down low. But I wish I would’ve had my knee up. I was able to put the ball on the one-yard line and set it up for the next play – Kirk scoring on the touchdown.”

      On making plays in special teams:
      “You know, when I’m out there, I just want to make plays and do what I can to help out the team. I try to set us up in a good position for the offense, so the team can be successful. That’s all I want to do.”

      On the mindset of the offense after this game:
      “We feel confident. You know, we had D-Jax [DeSean Jackson] with the big play today, but we still have more football games left. This was a big win for us, but we’ve got to finish out the season strong. Throughout this season we’ve been inconsistent and just up-and-down. Now we just want to make sure we stay up high and keep going.”


      On playing on the opposite side of LB Ryan Kerrigan:
      “I know with Ryan being a dominant guy, a lot of protection and a lot of chippers will be thrown to his side. There will be a lot of one-on-one opportunities for me to show what I have, to show my edge, to try and give me a chance to win one-on-one opportunities and play as hard as I can to try to get me some sacks.”

      On how they limited the Giants’ rushing attack:
      “We just locked in. We went out there and played as hard as we could. In order to stop the run, we just played sound football, stayed in our gaps and dominated our man. We just stayed out there and dominated our man and played the best we could.”

      On his reaction to CB Quinton Dunbar’s interception:
      “Man, I was so excited for Quinton. I don’t know if I might have been just as excited as he was or more excited. To see a guy like that work so hard and finally get an opportunity to go out there and play and then, you know, in a game like this to get a lot of playing time, a lot of respect out for him. He went out there and got an interception when we needed it to keep them from scoring and putting points on the board. It was a successful drive for us. It ended in the best way possible.”


      On making the New York Giants’ offense one-dimensional:
      “Honestly, I just felt like me being the nose tackle and the team that wants to come in here and run the ball, it being the end of November and teams making runs to the playoffs, I just put it on myself to say, ‘You know what? You’re not going to run the ball today. Today’s not the day.’ They were a little banged up, up front. There was no way I felt that their front could block our front and move us off the line of scrimmage.”

      On the defense’s performance:
      “Well, we play complementary football. We stopped them from running. Eli [Manning] made a few turnovers. Our offense got points off the turnovers and that was the key. Not only are we getting turnovers, our offense is driving and scoring and putting points on the board. It forced them to become one-dimensional.”

      On what he has seen from the front seven:
      “We’re just playing hard and letting the chips fall where they fall. As long as we put a great effort out there and we play hard and we do what we’re supposed to do and everybody’s accountable, the scoreboard will handle itself.”

      On what he sees in the offense while he is on the sidelines:
      “They’re just gelling. They’re just gelling. You know what I mean? Kirk [Cousins] is being more and more of a leader each week. He’s becoming more vocal. That’s what we need. Each week, we’ll get better and we’ll try to improve.”


      On the mindset the team had going into today’s game:
      “We had the mindset that, I mean, we were just not going to beat ourselves and, you know, handle our responsibilities individually. That helps the whole defense collectively. We just went out there and everybody just focused on their responsibility and that was it. We just played ball, and when we do, that was the result.”

      On forcing Giants QB Eli Manning to throw three interceptions:
      “I mean, it’s huge. I mean, we’re out there trying to make plays to help the offense score points. It’s a huge — a huge — momentum swing for the whole team. Especially for the DB room, it continues to build our confidence, not that the confidence wasn’t there, but you know, that swagger just continues to get higher and higher. I mean, it’s good that all our DBs and whoever we put in there can go out there and go get the ball.”

      On forcing the Giants’ offense to become one-dimensional:
      “That was great. If you make any team one-dimensional, get them out of their element… Every team wants to establish the run game but if you get somebody out of their element, you know, you can kind of do things you want defensively. It was great to make them one-dimensional. Then, at the same time, we were able to get turnovers from Eli so that was huge as well.”


      On his first game after moving up from the practice squad at the end of the week:
      “It was fun. It’s a blessing to do this. I’ve got older dudes that instilled in my head that I was ready for it. I was nervous until I had the older dudes come talk to me and they calmed me down. You know, at the end of the day, it’s a blessing. I’m glad I was able to go out there and just be able to perform.”

      On how he was able to be successful as a gunner on special teams:
      “I studied. Every situation that I was put in, I was ready for it. The coaches got me ready for every position. Even though I was activated on Friday after practice, I was still prepared. They had Dwayne Harris, one of the best in the league, but I was prepared and I knew what moves he was going to take. As a gunner, if you’re not prepared… Like I said, the coaches and the team — the players on the team — built my confidence up to where the stuff that I studied, I stuck to my game plan. I just had fun with it. It was just a blessing.”


      On facing Giants DE Jason Pierre-Paul:
      “Like I said during the week, to me he looks like the same Jason Pierre-Paul and even a little more athletic. He trimmed down. His pop off of the ball was better than last year. Obviously he’s playing with a club on his hand, but I don’t think he lets that stop him. You know, he’s been making plays all throughout the film. I knew I had to prepare for this matchup. We’ve had so many battles against each other, so I knew it was going to be a dogfight and he played a good game.”

      On the athleticism along the offensive line:
      “I feel as though we’re one of the hardest working groups in the NFL. I don’t think there’s a group out there that works as hard as we do and it shows. Late in games, our conditioning allows us to wear people down because then we can play our brand of football.”

      On the mindset of the team as it prepares for the Dallas Cowboys:
      “You know, it’s go time. The Cowboys are going to give us their best shot and that’s a great team with or without Tony Romo. They have pieces, so you know it’s going to be another dogfight. We’ve just got to prepare for it.”


      On preparing for the Giants’ defense:
      “You know, it started on Tuesday when we came in and installed the plan. We just had a hell of a practice this week. We came out and executed. We knew it was going to be a battle. We knew what was at stake. We felt like it was going to start in the trenches. I think we played a hell of a game.”

      On being able to keep the pocket clean for QB Kirk Cousins:
      “The one thing we came into this week knowing was that they were healthy and had all of their pass rushers back. It was very important for us to get Kirk that time. We studied their blitzes and they had a hell of a pressure package. We studied it throughout the week and we were able to execute this Sunday.”


      On his feelings going into the game:
      “I felt good. I was kind of iffy coming off of the rib injury, so I didn’t know how I was going to feel. But I was able to get out there and find some holes. The offensive line did a great job today in opening up holes. So it was good, but I feel like I left yards out there on the field. It happens though.”

      On the mindset of the team:
      “We feel great. We’re on cloud nine right now. We can’t stop here. We’ve got to keep climbing because we have another division game coming up against the Cowboys. So we just need to build off this.”

      On if this is the type of balanced offense they would like each week:
      “Definitely. We just have to continue to do that. When our ground game gets going it opens up everything else. I mean, we’ve had better days on the ground, but today was a good day on the ground that helped our team win. So I’m just thankfully that we found that balance.”

      On what they tried to exploit against the Giants’ defense:
      “Just their over-aggressiveness. We were able to get into our running lanes and once the run game gets going it opens up the passing game. They were biting on play-actions and we were dumping the ball to the receivers. It was just a good overall game.”
      This article was originally published in forum thread: Skins Quotes Post-Game vs. Giants 2015: Redskins Players started by Boone View original post
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