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    • The Saints: Marching into D.C.


      I thought it would be nice to get away from a fan base as full of themselves and arrogant as Pats fans and get one that might look at playing the Redskins as a tough challenge and it was.

      New Orleans fans are unhappy. Very unhappy. And they're doubtful about beating the Redskins.

      The Saints have been kinda not real good lately and fans there are sick and pissed off, especially about their (lack of) defense. Fire Rob Ryan threads and comments are all over the place.

      And not very many hold onto much hope of actually winning Sunday's game.

      I knew New Orleans fans would be upset with how badly they have played so far this season..but...wow.


      God I hope our linebackers are healthy this coming Sunday.

      As bad as they were this past Sunday (the defense), they did come up with a few big plays and that bizarre non-interception turned TD was just a fluke. The defense came up huge forcing a fumble to end the first half. As bad as the numbers look on paper, I'm still hopeful that if we can get our starting linebackers back, and get Lewis on the field for 80% of the snaps, that things will be different.


      I see your saying the words big and huge in relation to our defense, while I fully respect your opinion there is nothing big and huge about this defense other than a steaming pile of dung.

      But I hope it gets better!

      Nolaboy 1970

      Saints lead in most stats. Redskins have a better pass defense (surprise). The Saints have a better run defense. However, Washington is pretty good at home. Someone posted that they were 3-1 at home in 2015. Also, we don't have a good history against them. I believe the line on this game is "even". So you be the judge.
      I'll be pulling hard for them.
      Like you said, here's hoping for 5-5 going into our bye!

      Barry from MS

      The Redskins are 3-1 at home this year so far, but 0-4 on the road. They are still only 1.5 out in their division with Carolina on the road for them next week. They have beaten STL, PHI, & TB at home.

      Already, the implications of this particular game are huge for both teams. Washington can't afford to drop any further behind in their division and we need to get to .500 going into the Bye Week if we want a mathematical prayer for the postseason.

      K Major

      Hopefully DeSean Jackson sits and #39 is far, far away from him.


      It's never an easy game for us against the Skins


      Let's see how we can make the Redskin defense look like #1 in the league and Cousins look like a pro-bowler, lol. Who knows what to expect, guess that is half the fun of watching.


      They also have Jamison Crowder. Very quick/fast WR.

      This is the game where you bench Browner because he can't cover their TEs. (not like he did good job so far) Reed is physical freak with great hands. If Browner follows him then Reed could have monster day. I believe he is the most targeted redskins player.

      Barry from MS

      Reading Gruden is increasing DJax's workload this week. It'll probably be Garcon vs #39...if it is DJax vs #39, somebody is tanking the season

      Well, somebody's showing some optimism.


      We'll win by 3 scores


      This team is so "Jekyll and Hyde" that I can't tell if your being sarcastic or not! Lol.


      I hate to say that the Saints have NO chance of winning Sunday's game because we always have a chance no matter how small. However, I would be EXTREMELY (and pleasantly) surprised if we left D.C. with a victory. I felt this game would be a challenge before we lost to the Titans. Now I feel a win is close to impossible.

      Saint Nick

      The Red Skins has the ability to out muscle us every time we play them. This is going to be a ugly game..


      I think Alfred Morris in his rookie season, ran all over us. Different players on this Saints D, but they've given no reason to think they can stop anybody. It took overtime to beat a VERY bad Dallas team without Romo, Dez, and Sean Lee leaving the game.


      Redskins gonna beat us. They always played us tough when we had our best teams, now we're playing another struggling team on the road. Saints don't know how to beat bad teams

      Philip Jacobs

      The opposing QBs have averaged a 112 QB rating against the Saints this year.....Thats like playing Tom Brady EVERY WEEK.....Larry Holder pointed out that MIND BLOWING stat.....What else do you need to know that this teams D is 100% PUTRID GARBAGE......And a side note.....Watch Dustin Hopkins kick the game winning FG....wouldnt that be ironic kick in the pants to coach Payton...


      We have the better QB and offense but seem to be evenly matched otherwise. Hope we can win.


      Our offense may be better than theirs normally, but our D has a magical way of making putrid offenses look like champions.

      Like I said...wow.
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