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    • The Buccaneers: The Little train That Could?


      Tampa Bay fans have mixed feelings about this game. They know they haven't played well and they know the Redskins haven't played well-except sporadically.

      They're not all happy with Lovie Smith as coach and not all are enthused with "Famous Jamies" at QB.

      And they're not certain who's going to win this game.


      Bucs are back this week, traveling to face the Redskins. Early line is Was -3.5. Last year the Skins were one of 2 our victories, with Evans racking up 209 yards. Time to face the NFC east


      DeSean Jackson's health will play a role


      I'd be shocked if the Redskins scored more than 14 points on offense.


      Would you rather see Cousins or RGIII at this point?

      As sad as this is, I feel like Colt McCoy would give them the best chance to win.


      He probably would give them a better chance. He'd certainly give them a spark. This defense matches up well.


      I'd tend to agree. I like us in this game. They have that look like they're about ready to give up. Fair or unfair, I think this is probably it for Jay.


      Don't say that.

      Everyone knows the best way to beat the Bucs is to play your back-up quarterback.


      The truth in this statement stings a little...


      Is that idiot Raheem Morris still on their coaching staff? If so, I hope the Skins are Youngry for a Win......

      This Guy Right Here Says

      This game scares the hell out me…

      On paper, we should win this.. But on paper, we should’ve beaten the Titans and Texans, and lost to the Saints, so who the fcuk knows…

      Just dont be surprised if they come out gunnin, and our guys come out relaxed and Lovie-Like after a week off.

      Tiny Tim

      Winston aka “Bust” will throw at least 2 interceptions and we’ll lose by 3. Redskins are still mad about this year and Gruden will likely get fired if he cannot beat the Bucs. This has trap written all over it.


      We are capable of winning

      And I hope we do but the secondary needs to play better other wise we will make cousins look like Tom Brady. I don’t want to get into a shoutout because I’m scared Winston will try to be too aggressive and turn the ball over. I think if banks is back and the coaching staff buts Verner back at the other corner spot he will be fine.


      The big edge we should have over Washington is in Health. We have more healthy players and several of the one's playing with minor injuries got a chance to heal up. Washington is just more beat up right now.

      Historically, teams coming off the bye win more often than not and I think it's because the coaching staff has a chance to work with players on technique a bit more and they get a bit more time to look at tape. If the Bucs have another clean game turnoverwise like they did against Jacksonville, they should be in position to win the game in the 4th quarter.

      I like our chances for a win this week, but it's no sure thing with the experience level on this team


      1) Here's hoping that the secondary has studied the tape and learned to cover the middle of the field better. I look for the Skins to throw a number of passes across the middle as well as in the seam/slant area unless we prove we can stop it.

      2) So do we have a pass rush or not? Yes, we got six sacks, but far too often Bortles had all day to throw and plenty of room to scramble to the side. Our ends need to shut down the edge so that we can collapse the pocket a lot better than we have done up to now. Smith needs to pick it up especially. Yes, Howard Jones made two sacks but they were on blitzes and I know on one he was not blocked, so I am not sold on him yet.

      3) Can we stop the run? The fact is we are getting beat up the middle. You can show stats saying we are a top ten defense but if you can't stop the run up the middle, you are in deep trouble in the NFL. It may be a passing league, but the run can still kill us at the end of games or the half.

      4) Hopefully the return of Jonathon Banks will make a difference. I expect Verner to be in the slot and hopefully we will throw in a couple of corner blitzes a la the glory days of Rhonde Barber.

      5) Even as I'm looking forward to the change in corners, I personally think it would help to get some stability in the safety position. While the problem is no one seems to be stepping it up on a consistent basis, changing personell in these two spots so often does not help chemistry in my opinion. Can each person count on where the other person is going to be?


      Sunday's game is going to be winnable, but it's a tough match up. We struggle against power runners (Blue, Robinson, Yeldon before he got hurt), and that's what the redskins have in Jones and Morris. Jay Gruden, while being a terrible coach, is actually a great play caller. The few Redskins games I have seen this season, Jay calls great plays, guys get open, and Cousins just can't hit open guys/throws picks.

      I would like to see Jennings matched up with Jamison Crowder (2nd in NFL in rookie catches behind Amari) much like he shadowed Cooks week 2. I think Banks does not get enough credit around here. He does is job well and does not get beat that often.

      As far as pass rush if Trent Williams is out I like our chances.


      This (minus what you said about Jay being a bad coach, he isn't).

      The Bucs need to shut down Morris and Jones early and don't allow them to get started - otherwise it will be a long day. Hopefully after this bye week WLB David finds his mojo.


      RUN THE BALL- 30+ times between Dougie and Sims. Jets killed it on the ground vs them last week.
      Give Jameis some easy throws early, and I would like to see some on first down as well even to pick up 5-7 yards.
      Also last year we killed this team on long balls to Evans and this year we really haven't taken the shots and when we have it's been under thrown or Evans hasn't been able to reel it in. I remember seeing some stat last year Evans had the most 20+ yard catches and this year I maybe remember 1. Let's try a few more this game.

      Defensively if we get pressure on Cousins he'll throw picks. If we can stop Morris and Jones in the run game and the secondary plays at least a little better we should be fine.

      There were score predictions, some of which were..interesting.


      Buc 32

      skins 17


      Bucs 29
      Redskins 9


      Bucs 32

      skins 17

      Phantom Phenom

      Tampa Bay- 0


      Buc 23
      Skins 17


      Bucs 52
      Skins 13


      It worked vs the Jags, so I won't change:

      Redskins - 24
      Bucs - 14


      Redskins: 39
      Buccaneers: 23


      Washington RG: 3
      Tampa Bay RG Holding: 10 yard penalty


      Bucs 27
      Skins 24

      Defense comes up with a big (miracle) stop to keep Skins out of fg range at end of game.


      Bucs 25
      Skins 23

      About one third of those posting a score prediction picked the Redskins to win.

      Nope, the Bucs fans aren't certain at all about this one.
      This article was originally published in blog: The Buccaneers: The Little train That Could? started by Redskins Recon
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