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    • Skins Quotes 9/13/15: Postgame vs. Dolphins - Redskins Players

      On losing WR DeSean Jackson to injury:
      "[WR] DeSean [Jackson], he’s one of our best football players and when you don’t have him it definitely is a piece that you miss, but I was pleased with the way [WR] Andre Roberts and [WR] Ryan Grant stepped up and played really well in his absence. We said for a while that we feel like we have depth at those positions on the outside and I think they showed that today."

      On his last incompletion:
      “Basically, a good play by the defense. There was a little miscommunication as to what we were trying to do. You saw what the result was.”

      On today’s game plan:
      “I thought it was a good game plan. We moved the football really well. We ran the ball well. I was really pleased with the way that our offensive line played against a good defensive front and I think that’s something that we’re encouraged about going forward and feel like it’s going to be a positive as we go through the season.”

      On the tough loss:
      “We battled and came up short. I guess we’re all pretty tired of that around here. We’ve done that too many times. So, eventually the tables need to turn, the tide needs to turn. We need a day like today to end up having us be on top at the end and we’re going to keep working. All we know to do is to go back, be hard on ourselves, be hard on one another, challenge one another, have a great week of practice and come back with the right mindset next Sunday. I believe that if we keep doing that, I was encouraged by what I saw today and I think if we keep doing that this rock is going to break here eventually.”

      On the outcome of the game:
      “I mean, I’m never going to come away from any game no matter what happens and be pessimistic and say ‘Oh no, how are we going to play the next 15 games.’ I would never do that, so I’m very encouraged by what we had today. There were some pieces that are exciting to see. We spread the ball around, got a lot of guys involved in the game that are going to be able to help us all season long. I was thrilled with what a rookie [G] Brandon Scherff was able to do against one of the best football players in the NFL… Very, very pleased. So there are pieces that excite you, and I feel they will give us a chance over the long haul. Today was one game out of 16, and we’re excited about getting back to work now, and trying to improve upon today.”

      On the penalties:
      “I don’t read play-to-play, so I don’t know what the penalties were exactly, what happened, what transpired, but I do know that there aren’t many plays for third-and-20. So that’s a tough place to be in, and it will certainly stall drives when that takes place.”

      On his first start of the season:
      “We moved the football. We just had some drive stall in the high red zone or the strike zone. As I said, there’s a lot of takeaways that make you feel optimistic and make you feel like we’ve got some good pieces in place. It’s going to be about playing through this, building upon it, and trusting that if we just keep pushing good things will happen.”

      On having a chance to get a win today:
      "Yeah, we should’ve, but we didn’t. We didn’t capitalize offensively. We had some turnovers that the defense was about to get today. A couple of them [drives], we had great field position and just didn’t capitalize on it. We’ve got to make more plays offensively. We’ve got to find a way to score more. We can’t expect to get an early lead and just hold on. We have to find a way to finish plays, finish drives and get points on the board. It was very disappointing, but at the same time it’s a lot that we can build off of this game. So we just have to stay optimistic like Coach [Gruden] said and find a way to come next week versus the Rams and win.”

      On the penalties on the offense:
      “Yeah, sometimes it feels like we can’t get a break. Penalties either home or away, we get a lot of them for whatever reason. I don’t know why, but we just have to find a way to overcome that. They definitely hurt us. One of them was in the red zone. It backed us way out and put us in punting distance and we’ve just go to find a way to capitalize and make some plays. It’s a saying that big-time players make big-time plays in big-time situations. That could’ve been one of those situations. We didn’t. We fell short today and it’s very, very disappointing. But we have to find a way to come back and build from this.”


      On his performance:
      "I’ve just got to keep working harder and keep getting better."

      On how the first game of the season felt:
      “It felt good to be out there. First game 100 percent healthy and just playing hard with my teammates.”


      On his first game as a Redskin:
      “It was a lot of nerves going. It felt like I had electricity running through my body. It was pretty tough. Going out there and playing a real game, it was a lot faster than a preseason game. Going out there with the final roster and going out there playing together as a team.”

      On his forced fumble:
      “Me and [Jason] Hatcher were running the twist. I thought he got the sack but I saw the quarterback got free. I saw the ball, the quarterback was holding the ball in a certain position. I came down on it and it popped out. I saw the team running around. I thought we recovered it. I kind of picked it up. It kept on bouncing around. It’s kind of hard to describe.”

      On what he learned from the game today:
      “The plays that we have out there that we have a chance to make, we have to make them and correct those mistakes. We have to correct that when we watch film so next week, we won’t make the same mistake.”


      On playing in his first NFL regular season game:
      "It was great. Like I said before it was a dream come true and I thought we did pretty well up front. But there’s always room for improvement. You know we’ve got to finish those long drives and just penalties killed us. We’ve just got to look at the film and try to improve.”

      On being matched up against Dolphins DT Ndamukong Suh:
      “You know he’s a great player and Coach [Bill] Callahan prepared us well for the match up. You know we just try to go out and do our best. Just try to run the football.”


      On his first game as a captain for Washington:
      “It was cool, man. It sucked that we lost. I thought we did some good things and there were some things that need to be cleaned up, but it was a good building point, I feel.”

      On what he learned today:
      “That we've got some good physical players. We’ve got some good players, players that can get it done. The first game is always tough, because you’re trying to figure it out. We’ve got a lot of guys, emotionally, it’s up and down. But for the most part, the first half, we did okay. Second half, we let some things get by us.”

      On what he has seen out of the defense:
      “We’ve got a lot of fight in us. I think we’ve got a lot of fight in us. We’ve just got to limit some of the big plays. We’ve just need to get some more of the mental toughness, I think. As far as the physical part, we’re there. We’ve just got to get the mental toughness part down.”


      On starting the game:
      "It felt good. I felt like I was prepared. Coach [Bill] Callahan prepared us throughout the week with the looks and the schemes. I feel like we came out and ran the ball well. We left some plays on the field, but as an offense we moved it and we controlled the line.”

      On being matched up against Dolphins DE Cameron Wake:
      “He’s an explosive pass rusher and he’s a great football player. So being able to go out there and compete and just work on the things that I’ve worked on over the week was vital for me.”


      On the pressure the defense applied:
      “We got after him pretty good, but I’m always a guy that thinks we can do more up front. There’s a lot of stuff we could do to get better. I think we did a good job of getting after the quarterback but I think we could have done more to help our football team.”

      On what Miami’s offense did successfully in the second half:
      “They did a lot of speed sweeps to kind of spread us out. It’s hard to run straight at us like they did. They did great making adjustments at the half. We made adjustments as well and stopped them there. We’ve just got to do better late in the fourth and capitalize, like I said, on the two interceptions. We can’t have them.”
      This article was originally published in forum thread: Skins Quotes 9/13/15: Postgame vs. Dolphins - Redskins Players started by Boone View original post
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