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    • Skins Quotes 9/13/15: Postgame vs. Dolphins - Gruden


      Opening Statement:
      "Injuries, [WR] DeSean Jackson – hamstring, he’s going to have a MRI, not sure how long he’ll be out. [S] Duke [Ihenacho] had a wrist fracture, dislocation, he’ll get a MRI. [CB] Justin Rogers, plantar faciitis, he’ll probably be a couple days. [CB] DeAngelo Hall had a rib contusion, he came back. [T] Morgan [Moses] hurt his eye, he came back."

      On the feeling of the game:
      “Well, it felt like our guys were competing, number one. I felt good about where we were in the first half. We did some good things, the whole game we did some good things on both sides of the ball. We just didn’t make enough plays. We dropped a couple interceptions that hit us in the chest. We had a couple penalties that really damaged our field position and down and distance. A lot of self-inflicted wounds. Credit the Miami Dolphins, Coach Philbin did a nice job in the second half. We didn’t come out with the same attitude in the third and fourth quarter. The returned punt hurt us obviously. I’m not going to be down. I’m upset that we lost but I think there’s a lot of good things going on. I feel like we’re competing. I feel like we’re playing physical football and that’s what I like. I think there’s a lot to build off this game.”

      On potentially reviewing the second Kirk Cousins’ interception:
      “It’s automatically done by the booth. I wanted to review it again, make him look at it again. He said it was confirmed by the booth. All turnovers are confirmed by the booth.”

      On running the ball:
      “That’s what we want to do. We want to run the ball. We ran the ball I think 35-36 times in this game, threw 27, so we like to have that ratio, personally, I do like that. We’re going to run the ball this year, I’ve stated it before, I’ll state it again. Sometimes when you want to commit to something, you stick with it. We did that tonight and it looked like were conservative but the penalties there, the holding from the one drive coming out from our end zone killed us, but overall, I’m encouraged by the way we ran the ball, [RB] Alfred [Morris] and obviously [RB] Matt Jones when he came in there.”

      On his thought process with a timeout with two minutes left:
      “It’s easy, you know. We got a loss of six, I let it go down to two-minute. I saved myself two timeouts in case they decided to throw it on third down, an incompletion would give me a free timeout, otherwise I would lose like five seconds maybe, so, that’s why.”

      On opportunities:
      “I’ve got to check out the film, but we did have some opportunities there, it’s frustrating because we did have opportunities there, both sides of the ball. We’ve got to punch it in, you know, after the fumble, we got the 40-yard line, we got the ball first-and-10 to the 40-yard line, I think that’s the most disappointing. We need to convert that. We had the momentum, we went three-and-out and punted it right back to them, but that’s a very good defensive football team they have at Miami and they’re going to do their share of good. I feel like we competed very well, but it wasn’t good enough tonight.”

      On if WR DeSean Jackson’s injury changed his plan:
      “Yeah, absolutely, it did. Anytime you lose a guy that runs a 4.25 40, it’s going to damage some of your action shot games. The first one we threw to him, he had a step, and I believe he would have caught it if he didn’t pull his hammy. It was a great throw by Kirk [Cousins], it was the last we saw of him and we had another, we had about seven or eight more built in for him, designed for him, to at least clear out and get DeSean [Jackson] across the field or what have you, so it is was a big loss for us. Like I said before, DeSean goes out, Ryan Grant, Andre Crowder, they’re just going to have to step up. We have [Rashad] Ross ready to roll.”

      On the offensive line’s performance:
      "I think they did good, I do. You know, we didn’t ask Kirk [Cousins] to drop back and throw a lot of deep, in-breaking routes and all of that stuff this game. We wanted to run the ball and hit some of our play-action and then on third down, you know we’ll try to pop a couple runs or we’ll drop back and throw it. I think for the most part [T] Morgan [Moses] and [G] Brandon [Scherff], in their first game together, I’m happy the way they played. You know, it’s really something for our offensive line, tight ends, running back, for our whole offense to really feel good about. If you are going to feel good about a loss, it’s something to feel good about when you rush for over a hundred yards against a front like that. So it’s really something positive to go off from. Hate to lose at home, but if we’re going to take some positives, I’m happy the way our offensive line played."

      On what Cousins saw on the fourth-and-7 play at the line of scrimmage:
      “I think he did a great job, Kirk. You know, it’s Cover 0 and they had one more rushing the block and that is cover zero. And [TE] Jordan [Reed] has to cross face on that safety and the safety dropped inside him, Jordan took it up top and Kirk had to get rid of it and that’s something that as a receiver we can’t do. You know, he was supposed to cross face and we will get that coached up. It was a great play by their defense, great play by their safety. That’s the only choice Kirk had. We had another one, Andre over there on the other side, but that was our rule. Cross face, Cover 0, it just didn’t work out. Great play by them.”

      On the Dolphins’ offensive performance in the second half:
      “You know, they hit some of their jet sweeps, they started running zone read, they lost their tight end there early in the game so they were forced to be a little bit more spread. I think they did a nice job. [QB Ryan] Tannehill did an excellent job, hung in there and [WR Jarvis] Landry made some big plays. They just kept us off-balance a little bit and made some plays on third down that hurt us. But overall I think our defense competed. We have a lot we can clean up but one thing you’re looking for as a coach when you come away from a football game is how hard did they play and how hard did they compete. I feel like they are playing hard and competing and they all stayed together, which is a good thing right now.”

      On the difference in this season:
      “I just feel like we have a different room in there. I feel like guys are competing and they are staying together. I didn’t see a lot of heads down when they came off of the field. There are a lot of plays there, they returned the punt for a touchdown, they took the lead, I didn’t see anybody hang their heads and say ‘Oh, here we go again. This is BS or whatever, man.’ They all strapped it up and we took the next drive right down there and it was a bang-bang play. They made it, we didn’t. We’re on the right track. It doesn’t seem that way by you guys but I know we are.”

      On if he noticed a lot of Miami fans at FedExField:
      “No, I didn’t notice it at all. I know that we have a lot of fans here that are very passionate and loyal here and that’s the only ones I care about.”

      On Miami’s punt return touchdown:
      “I think it was a hell of a punt by Tress and we just didn’t get the coverage that we usually get. Our flyer got pinned outside there and the guy made a… you know, [Nick] Sundberg trying to make the play there but overall they just blocked it well. We didn’t get off blocks. You know, it comes right down to it. Sometimes you can outkick your coverage and maybe we did that a little bit. But we have got to get off blocks and make that play. [WR] Jarvis [Landry] is one heck of a football player. He is a great punt returner and he made the most of his opportunity there and we didn’t.”
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