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    • Skins Quotes Post-Game vs. Lions: Redskins Player Interviews

      August 20, 2015

      QB Kirk Cousins

      On his performance tonight:
      “I liked it. I thought it was a good night. Not just when I was playing but I think the whole offense we did a good job. We got the win - which is most important. We protected the football. We made plays. In the short amount of time that I was in there, I felt good about what we were able to accomplish.”

      On if he thinks his athletic ability is underrated:
      “I don’t think it’s underrated. I just think I need to use it more. I don’t use it enough. I’ve been watching tape on a lot of these good quarterbacks and they move around. The pocket is imperfect. You have to be able to make plays off schedule. I think I’m capable of that I just need to do it more and be aware of those opportunities and that’s a work in progress.”

      On if he knows next week’s plan for the quarterbacks:
      “No, I don’t think so. Usually I find out about it the morning of when I’m going to play. I don’t really ask ahead too much. I don’t expect to know too much ahead of time. NFL sometimes stands for the ‘No Feedback League.’ You never really know what’s going to happen. You just learn to roll with whatever’s going on.”

      On seeing quarterback Robert Griffin III’s injury:
      “Part of the game. The job of a backup quarterback is to stay ready and jump in and have the offense not miss a beat. That’s what it’s been like for three years and that’s what it’ll continue to be.”

      On if he saw the play in which Griffin got hurt:
      “Every play is different. He did a good job of standing in there. There’s a lot of guys that don’t make it to this level because they don’t stand in there. I thought he did a really good job on one especially, on a third-down staring down the barrel and making a great strong throw and taking the hit. His toughness and his willingness to keep pushing is really impressive.”

      On the depth on this team:
      “I think for a while now we’ve done really well here in the preseason. I think the last several years if you add up our win-loss record it would be pretty good. That says something about the depth we have in training camp. A lot of those guys we have to get rid of or they go on the practice squad and they aren’t able to help us. It’s a different game when you’re not playing against the ones. It is a different game. For whatever reason we seem to have a lot of depth the last few years on this team.”

      On if not playing against the ones affects his evaluation:
      “You have to evaluate what you’re given a chance to do. If that’s the opportunity you’re given then you have to make the most of it. I think the good thing is, the last couple of weeks, I’ve been able to do that.”

      QB Colt McCoy

      On his performance:
      “I thought I did alright. We moved the ball up and down the field. I thought our run game was outstanding. Anytime we can run the football, it opens up a lot of things for us offensively. I think we just wanted to get in there and settle down, settle the guys down and run the football. It is what we are going to do and throw a few play-actions off of that. I felt like we did a pretty good job.”

      On if he was able to get into a rhythm:
      “I want to do whatever it takes to move the ball up and down the field. I felt like overall, those guys did a really nice job with that tonight. We wanted to get points right there before halftime, wished I could’ve stayed on my feet. We bobbled the snap and ended up not getting points but bounced back in the third quarter and drove down and scored a touchdown. That was big for our group.”

      On the fumble before halftime:
      “They will give me a hard time about it. I couldn’t get a handle on it, unfortunately. We were pretty resilient. We bounced back and scored some points. Overall tonight, my thoughts and prayers are with Robert [Griffin III], and especially Adam Hayward. He is a great locker room guy and one of my best friends on the team. I didn’t realize that he had gone down until I got off the field, and so I hope everything is okay with him. You never want to see that happen in the preseason. He is a leader on our team and also Robert. I am praying for a speedy recovery for him. We need him. Overall, I felt like we moved the ball, scored some points, that was good. But my heart is heavy for some of the guys that got injured. You never want to see that in the preseason.”

      RB Matt Jones

      On his early success breaking tackles:
      “That’s just what the Lord blessed me with right there – toughness and stuff like that.”

      On getting used to the size of NFL defenders:
      “Yeah, that’s definitely a good point, too. Them big guys, they’re way big. Definitely coming from the SEC, you get hit by big guys too so that kind of got me ready for it.”

      On the running back duo of him and Chris Thompson:
      “Obviously you’re going to have trouble with that [combination] because you’ve got a big back and then you’ve got a scat back who can run real fast, so it takes a defense to kind of game plan [for] us… I don’t think they really game planned for that.”

      DE Ricky Jean Francois

      On what he needs to work on with younger players:
      "Lining up on the field, just telling them where to be, where not to be and stuff like that. It's everywhere, it's not just anything I can pinpoint that I need to work on, but rather everything I need to work on."

      On the current morale of the team:
      "Everybody is close. It's almost like a family. The thing is we tell everybody, this is going to be a great team and we don't want you to miss out on this great team. That's why you’ve got to go out there and hustle, you’ve got to practice. I understand that coaches say stay out of the training room, but the cold tub and the hot tub are not the training room. So, you just tell guys in here that the same way you see us practice hard with nicks, bruises, and bumps we want you all to do the same thing because we want you to be a part of something that is about to be great this season."

      G Brandon Scherff

      On the play of the offensive line:
      “It’s unacceptable. It is preseason, we have to fix those. We have to come ready to go next time.”

      On his play:
      “It is all technique. It is on me and I’ve just got to come in and improve.”

      On what a young offensive line needs to do to improve:
      “Just got to go out and play football. You’ve got to stop thinking and play football.”

      On what he needs to work on during practice this week:
      “Everything. If you think you’re perfect in anything, you need to stop playing football. You can always improve, no matter what it is.”

      T Trent Williams

      On the guard Brandon Scherff and tackle Morgan Moses:
      “I think [they are] good. We’ve got a great young core over there, a lot of talent between the two of those guys. I think they’re going to be good for a long time to come.”

      On having two young linemen adjusting to major playing time at the same time:
      “Just adjusting to the NFL game is going to be difficult regardless, but it’s not a huge deal. Those guys are highly touted players. They’re professionals. They get paid to do a job and we have all the faith in the world that they’re going to get that job done.”

      On dealing with quarterback Robert Griffin III’s injury:
      “Yeah, it’ s going to be tough without Robert, but no matter how much time he has to miss, if he has to miss any – you know, I’m speculating, but it’s a next man up league and those guys [quarterbacks Colt McCoy and Kirk Cousins] will be ready to play if Robert can’t go.”

      On being an offensive lineman and seeing Griffin take big hits:
      “It definitely makes you cringe. You don’t want to see your quarterback get hit at all in the preseason or regular season, so it’s definitely not a pleasant feeling. I’m glad to see that he’s OK, that it was nothing serious but you don’t want to see, whether its Robert or Colt or Kirk, you don’t want to see any of the quarterbacks hit the ground.”

      On if he is concerned about the offense:
      “It’s hard to say. You’re looking at guys play maybe 12 to 15 plays as opposed to a whole game where you get a rhythm – where you start to wear guys down, where you start to see tendencies, where you even use a game plan. We don’t game plan for these preseason games so just trying to judge off the first 10-12 plays [of the first-team offense] is hard.”

      On how quickly the young parts of the offensive line can adjust:
      “I think they can adjust fairly quickly. Like I said, they’re both really smart and they’re both really advanced in knowing the game. Those guys are really the least of my worries. They’ll be fine.”

      TE Je’Ron Hamm

      On building a rhythm while playing with different players:
      "Well, I was on the practice squad all last year, so with a new quarterback, it didn't matter. I played with all three of them last year, so the rhythm, it really didn't change anything at all. We practice with each other and we switch it up in practice, so that really isn't an issue out there. It's just really good communication and executing the play.”

      On his 23-yard reception from Colt McCoy:
      "It's just another play. The goal is to get better next week. We didn't convert for a score on that drive, but I'm glad I could do that for my teammates and hopefully they have a little more faith in me despite being a younger player."

      On if he improves more from preseason games as compared to practice:
      "Definitely. In a game, it’s guys you never went against. You kind of want to see how they play, but you can't let that slow you down. In practice, our guys do a great job giving us the looks to be well prepared when we do face a new team. Our scout team runs pretty good looks, so I wasn't shocked by anything today."

      FB Darrel Young

      On the reason for offense’s early struggles:
      “I guess we both had a rough start honestly. I think it was 3-0 in the first quarter, I believe… but we didn’t really do the things we wanted to do. We rushed the ball a little bit and we kind of got ourselves a little behind in terms of putting ourselves in wrong situations where we talked about what we didn’t want to do. We didn’t capitalize when we needed to on first and second down… some third down situations, had to punt. Thought [punter] Tress [Way] did a great job when he came in and punted so, that’s what the game’s about. At the end of the day, we won. We ran for over 150-plus yards again so that’s something exciting to come out of it, but we have to be better in the first quarter and you put the starters out there to do a job and we did kind of run them down. We won the game but I think the twos and threes are doing a great job.”

      On struggling early on third down:
      “I know Sean [McVay], our offensive coordinator, has been emphasizing being 50 percent on third downs this year and that’s something we didn’t do as a unit. So, we’ve got to be better, but like you said it’s a team effort right now and all the stats are combined [from the first, second and third teams] and that’s what you look forward to.”

      On seeing quarterback Robert Griffin III go down:
      “It’s really tough anytime you see anyone go down. You see Adam [Hayward] go down, Robert. Any time anyone goes down in any situation and you know those guys they’ve been major contributors to your team, it hurts. I hope both of those guys are all right. I don’t know really what the situation is with both of them but seeing Robert walk and seeing Adam, they’re in good spirits so we can go with it.”
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