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    • Post Game Quotes vs. Eagles: Redskins Players

      December 20, 2014

      Wide Receiver DeSean Jackson

      On whether or not the win was his best victory as a Redskin:
      “Honestly, it’s a great team win overall. I think with the circumstances coming into this game, knowing our playoff hopes are kind of out the door, we were motivated early in the week [that] if we came out here, we could spoil a couple teams’ hope for the playoffs. Overall, as a team, I think everybody mentally was focused on that and came in prepared and did everything we needed to do. That was a tough game, but at the end of the day we came out on top. It was very special for myself, being there last year and everything happening. For us to come out on top like that, that’s a great one. I give a shout out to all my boys in the locker room.”

      On the deep pass that was intended for him but intercepted:
      “Things like that happen sometimes. Everything is not going to be perfect in the NFL. We just tried to take a shot. I was double covered. The ball was kind of inside a little bit and [Eagles safety] Nate Allen made a great play on the ball. I wish I could’ve got to it or knocked it down or something, but I was in front of the DB and Allen was right there. We just stuck with it. We didn’t get down. Our defense came and got a heck of a turnover. [Cornerback Bashaud] Breeland did a great job of stepping in front of [Eagles wide receiver] Jeremy Maclin and making a huge play. We never felt we were out of the game. Even that last drive we was like, ‘They’re going to get a turnover.’ We just kept our hope.”

      On whether or not he was surprised the Eagles went with single coverage on him:
      “Not at all. I’ve been there the past couple of years and that’s how they play. They’re very naďve and they play how they play, so they can care less who’s out there or who’s at wide receiver. They’re going to play their defense the way they play it. I’m just glad I was able to get the opportunities I got on them. That all goes to the play calling. [Head Coach] Jay Gruden and [Offensive Coordinator] Sean [McVay] made some great calls. They play how they play. They don’t care. That’s the Philadelphia Eagles’ defense. I’ve been there a lot of years and witnessed a lot of players, wide receivers, tight ends get off some huge games on them. I’m just happy to be on that side and send them home with a loss.”

      On if the Eagles regret their decision to let him go:
      “That’s a question you have to ask them. As far as my ex-teammates, I think a lot of the guys miss me. They tell me that during the game. I still have good relationships with a lot guys over there. They constantly tell me how much they miss me and they wish I was still there, but that’s a decision they chose to make in the front office. I’m happy to be here in Washington. Things didn’t go the way we wanted it go this year, but at the end of the day, we’ve got a job to do, which is to finish strong. We’re 4-11. Any given moment everybody can tuck their tails in, quit and give up, but as you’ve seen tonight, we fought. We’ve got special things to try and do to end this season. Maybe get two [consecutive] wins and go into the offseason with some momentum.”

      On his confidence going into next week against the Cowboys:
      “We know what Dallas is capable of doing. They’re a good team. They’re playing some great football right now. They just beat the Eagles pretty good, so we know it’s going to be a fight. Their season is on the line as well, too. That’s two games back-to-back that are very meaningful for the opposing team, so we know we’re going to get their best fight and their best match, but at the end of the day they need to understand that we are going to give them the best fight we have as well, too.”

      On quarterback Robert Griffin III’s potential:
      “The future of RGIII... I think he’s the ideal quarterback – has a lot of talent, he’s young. He just suffered some unfortunate injuries and that’s tough to be able to miss time as a professional athlete – not only as a professional athlete, as a starting quarterback in this league. And with his absence, being gone, to just expect him to [get] back in here and everything be good... It’s just been unfortunate, like I said. The injuries played a big part and as a professional athlete you can’t control that. It’s unfortunate, but at the end of the day as far as him as a player and him as a person, I think he’s a good guy. I think he does everything he needs to do. He works hard, so a lot of characteristics, everything is there to be that guy. He just needs to be consistent. He needs to stick with it, even when it’s not going right, he still has to stick with it.”

      On Griffin III’s performance today:
      “If I recall, I think he threw one interception, but besides that he managed the game. The opportunities he gave us as wide receivers and as an offense, I think he did that. For me to sit back and here and grade him – my opinion about what he did, I think he did a great job. He got the victory, so I don’t know what else you want me to say. You guys observed [the game] just like I did. Throughout the game, throughout the moment – high hopes that everything happens out there. You just want your quarterback to be as poised as possible and he did that.”

      On his process of tracking the ball when it’s in the air:
      “I take pride in big plays and being that guy, say one of the biggest deep people of the year, biggest player of the year, things like that, regardless of my stretch or my height. When that ball is in the air, I’m going to track it down. I’ve practiced a long time, a lot of hours, many weeks, many days doing that. I just credit my trainers when I was younger. They just said, ‘We’re going to get up, we’re going to go early in the morning and just go work out.’ It paid off. As a little kid, I challenge everybody to just go out there and if you want to do something, just work at it. That’s all I can say. I worked at it. I wanted to be great, so with the opportunities I’ve been given, I make the most out of them.”

      Quarterback Robert Griffin III

      On adversity and snapping the losing streak:
      “I thought it was a great game – big game for us as a franchise. That locker room, every phase came out and stepped up to the plate, and helped us get the win today. That’s all you’re looking for. We wanted to spoil their Christmas and send them home and we did our part. We want to go into the offseason with a little momentum. Guys came out and played hard. You would think a 3-11 football team would just quit and we’re not, so that shows the character we have and I don’t want to be anywhere else.”

      On winning again as a starter and the team’s overall performance today:
      “It really isn’t about me. This win’s about this team and we’ve been through the ringer a little bit this year. We’ve been through a lot adversity, a lot of mess. Guys have responded. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. I wouldn’t want to play with any other players. These guys mean a lot to me and I can feel it in the locker room after the game.”

      On his confidence and support from the team after today:
      “I feel like I always had that support from my teammates and that’s been the blessing through this entire time, through all the ups and downs and changes, or being in the lineup and not in the lineup, I’ve always had that support from them. That makes me go out there and play with more confidence, but I feel like today we got in a great rhythm early and that helped us throughout the game. [Head Coach] Jay [Gruden] and [Offensive Coordinator] Sean [McVay] called a great game, line protected. Trent [Williams] played through a pretty significant injury and that’s what you need out of your leaders. We all came ready to ball tonight and in the end, we made more plays than they did.”

      On if any halftime adjustments were made:
      “Jay and Sean called a great game. When you believe the plays that are coming are going to work, you preach that to your guys, they usually end up working. You’ve got to have confidence in each play that is called and I think the guys did that. It’s hard to do that when you’re 3-11 and everybody thinks there needs to be changes made. I couldn’t be more proud of what we did out there today.”

      On what he has learned about himself on and off the field this season:
      “It’s hard to answer that question and I am not going to. At the same time, a lot of guys in the locker room told me that everything I have personally been through this year, it was big for me to go out there and play like I did and help lead this team to a victory. I would say to them, without them I wouldn’t be able to do it. If [cornerback Bashaud] Breeland doesn’t get that pick at the end of the game, we’re not up here smiling. Everybody contributed and everybody’s helped me through this time. The seven weeks being out, whatever’s happened in the past couple weeks, and now we get a chance to go out there and win a game…We all did it together.”

      On the progressive confidence throughout the game making the victory possible:
      “I, personally, and the team in general cherishes those moments. Those moments when you go out there and lead your team to victory on that final last drive and everybody was locked in. When [wide receiver] Pierre [Garçon] catches that ball, the line helps slow the fight up so I can set on my back foot and deliver my good ball. It’s a great feeling when you see him running down, you’re like, ‘Hey, we’re in field goal range. Oh yeah, and we got a personal foul.’ Those things are great and you feel that joy inside when you go get those wins, but you cherish those moments late in games when you can make a play.”

      On his confidence leading into next week after beating a team as good as the Eagles:
      “We will be focused on Dallas. The guys will obviously enjoy this and we’ll come back next week ready to work. You know, that’s the beauty of this game – every Sunday or Saturday or Monday or Thursday, you get to go out there, play the game that you love. Guys in that locker room have a lot of passion for this game and every time you suit up, it’s an opportunity. That’s the way you have to view it, no matter what your record is. I can tell it meant a lot to a lot of guys in that locker room to get this win, obviously, D-Jax [wide receiver DeSean Jackson] being the happiest of us all.”

      On what wide receiver DeSean Jackson adds to the offense:
      “D-Jax brings a big spark. He can make some plays that no one else can. We have a lot of guys like that. Pierre made some big plays tonight. Andre [Roberts], Santana [Moss], [Ryan] Grant, all these guys make plays for us. Tight ends are phenomenal, Logan Paulsen, Niles Paul, Jordan Reed. Our offensive line, they continue to battle and that’s all you can ask for. When we step on that field, I don’t want guys that are going to quit. We don’t have any of those guys so that’s a great feeling.”

      On the roughing the passer fouls and if he was being targeted:
      “I don’t think I was being targeted, but thank you. Those helped. You’ve got to be protected and our job is not to complain or question what the refs do or don’t do. In this game, the way the rules are set up, you can only hit the quarterback in certain areas and when he throws the ball, you’re not necessarily supposed to hit him late. They made those calls, and we’re happy they did.”

      On if he said anything to his teammates before the game-winning drive:
      “I told everybody, ‘That one’s on me and you move on from it. Hey, let’s go win this game now.’ I think in moments like that, times of adversity, it’s not the mistake that you made, it’s how you come back after that mistake. Everybody had complete trust in me that I would make those plays, Coach [Jay Gruden] called plays to where I’d have the opportunity to get us back in the lead. That’s all you can ask for. You’ve got to step up.”

      On what tackle Trent Williams’ effort to play through injury meant to him:
      “It meant a lot. Trent being out there, he’s one of the top tackles in the league. We know what kind of motor he brings to the game, the kind of confidence he brings to the rest of that line, because he does lead that group. For him to play through that means a lot to me. Trent has been here for a while, a lot longer than I have, and he means a lot to me personally. It’s just great to have your left tackle out there, your war daddy, and I am proud of him.”

      Linebacker Ryan Kerrigan

      On the team not giving up:
      “We’re a resilient bunch. I mean, we’ve played hard all season long and today things went our way. We made plays and, you know, things went our way.”

      On if he got the sense that today was most likely their day:
      “Yeah, you do kind of get that sense. You know, [they] miss a couple field goals with a really good kicker, you kind of start getting that feeling. And you know, it keeps us in the ball game.”

      On getting the strip-sack early in the game:
      “Yeah, good coverage on the back end. You know, three-man rush up front, I believe. Fortunately, I was able to beat my guy and get to the ball carrier, get to the quarterback and get it out.”

      Kicker Kai Forbath

      On the feeling of getting a win:
      “Yeah, I kind of forgot what it felt like but, you know, to get one at the end of a season like this when you’ve been having quite a bit of a losing streak, it just feels great. I mean, I haven’t seen guys smile and laugh like this in here in a long time, so you know, just glad that I could help in getting those smiles.”

      On if he felt confident he would get a chance to kick the game-winner:
      “That’s what I kind of do this for, moments like that. It’s a lot of fun, you know. I score points when I can for the team, but those chances you get to win it for them, that’s what really makes it special.”

      Running Back Alfred Morris

      On the different feeling in the locker room:
      “Oh yeah, it’s always good when you win. You know, emotions are totally different when you take a loss. I mean, we were kind of down in the dumps, but once you get a win it’s just… Especially after losing so much, you know, it’s just good. It’s kind of like a win within itself, a mini-victory for us.”

      On what made the offense click so much today:
      “We just went out there and we said we were going to get it done today. Previous times, we either start fast, finish slow or start slow, finish fast and we were inconsistent. Today, we were consistent. We did a good job of getting the running game going, which opens up the offense so much more and we were just able to string together some pretty long drives and get points on the board, so it just clicked today. We were consistent enough today and we made plays.”

      On the big plays from wide receiver DeSean Jackson helping the team gain momentum:
      “That’s big. The faster you get off the field, the better. I know the linemen love getting off the field as fast as possible, so when you get those big gains like that from DeSean Jackson, it shortens the field that much more and we don’t have so far to go and it’s definitely a huge momentum boost. And like I said, I was thankful that him and [that quarterback] Robert [Griffin III] was able to connect and he [Jackson] did a great job of tracking the ball. I mean, he’s an impressive receiver so I’m just excited we won.”

      On eclipsing the 1,000-yard mark for the third straight season:
      “I mean, it’s kudos to the offensive linemen. No running back can do that without blockers in front of you, and not only just the O-linemen but the tight ends and wide receivers as well. So I guess that’s an awesome accomplishment. I’m thankful to do it but it’s bittersweet. I’d trade all that for some better records, some postseason. But I am thankful, not to discredit what was able to be done.”

      Cornerback Bashaud Breeland

      On if the interception is the best of his career:
      “I consider it as a big play and one of the biggest of my career.”

      On the interception:
      “It was a blitz. The quarterback just threw it inside instead of throwing outside. I just tried my best to get up underneath it.”

      On if he was nervous when the play was under review:
      “No. I just didn’t want it to happen like last time in Philly, you know?”

      Tackle Trent Williams

      On returning to the game with his shoulder injury:
      “I didn’t want to quit on my guys so I fought it out. I was in a lot of pain. I honestly thought my day was over. Then the doctor did a great job of helping the pain subside a little bit – you know, kind of massage it and rub some stuff on there. It started to go down, so I was like, ‘Man, I’m going to go back in there.’”

      On the severity of the injury during the game:
      “My right arm was virtually dead. It was virtually dead the whole game, but that [treatment] kind of took it off life support and it was just a wrap. I just fought it out with my good left arm.”

      On quarterback Robert Griffin III motivating him to fight through the pain:
      “He just told me to keep fighting. Everyone in this locker room knew what I was going through. It wasn’t a secret. I mean, I looked like the walking dead walking around the locker room all week. A lot of them didn’t expect me to come out here and suit up. They just try to keep my mind in a good place, just tell me to keep fighting.”

      Fullback Darrel Young

      On how much the team needed the win:
      “We needed this for the mindset of this team… It’s the sense that we beat a good football team that was playing for a lot. I think before the game, D-Jax [wide receiver DeSean Jackson] gave us a speech that they’re kind of laughing. They knew they won the game before. You don’t need extra motivation to play, but if there’s something that hurts you more as a player like people don’t respect you…you know? At the end of the day, they’re a good football team but we came in and did some things we were capable of doing. It just goes to show any given Saturday or Sunday, Monday or Thursday, you can win or lose.”

      On the feeling of getting the ball back late in the game:
      “I was excited. I walked up to RG [quarterback Robert Griffin III] and was like, ‘Hey, this could be a chance to get people off your back a little bit. Go get this win, do something good and who’s better in this situation than Pierre Garcon?’ He’s been doing it for years and that’s why he got paid the way he did to come here. He’s a big-time player in big-time situations. He just did what he had to do. We’re glad to come out with the win.”
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