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    • Big Shot Bob


      Remember Robert Horry? Dude won like 20 titles (all numbers approximate) in the NBA with the Lakers and Spurs, and always seemed to hit a key three or two during a playoff run.Horry had a knack for being in the right place at the right time, and being able to step up and deliver when it mattered the most.

      Here's hoping Robert Griffin can deliver when it matters the most.

      I'm talking about this weekend. Friends and family of Redskins fans are on suicide watch after the Bucs game. If the Redskins go out and lay a collective egg against San Fran... yikes. If Griffin is largely responsible due to poor QB play again? Double-yikes.

      We've read all the articles and heard all the reports about Griffin not studying enough, not seeing the field, missing receivers, etc. He was bad last weekend. REALLY bad. Putrid. Rancid. You get the idea. For that one game, he looked as bad as McNabb looked in a Skins uniform. Worse than Rex. Shuler-esque. You get the idea. It wasn't pretty.

      But it was one game.

      ONE GAME.

      Let's hold off on burying the kid just yet. Now, if the team comes out and stinks it up on the offensive side of the ball this week, and Griffin continues to look lost, then I'll be the first to admit we have problems. But personally, I don't think that's going to happen. I think Griff is going to step it up. I think he is mad as hell about his performance and the reaction to that crapfest. I think he is smoldering, smoking, ready to show everyone that everyone in the NFL has a bad game. This isn't to say that I think he plays perfectly, just much, MUCH better this weekend.

      He knows the team has a difficult decision to make this off season. The first step in making that decision is to see how he responds to this kind of adversity. If he is terrible again and continues his slide, that tells us (and the team) an awful lot about who he is and what he is capable of (and what he is NOT capable of). I have been, and continue to be, one of his biggest defenders here, but if he throws out another stink bomb this weekend, I will acknowledge the severity of the problem.

      But I think he has too much pride for that. I think he is ready to quell the doubters and deliver an eye-opening (in a good way) performance. I'm calling it now, we beat the 9ers and Griff plays great. Griffin delivers when it matters, just like Big Shot Rob.
      This article was originally published in blog: Big Shot Bob started by Goaldeje
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