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    • Skins Quotes 10/24

      October 24, 2014
      Redskins Park

      Head Coach Jay Gruden

      On the injury report:
      “Injury report ... [Ryan] Clark, [Robert] Griffin [III] and [Tracy] Porter are all limited, or all three were limited, I should say. Full was [Trent] Williams, [Chris] Baker, [Perry] Riley, [Tyler] Polumbus and Alfred [Morris].”

      On the quarterback situation:
      “As far as the quarterbacks are concerned, nothing has really changed there either. So, if you guys want to eliminate the quarterback questions, we can do that [laughter]. We’re still preparing for Colt [McCoy] to be the starter and Robert [Griffin III] is continuing with his practice exertion. He’s getting more and more reps. As far as the status for Monday, we will announce that on Monday.”

      On if linebacker Trent Murphy has a tendency to overanalyze plays:
      “Sometimes, he does seem to overanalyze – at least it looks like it – or he under-analyzes, whichever way you look at it. We can’t figure him out yet – if he’s smart or if he’s dumb sometimes. But we do know he has got great intensity, but just sometimes he’s just not letting it all hang out for whatever reason. Sometimes he’s a little tentative, he’s overthinking things. He’s not quite quick to react and just play. He’s got his dad coaching him up, he has got [Jim] Haslett, he’s got [Brian] Baker yelling at him, I’m yelling at him. Everybody is trying to get the most out of him because we know how good he is, and sometimes that can just fry you a little bit. We’ve just got to lay off him a little bit, tell him what to do then let him go do it because he has got the talent to be a heck of an outside linebacker in this scheme.”

      On the right tackle battle between Tom Compton and Tyler Polumbus:
      “We’re going to start with Compton this week.”

      On Compton’s performance this week:
      “He’s done a good job. All throughout camp he’s been a very good swing guy for us. He’s been our extra tight end. We go big situations where he comes in and reports eligible – he’s our tight end. He’s got some reps in game situations. He played well against Tennessee in the reps he got so we’re going to give him an opportunity to start. Still, Tyler will be ready to roll and Morgan [Moses], we’ve just got to decide who’s going to be active as far as the extra tackle’s concerned.”

      On if wide receiver Leonard Hankerson will be active against Dallas:
      “We have not made that decision yet. We’ve got a log jam at wide receiver. Everybody knows with Santana [Moss] and Aldrick [Robinson], we’ve been kind of flip-flopping them, who’s active and who’s not active. Both of them are very good wideouts and then you throw Leonard into the mix. At this time we haven’t made a decision as far as getting him up for this week. It’ll probably be a longshot this week.”

      On the biggest differences between Kirk Cousins and Colt McCoy:
      “Well, I don’t know. We will see. You know, Colt has had a little bit more experience as far as starting. He came in and was a starter and started more games and had a little bit more opportunities. Kirk came in and was designated a backup right away so he didn’t get a lot of reps. But as far as talent wise, they have a different skill set. They are similar in the fact that they are about the same size. Colt is a little bit more mobile…Kirk’s got a little bit more stronger arm, I guess, but they are similar type guys – both good competitors, both smart. I don’t know. We will see. We will find out when Colt plays, I guess.”

      On how difficult it is to distribute first team snaps in practice with the quarterbacks:
      “Yeah, it’s been tough. You know we are trying to get Robert [Griffin III] as many reps on scout team also to really get him some looks as far as in the pocket moving around. And also get Colt [McCoy] ready. So, Colt is getting the majority of the first team reps right now, sprinkled in with Robert. So, we’ve just got to do the best we can with the limited amount of time and reps that we have and everybody has to take advantage of them. And when you’re not in there, we make a big deal about paying attention to your reads and your progressions and where you are going to go with the football, but from a limited standpoint, Colt is getting the majority of them and getting pretty good looks at them.”

      On if running back Alfred Morris is tentative and if that is affecting his ball security:
      “I don’t know. It is not like him to have ball security issues. He has had a couple come out that weren’t fumbles but they came out and that is a big issue for us moving forward is protecting that football and the unforced errors. We’ve got to do a good job of protecting the ball. We have been poor all season, as far as the turnover ratio is concerned. Logan [Paulsen] had a dropped fumble, Alfred had a couple that came out that weren’t fumbles but could have been fumbles. I don’t think it is because he is tentative though. I just think that he is just trying to make the extra yard and fall forward and he just is not bringing the ball with him. I know we are working on ball security drills every day and he is aware of it and hopefully we correct it.”

      On if he is confident in McCoy’s ability to make deep throws during the game:
      “Yeah, that is probably the main difference between Kirk and Colt. Like you were asking, Kirk has got really a stronger arm than Colt, but he can throw it far enough. As long as he is on rhythm, he takes his five-step drop, hits his back foot and launch it, he can still throw it far enough. He can throw it a good 55-60 yards easy. So that is plenty far enough to throw it. There has been quarterbacks with lesser arms that have been equally as effective or more effective. So, we’ve just got to make sure he is a rhythm thrower, make sure he has time and he can step up in the pocket and make the throws. But we are really not concerned about the deep ball arsenal that we are going to taper off of just because Colt is the quarterback.”

      On how wide receiver DeSean Jackson responds to conversations about blocking:
      “He responds fine. It’s about accountability, though, everybody has got to do their job on every play. You know, we are not going to throw it up to DeSean on every play. We do have to hand if off from time to time and we expect Alfred to block for the quarterback when he drops back to pass so he can throw it to DeSean and vice-versa. So, we’ve just got to put him in situations that are blockable for him. You know, if we think we are going to short motion him and insert him between the tackle and tight end and block a safety, we’re probably not very smart. We’ve got to make sure we keep him on corners and keep him outside. He can block fine doing that stuff. But when he is overmatched against a bigger safety, that’s when he has trouble but he can still do it and he is doing a better job of it.”
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