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    • The Cardinals-Injuries, Injuries


      Injuries are one of the most hellish circumstances a football team and its fans endure.

      We Redskins fans are painfully aware of this-so are Cards fans-even though they aren't in quite as bad shape as we are in that respect.

      Not a lot of chatter online about the game from Arizona fans-not a lot of chatter from them about anything actually. They may have the fewest currently operating fan forums of any NFL team I've run across lately. They also had the fewest comments about an upcoming game I think I've ever seen. Even the likes of the Raiders and Jags have more online involvement.

      The most popular topic was quarterbacks-Cousins, Palmer, Stanton-and by far-Logan Thomas. Cards fans aren't very positive about him starting games at all.


      Washington playing the hawks tough

      Anyone else concerned? Before all of our injuries yesterday, most of us figured these next 2 games would be gimmies. The raiders, yes, but the skins are making Seattle go all the way to the finish for this win...


      Whos most people?

      AS of right this second Logan Thomas is our starting QB. They are anything but gimmees. And even with Stanton or Palmer back, our D is extremely depleted.

      Winnable games, but lightyears from 'easy'


      Not a worry in the world. . . . .

      The Redskins are about the only team in the NFL with more injury problems than the Cards. . . .

      And the game is in the friendly confines of the UoP.


      This is the NFL so the Cards better be ready for Washington. On to Cincinnati...BA needs that approach right now.


      Seattles mistakes kept it close. Cousins is mister check down when pressure comes or when the team blitzes him. I am just hoping for stanton or palmer to start.


      He (Cousins) looked sharp last night. If they go with the same scheme as last week D-Jax will have at least two long TD's. He fried the Seahawks last night.


      That game was a butt kicking everywhere but the score board. Seattle played dumb. At lest 2 TD called back.

      Main Event

      I think it's only a close game if Thomas starts. Cousins stares down his WR's more than Stanton and I think our D will pick up on that, you have to remember Seattle is a "meh" team on the road.

      And i'll legit cry if we lose to the Raiders, worst team in the NFL by far.


      If Logan Thomas is our QB the rest of the season is OVER. 3-13 is how it'll end up.

      He SUCKS!

      Phil Beavers

      I agree he's pretty bad.. no accuracy and no pocket presence.


      I don't know about Carson, but Stanton can't possibly be so concussed that he's done for the year...er, can he?

      Phil Beavers

      As long as he can pass the concussion protocol test he can play... You definitely dont want Logan Thomas starting

      Main Event

      Speedy WR's like Desean always give the Seahawks fits. TY Hilton put them on skates last year. If Carson plays, I think John Brown has a big game against them (assuming he catches the ball). If Bowles is smart, he'll just have PP shadow him the entire game. Desean never does anything on PP.

      Either way if we consistently blitz Cousins we should win this game fairly comfortably.


      Redskins get after the QB really well. That's concerning.

      Kirk Cousins is the x factor in this game. Is he improving enough where he can put up some points? with our lack of pass rush he could light it up.

      this is a game we can easily lose.


      Any game can be easily lost in the NFL when Logan Thomas is the QB and half the defense is injured/suspended. Even Oakland next week.
      This article was originally published in blog: The Cardinals-Injuries, Injuries started by Redskins Recon
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