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    • The Seahawks-Spy versus Spy?


      As you might imagine, most Seahawks fans are pretty optimistic about next Monday night.

      Most. (I'm encountering this phenomenon a lot lately.)

      Unlike most visits to opposing fan forums there aren't a whole lot of long threads about the game.

      There is , however, something else different about this Redskins Recon though.

      I found a copycat. Sort of.

      Actually I found two copycats.

      There are two threads in two different Seahawks fan forums that do what Redskins Recon is designed to do-check out what opposing fans

      are saying about the upcoming game. They are, interestingly, longer in terms of number of posts than other threads about the game. Unlike

      Redskins Recon, these threads don't post individual comments but make general comments about the tone and then cross-link to-in this case-the

      various Redskins fan forums main pages. BGO didn't show up on their Redskins fan forums list and I'm glad-too much of a chance of a vicious

      flame-war erupting.


      Extreme Skins is owned by the team (ownership).

      The Skin fans are being pretty realistic and aren't rabble rousing over there.

      Blue Thunder

      Yeah, I put "Enter at your own risk" because of past experiences there over the years. In the past, they treated visitors from other teams

      like unwanted intruders, and were hostile even when trying to start a friendly conversation. Looking at that board now, it seems like they've

      been beaten into humility. A vast improvement.

      ground chuck

      Beware trap game. West coast to east coast travel. We need to play well on the road in order to repeat. Skins will look to not get

      embarrassed 2 weeks in a row on national tv. Lob better show up and the d line needs to stop morris.


      10am (7am PST) games are a lot harder on teams than 8:30pm EST (5:30pm PST) game. West coast teams have to play 10am games on a 7 am body

      clock an issue East coast teams never have to deal with.

      By 5:30 PST kick off it will be the same as a 5:30PM kick off for a Monday Night game in Seattle. We all know how the Hawks play on Monday


      Skins trying to not get embarrassed two weeks in a row? Start by not throwing 4 INTS and making Eli look like Peyton. That right there counts as

      two in itself.

      Add in our Def vs the Run

      I predict the burning of Washington, much like that of 1814

      I don't care how badly the Redskins looked in their last game or how strong the upcoming opponent might be there always seems to an opposing

      team's fan, or fans, like this...


      We have yet to win an away game this new football season. We lost both our preseason games away from home, and we didn't exactly light it up

      in our only away game of this season. I really need to see us win an away game. I don't feel confident about this game at all.


      Interesting reading through that thread, the farther they get away from their last Monday Night debacle, the more confident some of them are

      getting. Starting to see the "Shock the World" statements.

      I think Cousins will have a better game, i just think overall, we have too much talent accross the board. I say we win, but not in blowout

      fashion as some over there are predicting.


      Pretty typical of them. Their just hard core like anyone else that goes to a message board to talk football.

      There is what is likely to happen, then there is what can happen. There isn't a stat for "any given Monday" and if the game were simply a

      measure of heart the Skins and Hawks would be a great game. Unfortunately for the Skins the game is not about heart alone.

      I don't think it will be a record busting blowout, but I really like the Hawks chances in this game.

      The name issue came up but only as the butt of sarcasm.


      Please remember to refer to the Washington Redskins as the "team from Washington, DC".


      I'm not a fan of political correctness for the sake of political correctness. So, Redskins it is.

      Mad Dog

      I hate that the Giants killed the Foreskins. Desperate teams are the scariest.


      That's about as bad a night as you can have if you're Kirk Cousins and company.
      That said, it's still a road game and they're gonna wanna make up for what they showed the home crowd this evening.
      Either way, I still like our chances after they bye.
      Just didn't see that one coming from our next opponent, or from the Giants, though that makes 2 wins in a row for Big Blue.


      NFC East looks pretty weak IMO. I wasn't all that impressed with the Giants and that we'll blow them out when they come to our house.

      I don't like watching the kinds of games like Washington played last night when we're the next one up. It's like seeing several aces come out

      ahead of you in a black jack game, it lessens your chances of having one fall into your hand.

      I don't think this bye is coming at all that bad of a time. We certainly have some things to work on, both offensively and defensively. We

      haven't been as consistent as I expected us to be. If there's a soft spot in the schedule, it's the next 3 games, as after having faced Rodgers,

      Rivers, and P. Manning, our next 3 will be Cousins, Romo, and Austin Davis.


      I was a lot more worried before the game. I think Gruden is a good coach and Cousins is dangerous in that he has the arm to complete the

      throws. But I see Hawks by at least 10 in the game


      These are the games I worry about, road games against opponents that we are supposed to beat, with them starting a backup quarterback and

      having gotten blasted in their previous outing and us coming off a big emotional win plus coming out of a bye. Trap games


      After doing some analysis, I saw the 'Skins exposed for what they were & loaded up on the G-men in that TNF game. Needless to say, I enjoyed

      the most comfortable parlay win ever, betting the Giants & over. The Seattle Seahawks will go into RFK & roll over this team. They are

      discombobulated, & have no true leadership. Cousins is a stud, despite what he did in the giants game, tossing all those picks, but theres no

      way the Redskins win this game, NO WAY. We have too many weapons. Our offense is better than last season, & our defense & ST are playing

      balanced ball. This is a prime time game too. Russ will be SPOT ON! It would take a miracle for the Washington Redskins to beat the Seattle

      Seahawks on Monday October 6th.


      Somebody hasn't been paying attention...


      to be honest, we seem to go super conservative on the road and the defense doesn't usually perform as well so I'd say about 24 - 17 us.


      LOL...that thread is so sad I almost feel bad for them....Almost.


      [I]give em time, they will find away to spin it somehow.

      Then they have another thread .. Is Polumbus the best option at RT.
      I think he couldn't make the team here and we were sucking at RT.


      All indications are that this should be an easy one for the Seahawks (if there is such a thing, this one is it). But dig a little further and

      this game probably won't be as easy as people think. If the Hawks are prepared, they will roll. If they mail it in, they will get rolled over.

      The Redskins' offense is 4th in the league in total yards at 415 a game
      Their defense is 8th best in the league in yards allowed at 324.3 yards a game. Those kinds of numbers indicate a strong playoff contender.

      Their story has been turnovers and critical mistakes. The Seahawks need to force them to keep doing that. In other words, they need to bring it,

      otherwise that game will spell trouble, especially playing on the east coast in DC. Gotta jump on them early and keep the pressure cranked up

      and they will crack.


      I suffered through that Redskins vs Giants game and what I saw was pathetic from the Redskins . They may have numbers that say there better

      then they are , but I predict a huge blowout by the Seahawks . I don't think their D will have a clue against the triple option package and with

      the loss of Hall for the season their weak in the secondary and I'm looking for bombs away from Wilson . It's Monday night , Cousins is a back

      up who looked like one last week and I think our D mainly Sherman has some revenge on their minds .

      I also predict the Broncos beating the Cards ...so a great weekend for the Seahawks all around !
      This article was originally published in blog: The Seahawks-Spy versus Spy? started by Redskins Recon
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