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    • QB Kirk Cousins Tracking Thread

      Let's try to set a couple of things aside in this thread.

      Let's not concern ourselves with the reason Kirk Cousins, for the time being, is the Redskins starting QB. And let's try to avoid veering off into discussion of and/or comparison to the man KC was called upon to replace.

      Instead, let's use this space to discuss, debate, and parse in gory detail the actual play and developmental arc, from this point forward, of the man wearing the vertical infinity symbol.

      Maybe the best place to start is with the raw data. In 2014 it ain't bad.

      After two games:

      Record 1-1; 52-81 (64.2%); 677yds (338.5/gm); 5 TD, 1 INT; Rating 105.8

      - The JAX game was a very pleasant surprise. Any time your QB, and team, light up another like Kirk and the Redskins did that day, it's cause for celebration. 41-10 beat-downs just don't happen often in the NFL--not even to the dregs of the league. Even less so by teams that have wandered in the wilderness to the extent the Washington Redskins have these last 23 years.

      - The PHI game, through three quarters anyway, was more than that--it was kind of a revelation. I don't know about anyone else, but count me as one skeptical Redskins fan who was completely surprised and delighted to see Cousins perform like he did. JAX at home is one thing; PHI in Philly is another. But ... and this gets us to the meat of the thread idea ... that game also opened the door for the first Big Question we have about Kirk Cousins.

      Through three quarters, he was on fire, going 24-for-34, for 292 yards, 2 TD's and no picks.

      In the fourth quarter, though ... 6-for-14, 135 yards, 0 TD's and a crushing pick. 55 of the 135 yards came on the Helu screen pass; three of the incompletions came on the last, fateful drive, in Philly territory, with the game on the line.

      That last part isn't to bash the man--the 34 points generated under his control should have been enough to win. It would have been enough to win or send to overtime 13 of the 16 NFL games played in week two. But his 4th quarter performance, with the game there for the taking, leaves us with the single most important thing to watch for starting against the Giants in week three.

      If it's a close game heading into the fourth quarter late tonight, and the Redskins need crucial completions for first downs, to ice the game, or a score to win it ... what will we get from Kirk Cousins?

      Cousins has set the bar almost ridiculously high for himself the last two weeks. Tonight he gets a great chance, under the national spotlight against a storied foe, to show the world it hasn't been a mirage.

      And away we go ...
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