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    • Drinking the Kool-Aid, is it a bad thing?

      Man, I don't even know where to start with this topic anymore. I'm unafraid to say I'm a bit lost, lol.

      For those who've known me from ES, I've always been an unabashed homer and could never understand the concept of looking at the team "realistically" or with anything other than a positive outlook. We're fans, right? To me, that meant hoping for the best no matter how circumstances presented themselves.

      But last year... last year was devastating for me. Anytime I think about it, I'm at a loss for words. Like, how? How could we go from a young, steadily built team under the hand of Shanahan for the past 3 years that just nabbed our franchise QB who lead us to a division title via an historical (and arguably the best) rookie season, even with a salary cap penalty hampering us... to that. It's like that Seattle playoff game destroyed everything, not just Robert's knee at the time.

      I'm amazed at how fast the fall was, I guess. And it scares me. I don't know if the team, as it is now, will ever recover. It might need another "rebuild". I don't know. I don't know what we have or what we are anymore. I thought I really had a great grasp on it and last season proved I didn't, at all.

      But, deep down inside, I am who I am. I can't help it. I haven't given up hope. I think everyday that maybe, just maybe, we're going to come out this season and show that we're still that team that was on the meteoric rise into the upper echelon of NFL franchises. This preseason has made it difficult to hold on to that hope, but I'm still hanging on by my tippy tips.

      One thing is for sure, though, like Goaldeje I've changed my stance towards those on the more pessimistic side. I still don't like it when they post obsessively and try to ruin people's joy because that joy just may be derived from nothing but hope or faith. I don't really believe in the idea that one must always shove "reality" down a fans' throat, especially when things can change so quickly. A Right Tackle who is stinking it up can suddenly start playing better. A Dline not getting pressure on the QB can get on a roll and start racking up the sacks. We've seen it a hundred times. And vice versa of course.

      In the end, I guess that's the eternal contradiction being a fan of a sports team presents. We all want to win so badly, but there's no guarantee we will. So are we a fan of winning, or a fan of the team? I think most of us will say the latter, and that's when the realization must kick in that winning shouldn't mean so much as to make us lose hope when it doesn't occur. That may be over-simplifying things, but it's where I'm at and have pretty much always been. But now with a little more understanding of those who can't separate the desire to win and the hurt it causes inside of them from simply being a fan with hope. I get it, because last season got me there for the first time ever.
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