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      Here's what I saw.......

      I saw a preseason game in which our first team offense played poorly coming off of two other preseason games in which it played moderately well. No touchdowns yet, but we've seen them move the ball so we know it's possible. With a full playbook and a real game on the line, I have a feeling that the first team offense will perform better. I saw a preseason LOSS for the first time in what feels like a long, long time. I have no issue with this. Keep em hungry. I saw a young and talented quarterback throw only 8 attempts and who looked a little like a man who was thinking too hard to do the right thing. When, in fact, he needs to begin to let himself just react and DO the right thing. I saw a QB with 3 options - keep the ball alive, throw it away or run out of bounds and live to fight another day. Following last week's post game outcries, I saw a QB choose option C when option B (throw it away) would have been more productive. I saw a QB who, when a game actually means something, will choose option A more often than not and will be better at knowing how to make that option more survivable in time. Open up the playbook and give the QB to learn to play with more natural abandon within the new system and I believe things will turn around. We keep forgetting the age-old adage...that offense comes together more slowly than defense during the preseason. Factor in a new coach, a new system and an extremely talented and SMART quarterback who's trying trying to modify his manner of play and you will naturally get some fits and starts. It's just the way it goes.

      I saw a backup QB throw 20 passes to the starter's 8, and who - against second team players - looked to be just a little more comfortable in this particular system. I also saw a backup QB miss some make-able plays - also against second team players - that allows me very easily to NOT buy into a QB controversy.

      I saw a hard hitting DB get away with a helmet to helmet hit....and then get called for a shoulder to shoulder hit. Reputation is everything, pal. Clean it up or pack it up. I saw some talent at the corner spot....and, while I did see some missed tackles along the way I generally saw a team that wrapped people up and ran to the ball from all points. I saw a hungry and hustling team on defense.

      I saw a defensive line that, if it can stay healthy, should consistently put some serious pressure on offenses around the league. "Coverage sack" is a term that was overused and inappropriate last night in the first quarter. To me, I saw a couple sacks and a lotta pressure. Period. And that made me smile.

      I saw one punter with a huge leg....and another that played consistently. I saw a couple kickers who didn't do anything to separate...although they are severely lacking in opportunities.

      I saw some good....I saw some bad......I saw some things that excited me....I saw some things that infuriated me. I saw a preseason game.
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