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    • Skins Quotes Post-Game vs. Browns: Jay Gruden

      August 18, 2014

      Head Coach Jay Gruden

      On quarterback Robert Griffin III protecting himself:
      “It is something that we have to continue to talk to him about, how important he is to this team and this franchise. When he gets out of the pocket, he needs to protect himself. He has a habit in his career of being able to get himself out of predicaments with his speed and his athleticism. But here, it is a 16-game season with the great talent across the league. He has to pick his shots and learn how to get down a little better.”

      On the game overall:
      “We had four turnovers. We had some key penalties and some stopped drives. We had second and goal at the two [yard line] and tried three runs in a row. I thought we moved the ball effectively but you have to finish drives and you have to protect the football. Part of my pre-game speech was about eliminating penalties and protecting the football. We did neither [of those things]. We have to continue to monitor those things. That is a very important part of the game, penalties and turnovers. It can cost you a lot of football games if you are not careful. I have been preaching that and coaching that but we have to do a much better job as a staff. Our players have to be much more accountable when they have the ball, quarterbacks and runners.”

      On the overall play of Griffin III:
      “The false start penalties were first of all [because of] a new rule they are stressing right now. I don’t know if those are called in the regular season or not. But, we will make sure those are correctable. He hit a little movement on the hard count with his body and guys have been doing that for many years but they are stressing that now. That is not an issue. On the interception, he threw the ball late on an out route to [wide receiver] DeSean [Jackson] and [Browns cornerback] Joe Haden is one of the top corners in the NFL and he will make you pay. He saw it and knew it right away. I’m glad it happened now but I wish it would have never happened. It is something that he can obviously learn from.”

      On the run game in the red zone:
      “We tried to smash it up in there with a couple of power plays. One to the right, one to the left and I think another one to the left. I think we ran an outside zone to the left too. They did a nice job on defense, they really did. Offensively, we haven’t got a lot of chances at goal line periods in practice or in games. It was great chance for us to line up in there and get things corrected. Hats off to Cleveland, the low man wins and they did a nice job coming off the football and playing good defense. We did a poor job.”

      On the team’s play in the first half:
      “Like I said, I thought we moved the ball well. I thought there was a lot of good execution. [Wide receiver] Andre Roberts caught a nice seam ball down the sidelines but we were unable to finish that drive. At the end of the half, we did a nice job at getting down there and getting a touchdown before halftime. This gave us the lead and some momentum which is very important. There are a lot of good things on this tape that we can learn from. A lot of people say preseason isn’t very important but I beg to differ. There is a lot of teaching that we can learn from. We gave up a Hail Mary, we got stopped on short yardage goal line and we got some sudden change from our defense. There are a lot of situations out there that will be very beneficial moving forward. I think both sides of the ball played hard. We just have to do better job with execution and my play calling.”

      On the injuries to Griffin III and DeSean Jackson:
      “Robert has a little thigh contusion but he is going to be OK. DeSean was fine. He made a heck of an effort after the interception to make a tackle. It was great to see. He got them on the grass and I think we held them to three points after that. It is very important for us when we do make a mistake on offense to make sure we all rally and get the runner on the ground so our defense can make a play. They did that all night. Both those guys will be fine.”

      On play calling:
      “Any time the play doesn’t work, it is the play caller. I’ve learned that from the media.”

      On additional injury updates:
      “[Cornerback] Tracy Porter has a hamstring. [Tackle] Trent [Williams] hurt his shoulder a little bit but I think he is going to be OK. [Tight end] Niles Paul has a hand contusion but I think he is OK. He might get it X-rayed but I think he is OK based on the initial look. Other than that, I think we are OK. [Linebacker] Rob Jackson, I think just had that shoulder AC joint sprain. I think he just re-injured that a little bit but I think he will be OK. ”

      On Browns quarterback Johnny Manizel:
      “Well, we had a lot of pressure on him and we tried to make it as uncomfortable as possible in the pocket. Defensive backs did a great job at tackling, limiting yards after the catch and making him earn every yard. That’s what you have to do in this league not give them any free plays and when he does scramble out of the pocket stay with your guy maintain your rush lanes, make him get it out of his hands quickly. I thought we did a great job for his second game as a NFL player he’s an exciting guy like all rookies, he’s has a long way to go. There is no question about it. He will learn from this and move forward. But I thought our defense did a nice job maintaining their rush lanes playing good pass coverage. Most importantly we did a great job at tackling and I thought for the most part throughout the game”

      On wide receivers Pierre Garcon, DeSean Jackson and Ryan Grant:
      “I think they are good. DeSean had some nice plays and had a chance for a double move later on but that’s when Robert got sacked. But Ryan Grant continues to make plays like he’s been doing all camp. It is good to see the consistency. We’ve just got to continue against Baltimore try to get these guys involved in the passing game and do a better job in the pass protection. But overall I am fairly pleased. Obviously second week of the preseason, there some things we need to work on but overall I think we’re coming along at a good clip.”

      On cornerback Bashaud Breeland:
      “The one thing about Breeland is that you see him in practice run around and cover and you are very impressed with him. The one thing you can’t see is him tackling. He is a great tackler and is striking people. It is exciting to have corners that can run and big like him and be great tacklers. He knocked the ball loose a couple of times and it is really impressing me. I am happy with his progression and moving forward, I think he has a great career ahead of him.”

      On safety Phillip Thomas:
      “I have to watch the film on Phillip. I saw him make a few plays and some tackles which is good to see. I think I have to watch the film before I grade him.”

      On practicing goal line situations:
      “Sometimes in goal line you don’t want to have that pit of people in there and rolling on knees and ankles. The amount of times you do goal lines is limited. We do a good job of walking through our goal line runs and our offense. We just didn’t do a good job of executing. We need to a better job coming off the football. We have to continue to work at it.”
      This article was originally published in forum thread: Skins Quotes Post-Game vs. Browns: Jay Gruden started by Boone View original post
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