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    • Browns Interest In Kirk Cousins

      At the risk of it being interpreted as criticism of #12 ...

      Personally I need to see a lot more of Cousins before I'm convinced he is a legitimate starting NFL quarterback. The early impressions we got of him, at the very end of the Baltimore game in 2012, and then in his start at Cleveland, were great. No doubt. He was poised, effective, and delivered. BUT ... it was in very limited action, against defenses that had not prepared for his version of the 2012 Skins offense vs the RGIII offense, and on a team that at the time was 'feeling it' and playing well around him.

      I am equally if not more swayed by the evidence I saw last season, when Kirk looked like just another guy. Yes the team was in a downward spiral, and yes he was under seige every time he dropped back, but in the games he played, defenses treated him like we have seen so many Redskins QB's treated over the past few years--with utter disdain for his ability to hurt them down the field. He did not raise the level of the players around him, at least not to my eye.

      What I still need to see from Cousins is the ability to consistenly hurt a defense in the intermediate zones, sideline to sideline, and down the field. The only tried and true formula to get an NFL defense to slow the pass rush and loosen press coverage is to burn them down the field. If they get a whiff of inability to do that in a QB, the corners come up, the front seven pin their ears back, and you get a guy limited to dumping off hot routes and trying to convert underneath stuff, hoping for YAC and broken tackles simply to move the chains.

      I HOPE for his sake Kirk has a legit downfield NFL arm ... but based on his college tapes, and the limited NFL resume we've seen o date, I just haven't seen enough of one to make me think he's ever going to be more than a solid #2 on any team with title aspirations.

      So, absent a #2 pick, or something comparable, I think it served the Redskins best interests to keep him right where he is. As an insurance policy for Robert, his value right now is high. As to anything beyond that, to me he's still a question mark at best.
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