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    • Burner's Burning Questions: Offseason Edition, Free Agency 2014

      OK, now that we are getting a clearer look at who will be available, we can speculate for the next week.

      Some of the names that are interesting are:

      Defensive Backs

      Jarius Byrd - No thanks. Worried too much about money over the last 2 years.

      TJ Ward - Cleveland Tagged Mack...he's out. Ward is allowed to walk, I would rather have him than Byrd.

      Donte Whitner - Older, not as talented as the previously mentioned, maybe if price is right

      Antoine Bethea - Not sure what our scheme is going to be, but Bethea is pretty good in coverage.

      Aqib Talib - Last year I was so hopeful we'd get him. This year, I am not as excited. He is a top talent, but after re-signing Hall, I doubt he's in the cards...especially since we have 2 young CB's coming back from injury. I wouldn't be upset if we paid him modestly.

      Alterraun Verner - A little smaller than the trend for bigger CB's but talented and probably available at a fair price. I prefer Talib.

      Vonate Davis - Not sure about Davis, but he's young and had some solid outings in games I saw Indy play last year.

      Defensive Line

      Arthur Jones - Being in the Baltimore market I saw this kid play a lot last year. He disrupts the game. He is a powerful player at the point of attack. Sign him!

      Michael Johnson - Don't know enough about him, but I am sure Gruden would. He's highly ranked and just turned 27...a 3 or 4 year contract?

      Lamarr Houston - Another player ranked in the "2nd tier" of this FA class. Touted as a solid run stuffer and gets pressure up the middle. Sounds like something we need desperately.

      Michael Bennet - Only concern with him would be that he is seeking one final payday since he's gotten his SB, but he's definitely one of the top DE's in FA this year.

      Linval Joseph - Not a fan of his since he's the one who stomped on Montgomery in a game 2 seasons ago, but there is no denying his talent.

      Offensive Line

      Eugene Monroe - Surprised to see a Raven's OL so desperate for help let one of the good ones go so easily. He's an LT, but he'd be a good bookend for Trent.

      Jared Velheer - He's an LT and would want LT money so the likelihood of signing him at a fair value for RT is slim. Is this a position to over pay a player? I think so since Alex Mack was tagged.

      Brandon Albert - same situation...just not going to move to RT unless he's paid RT money. Ugh!

      Anthony Collins - Would not be a bit surprised if he ends up here. He has to be an upgrade over Turnstyler...right?

      Zach Strief - The OL in NO has been solid for years now.

      Wide Receiver

      Eric Decker - He's likely going to get #1 money...we should not pay him that much. But I wouldn't mind having a proven big body to go to at WR.

      Julian Edelman - We need a slot receiver...could he stay healthy for a season?

      Emmanuel Sanders - I would not be opposed to seeing Sanders come aboard for fair market value.

      Of the players I listed, there are 2 I would definitely want us to sign...Monday.

      Jared Veldheer - Young and very talented, but he's an LT. Give him the money and move him over.

      Arthur Jones - Kid is a baller.

      A few of these players I would definitely consider given the right price.

      TJ Ward
      Zach Strief or Anthony Collins if we couldn't get Veldheer to slide over to RT.
      Eric Decker provided we got the right price - not a player we could afford to over pay.
      Aqib Talib will be likely be going after his final big payday. At 28 his skills will diminish from here. Right now he is one of the best in the game...2 years from now? We can't pay him what he likely wants.

      A few names that were not priorities but could be role players:

      Paul Soliai - A little older now but still a big body for a rotation. Probably pass because of his age, but would rather have he and Chris Baker at NT than Cofield...push Cofield to the DE.
      BJ Raji - Will likely want wayyyyy too much.
      Randy Starks - Stop Gap one year deal only.
      Daryl Smith - Often mentioned is Ozzie's draft ability, but he acquired a couple players last off-season who were very productive, this guy was one of them. But he's 31.

      Not a huge fan of older players, but we have some holes that need to be filled if only for one season.
      This article was originally published in forum thread: Burner's Burning Questions: Offseason Edition, Free Agency 2014 started by Burgundy Burner View original post
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