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    We heard you loved the place. And since love is hard to find, and because we kinda dig you too, we decided to stick around for awhile. We're not closing up shop, but instead will be launching a brand new site next month and plan on being around for a long time to come. But love costs. We could use your help. If you love this little Redskins fan oasis, please contribute to the cause.

    • A New Year, a New BGO

      Awhile back, we announced that for a number of reasons, the state of the Redskins, costs of site upkeep, and general diminishing interest amongst Redskins fans for Redskins messageboards and communities, that we would shutting BGObsession down after more than a decade.

      At the time, it felt right, it felt like a bit of a relief. And then you guys and gals starting contacting us and telling us how sad it made you. You told us what a great place this was. You posted about how much you'd miss it. And wondered where you'd go to share your misery (and perhaps someday, joy) with your favorite fellow Redskins fans. As we got closer to closure, the staff and owners were going through our own mourning period. We've put a lot of love into this site. Look around at other places. They're big, some are highly trafficked, but none of them have the friendly sense of community and brotherhood this place does. And that's all because of you all.

      In the meantime, the Redskins franchise has blown itself up, and a rebirth of some magnitude is under way. Whether that will ultimately result in just another version of pain and suffering, or a return to glory, none of us can know. But to dismantle the place you all have come to for years to discuss it all, suddenly felt even more wrong.

      BGO will continue. But like what's going on in Ashburn, we're rebuilding her, moving to a new community platform in the next month. We're excited to make this decision and we hope you all are too. But we could use some help. One of the reasons we were very close to closing our doors forever was the cost of the site. We have never charged a dime for access to BGO, and we never will require it. But it's an expensive community to maintain. On top of costs of moving to a more stable, modern, and more user friendly platform, server and upgrade fees are considerable. If you want a great Redskins fan community, we need you guys to step up and help us a bit with the costs. You can do so by clicking on the image at the top of this thread, going to paypal.me/InvestInTheNewBGO or by clicking the 'donate' button on the home page. For that matter - mail us a check! Please include your BGO username with your donation so we know who to thank (we have a lot of members and it can be hard to keep everyone's name straight - because we're old!).. We are happy to send any one who would like a BGO bumper sticker as a token of our appreciation.

      Happy New Year BGO from the owners and staff and as always,


      A huge thank you to those below who have donated... so appreciated. We know that not everyone is able to contribute financially. One of the biggest ways you can contribute is to be active on the site, and reach out to friends, fellow fans, and folks on social media to encourage them to visit and join the site.
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