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    We heard you loved the place. And since love is hard to find, and because we kinda dig you too, we decided to stick around for awhile. We're not closing up shop, but instead will be launching a brand new site next month and plan on being around for a long time to come. But love costs. We could use your help. If you love this little Redskins fan oasis, please contribute to the cause.


      November 6, 2019

      With apologies for seemingly coming out of left field with this ...

      We have decided to close up shop here at BGO, effective at the end of the 2019 regular season.

      We haven’t come to this decision suddenly, or easily, but once we agreed to make the call we wanted to let you all know well ahead of time. The bye week seemed as logical a time as any.

      It has been great ten-year run for us, and we’re more proud than we can possibly express to have attracted the great group of individuals who make up our membership. We have been genuinely humbled by that. Bottom line, the thing we we’re going to miss the most is still the central and best reason we started BGO in the first place—hanging out with good people, in a comfortable environment, talking about our favorite (and often infuriating) football team.

      But we’re in agreement as owners that the time has come.

      For those interested in the why … as with most things, it’s a combination of factors.

      By far the single biggest factor is that the operation and maintenance of a site like this, to the level we believe required to meet our standards, demands constant care and attention. We would be lying if we said we still carried the same level of passion for that part that we started with. Real life has led us in other directions.

      While less of a factor, there are also the ongoing and not-inconsiderable financial costs. Please know that we deeply appreciate each and every donation many of you have made over the years, but the site unfortunately never came close to the self-funding level we had envisioned and hoped for.

      So there it is. We look forward to hanging with those of you who stick around for the rest of the season, and we’re hopeful we’ll continue to find you out there on the interweb in the future. Who knows, maybe someone will start a Redskins web site that caters to the kind of fans we have been so fortunate to have attracted here ...

      It’s been a privilege and a joy, friends.


      This article was originally published in forum thread: MAJOR SITE ANNOUNCEMENT started by Om View original post
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